10 Foolproof Ways To Save Money While Shopping

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10 Foolproof Ways To Save Money While Shopping

All the tips and tricks you need to not go broke this festive season!

Being a fashion blogger or just a fashion enthusiast is exciting and empowering. It comes with all the perks of being able to channel your passion into something productive. But like every good thing, this has a flip side too. When it comes to clothes, there are stuff you need and the stuff you want. And then comes the stuff you did not even know you needed! Every time you enter a shopping mall or open an online shopping app, you are likely to end up spending a huge share of your monthly budget. Now, there is nothing you can do to quench your thirst for owning all the outfits you want but you can surely save money while shopping by following a few tips and tricks.

Save money while shopping

With the festive season upon us, we cannot afford to be broke! Shop smartly with this ultimate savings guide that will keep your bank balance healthy and happy.

Make a Shopping Wishlist and Stick to it

The biggest challenge in the road to smart shopping is giving in to our impulse. It is always a cute top or some trendy jeans that we just cannot take our minds off. The best way to control impulse shopping is by maintaining a shopping list. Keep a note of everything you want to buy on your next shopping spree.

Make a shopping list

Make a shopping list on a Pinterest Board. (Image Source: Pinterest)

You can also create a Pinterest board of your shopping wishlist to make this exercise more interesting. Save money while shopping by using this effective tactic and never give in to impulsive temptations.

How To Shop Smart? Compare Price Tags Smartly

A clever way to save money while shopping is by comparing the price of an outfit with other stores and shopping apps. For instance, if you love an H&M tee at Shoppers Stop, drop in at an H&M brand store or any other store that sells similar items.

Compare price tags before shopping

Compare price tags before shopping.

You can even invest some more time and look for the t-shirt on online shopping apps. In all probability, you will find a cheaper rate for or significant discounts for the exact same item.

Be One Step Ahead with Online Shopping Apps like Marsplay

Being a Marsplayer comes with a lot of perks. While shopping online, save a lot of money by availing exciting discounts on the Marsplay App. Also, when you tag your outfits and another user purchases it, you can earn a significant percentage of the product price as Marsplay Money. Use this money to shop some killer looks on the app.

Save money - shop on Marsplay

Save money by shopping on the Marsplay App.

Go for Influencer-Based Shopping

Apps like Instagram and Marsplay has solved a lot of our shopping woes. Fashion Influencers have a lot of experience when it comes to choosing the right outfit. But their job is not limited to that. They also know the cheapest places to buy an outfit from and the best discounts available.

Here is a list of the best fashion bloggers we follow and you should too – 10 Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

trust fashion influencers

Go for Influencer-based shopping.

Moreover, influencers help you get a clear idea of what to need to buy to ace a look. In that way, you can shop on a budget as you can discard not-so-stylish ensembles from your wishlist.

Leave your Credit Card Behind and Carry Limited Cash

A sure-fire way to save money with shopping is by ditching your credit card at home and carrying only the cash you need. Make up your mind on a pre-determined budget and carry only that amount of money. As they say, prevention is better than cure!

Ditch the credit card and carry pre-decided cash.

Ditch the credit card and carry pre-decided cash.

Buy Outfits at the Right Time

The urge to check out your shopping cart is real and very difficult to fight. But if you don’t wanna go broke, follow these money-saving tips. Don’t shop for everything right away. Stores and shopping apps always give heavy discounts on products on certain occasions. For instance, during Independence day or festivals like Diwali, shops tend to launch massive discount rates.

Look out for discounts

Schedule your shopping spree smartly.

Also, look out for clearance sales and a brand or app’s launch day anniversaries to avail great discounts on your favorite items. Having said that, it is also important to keep in mind that if something is super-cheap during sales, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Go back to rule number 1 – stick to your shopping list only.

Shop During the Off-Season

Now, this may be a difficult thing to do if you are used to shopping at stores only. But if you are comfortable with online shopping then follow these shopping tips. Shop for clothes during the off-season. For example, buy your boots during summer and floral dresses in winter. You will notice a huge price difference and hence, you will save a lot of money.

off-season savings

Shop during the off-season and save money.

Choose a Like-minded Shopping BFF

We hardly ever go shopping alone, right? Choose a shopping partner whose interest matches with yours. There are shopaholics who have no problem spending a huge deal on clothes. Try to avoid such friends on your shopping marathon. Go for shopping buddies who understand the value of money and will give you an honest opinion about your purchases.

choose shopping buddies wisely

Choose your shopping buddies wisely.

Don’t Shop When you are Doubtful or Bored

For fashionistas, buying an outfit should be love at first sight. If you find yourself constantly doubting if you should invest your money in an outfit, it is always better to not buy it. You will thank yourself later!

Don't shop when you are doubtful or bored

Avoid shopping when you are doubtful or bored.

Another important point is to not go on a shopping spree just because you are bored. The most useless purchases happen when you are looking for something to do and run to the mall to pass your time.

Look for Substitutes

You have every right to have your heart set on a certain clothing item. But it is always wiser to look for cheaper or similar alternatives to the particular item. Look for substitute clothes that don’t cost as much but get the job done. For instance, if a ZARA top costs more than you can afford, look for a similar item in a cheaper brand.

Look for substitute clothes

Look for substitute clothes.

You can also hit stores in Sarojini Nagar Market or other similar places where you can bargain too. This will feel like a sacrifice but it is totally worth it in your quest to saving money.

It is not an easy task to buy clothes based on price tags. But if you cut your shopping expenses in little ways like the listed above, you can achieve great savings without compromising too much on your choices.

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