12 Handbag Essentials For Every Woman On The Go

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12 Handbag Essentials For Every Woman On The Go

From makeup to safety pins, a list of everything you need to carry in your handbag!

There are never enough things that a woman can have in her handbag. You never know how your day is going to turn out and hence, it gets tricky to decide your handbag essentials while leaving home in the morning. From lipsticks to practically stuffing your entire wardrobe in your handbag, we get that it is quite impossible to decide what you should carry for the day.

handbag essentials

For the ever-busy women on the run, we have shortlisted 12 things to keep in your purse (apart from your wallet, of course!) that will easily take you from a boring workday to a surprise dinner date and everything in between!

The Crowd Favorite Among Handbag Essentials – Makeup Bag

There is no way we can talk about handbag essentials without mentioning the supreme ‘makeup bag’. But as much as this is necessary, you also cannot carry around every piece of makeup you own. Trying to choose between your makeup essentials can be quite a dilemma but we are here to help you with it!

makeup bag

  1. A life-saving concealer – To hide the pimple that popped out of nowhere in the middle of day (yes, we have all been there!)
  2. Mattifying powder – A compact powder that suits your skin tone, for all the endless ‘touch-ups’ you will need throughout the day.
  3. Mascara and eyeliner – Even with zero makeup, a mascara can elevate your look, no arguments here!
  4. Hoard a bunch of lipsticks – Nude, matte and glossy, the lipsticks you are crazy about are major handbag essentials. You don’t know if you have to attend a party after work!

Hair Essentials for your Handbag

A comb or a brush, a bunch of extra bobby pins and hair ties are must-have handbag essentials.

hair essentials

You may touch-up your makeup several times a lot but you can’t get your glam back if your hair isn’t perfect! Also, considering how easily hair ties and clips can disappear, it is imperative for you carry extras.

Cell Phone Charger or Power Bank

Heading to a club you have never been to before? Open Google Maps! Ordering in lunch at the office? Go to food delivery apps! Taking a cab home? Well! Of all handbag essentials, chargers are most important.

phone charger

We are incomplete without our cell phones at so many levels. It will be a huge problem if it was to run out of battery in the middle of the day!

‘All Things Healthy’ Handbag Essentials

1. Hand Sanitizer

Public buses, crowded transport, and restrooms,  you go through a lot in a day! Now, you may wash your hands thoroughly before lunch but you never know if you are clean enough. Sanitizers contain about 60-80% alcohol that makes sure your hands are germ-free.

2. Sanitary Requisites

Because, well, you never know!

3. Medicine Pouch

Medicine Pouch

A must-have for everybody, pack a strip of tablets for headache, stomach issues and fever apart from your daily vitamins. No need for a store-run if you feel under the weather suddenly.

Notepad and a Pen

Yes, your phone has calculators and remembers all your notes. But if you are a blogger or an artist, you never know when inspiration will strike and jotting them down in a piece of paper has its own flair.

handbag essentials - notepad and pen

Also, even if you can skip keeping the notepad, the pen is important (what if you need to give out autographs?)

Safety Pins

The best item on this planet to hide all your fashion disasters. If you mistakenly pop a button or seam, these tiny miracle workers can easily save you from a load of embarrassment.

Safety Pins

A Refresher Pack Among Handbag Essentials

A tiring day at work can be quite taxing, especially if it requires a lot of traveling. Be it before a meeting or just for the sake of feeling fresh all day, these two handbag essentials are a must:

1. Chewing Mints or Gums

A quick bite into chewing mints after a few coffee breaks is a good way to clear your breath. No one wants to be smelly, right?

2. Face Wipes

Some of us have excessively oily skin while others just sweat a lot throughout the day. This is where face wipes become handbag essentials for every woman on the go! With one clean swipe, you can start the day anew. Check out this video for all the information you need to choose the perfect wet wipes for you.

Perfumes as your Go-To Handbag Essentials

You may leave your house smelling of lavender but by the end of the day, the aroma is gone.

handbag essentials - perfumes

Imagine having to attend an after-office party smelling like fish! Carry your favorite perfume at all times to avoid such messes. A pleasant scent from 9-to-5 and beyond can define your persona, ladies!

A Pair of Trendy Sunglasses

Sometimes to shield you from the sun, sometimes just for the sake of fashion, a pair of trendy glasses are must handbag essentials. Traveling to work to going out for brunch, pair these up with any outfit and be sure to make a statement.

handbag essentials - sunglasses

Extra Earring-Backs

Stud earrings are no-doubt the perfect choice for work. But the flip side is that the earring-backs can fall off anytime. And as we all know, they are never to be found again! Keep extra ones handy at all times or you might have to face the nightmare of going through the day without earrings.

A Hydrating Lip Balm

No matter what weather, it can always be tough on your skin, especially your lips. Lipsticks are all fun and games until your lips are all chapped and hideous.

hydrating lip balm

Avoid this ordeal by always keeping a hydrating lip balm in your purse and let your lips be soft and plump like they deserve to be!

A Healthy Snack for your Mid-day Blues

If you find yourself reaching out for ice-creams or chocolates even after a hefty lunch, there is a possibility that you are bored and not hungry!

healthy snacks are handbag essentials

Keep in your purse healthy snacks like nuts or fruits to avoid reaching for those extra sweets!

Choosing your everyday essentials can be painstakingly hectic. Follow this list from the top to never miss out on anything important throughout the day.

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