10 Bold and Confident Plus Size Bloggers on Instagram

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10 Bold and Confident Plus Size Bloggers on Instagram


Let’s admit it, looking for outfit inspiration has never been easier. Thanks to all the beautiful Instagram influencers out there, our Feed is undoubtedly the best source of sartorial inspiration for us. Moreover, with many plus size bloggers blessing our feed with their creativity, we are finally getting to see a more real and relatable picture of the fashion world.

Plus-Size Instagram Influencers
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But its definitely not easy being one among curvy fashion bloggers and hence, we do not see many of them. In a world where fashion bloggers on Instagram have more than a million followers, top plus size instagram influencers have hardly reached that number. It’s about time we break all stereotypes and spread the message of body-positivity.

For all those women who are fearless and unapologetic, here is a round-up of 10 Plus Size Bloggers on Instagram to follow (and fall in love with!) who are killing the fashion game right now.

Gabi Gregg breaking all the Beauty Stereotypes


Gabi Gregg is the co-founder of Plus-Size brand PREMME. She challenged all stereotypes when she got interested in fashion and became a plus size blogger on Instagram. In addition to having 708k Instagram followers, Gabi is changing all fashion industry ideals with her own amazing swimwear collection.

In a personal essay, Gabi says ‘the pursuit of thinness shouldn’t be my primary obsession in life’ and that is absolute all the motivation we need to embark on the road to body-positivity! And she is super confident and proud of herself.


Ragini R loves everything Vintage


Talk about uncommon and chic, Ragini’s Instagram Feed is a feast to the eyes. Her sophisticated fashion sense with a touch of vintage is indeed a fashionista’s dream. Follow her blog ‘A Curious Fancy’, to read about seasonal dressing and choosing the perfect color for any occasion.

Plus-Size blogger, Crystal Coons Slays in a Crop Top


With 221k followers on Instagram, Crystal Coons’s inspiring posts and videos are all you need to amp up your confidence today. Besides luxurious clothing, you will also find daily outfit inspirations for whenever you are stuck in the predicament of ‘what do I wear today?’!

Not only will you find a serious dose of plus size fashion inspiration but also styling tips and lookbooks on her Youtube Channel.

The ‘Girl with Curves’ – Tanesha Awasthi


Follow Mona for Plus-Size Casual Wear Styling Ideas


Generally, if your take on fashion is all about being effortlessly chic, then Mona is a must-follow. She is undeniably the boss when it comes to mixing and matching casual outfits differently every day. If you want ideas about what to wear on your regular college days, follow Mona’s blog,‘ The Smiling Sweetheart’.

Aashna Bhagwani shows how to Embrace our Curves


Aashna’s fashion blog goes beyond style. In other words, it also speaks about breaking all the beauty stereotypes. Moreover, if you want really honest reviews about branded beauty products, her Instagram is the best place to look for it. From luxurious wear to how it’s okay to wear crop tops for curvy women, you will find all the inspiration you need!

Follow Plus Size Blogger Stephani Nicole for the Ultimate Fashion Inspo


In addition to florals, Instagram plus size blogger, Stephani has an impressive collection of plus size party dresses. She will certainly make you want to wear all those clothes that you thought you were unfit for. She has branded herself your virtual BFF and as a result, her blog has all the ideas you need about style and beauty. Follow her blog at – https://www.stefaninicole.com/

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar is all about Self-love and Body Positivity


Dancer and fashion influencer, Tanvi has 21.1k Instagram followers. Her blog is filled with seasonal lookbooks and style tips. Above all, she gives amazing fashion advice for plus-size women. Tanvi’s style is not only about swimwear or dresses but she also has many tips to help you wear any kind of clothing, irrespective of your body type.


Plus Size Blogger, Chloe Elliot killing the Fashion game


You know Chloe Elliot is a stylist as her outfits are always on-point. Because of her appropriate outfits for all occasions and the perfect makeup, Chloe was named fashion influencer of the year in 2018. She looks gorgeous in absolutely anything she wears! To sum up, you totally need to follow Chloe on Instagram for a regular dose of motivation and fancy outfit ideas.


Lu D’Souza says ‘Beauty comes in all sizes’


Lu D’souza is all about simple outfits paired up with an accessory that stands out. For instance, a pair of neon sandals with a black dress or carrying uncommon handbags. Most importantly, with her hair and makeup on-point, she is all about easy, breezy and chic.

Follow the hashtag #bigisbeautiful on Instagram to get inspired by many more of these beautiful plus size bloggers and be the fashionista you want to be.

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