10 Trendy Ways to Style your Jeans

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10 Trendy Ways to Style your Jeans


Gone are the days when a pair of jeans were just our ordinary casual outfit choice because this quintessential wardrobe piece is now available in a plethora of styles, washes and colours. From wide-leg styles to skinny fit jeans, there are countless options to choose from. In their many semblances, jeans are, more often than not, the mainstay of styling quite a number of fashion ensembles. Also, to state the obvious, there is no such thing as having too many pairs of jeans. And not only that, they are also our all-weather friend, aren’t they? Even though a great pair of jeans looks perfect when worn with a regular tee, you don’t have to settle for the same look every day. Check out this list of 10 different trendy and smart ways to style your favourite pair of jeans and stay in vogue!

The Canadian Tuxedo.

Style your Jeans #1 – Denim on Denim

Nothing will give you enough fashion points than the contemporary connotation of the Canadian tuxedo, that is, Denim on Denim. This outfit is like an everlasting memory of the 90’s fashion statement of pairing like with like.

Go for a light wash of the matching denim separates and make sure that the silhouette is clean and crisp by wearing High Rise Boyfriend Jeans with a denim jacket. This choice of jeans offers a modern take to this vintage look. Accessorise this outfit with brow-line sunglasses.

Style your Jeans #1 - Denim on Denim

Same goes for men too. Wear distressed denim jeans with a matching denim jacket and pair it up with your old school sneakers and a statement watch.

Style your Jeans #1 - Denim on Denim

Flares with Flair.

Style your Jeans #2 – Wide-leg Jeans with a Statement Jacket

Who doesn’t want a little retro inspiration every now and then? The ‘70s styles are making quite a comeback in street style fashion lately and so, the Wide-leg Jeans trend in here to stay. And why not? They look super flattering to the feminine silhouette and has an incredibly versatile cut.

Team it up with a solid black tee worn under a printed multicoloured jacket. Glam up the boho-chic look with a heavily layered necklace, tassel earrings and a statement watch. Pop on the right pair of black boots and sunglasses and you’re retro-ready!

Style your Jeans #2 - Wide-leg Jeans

Style your Jeans #3 – Flared Jeans

While Wide-leg Jeans are broad all over, flared jeans are tapered till your knee. Hence, they accentuate your height flawlessly. Wear them with a black sleeveless tank top for a simple yet graceful look.

Flared Jeans

Distressed is good!

Style your Jeans #4 – Distressed Jeans for a Street Style look

Happy girls are the prettiest, yes! But once in a while, distressed is good. Well of course, not literally, but in fashion terms! The rips and tears on the denim do make a smart statement but styling them right is not as breezy as you might think.

One way to do it justice is by pairing up Boyfriend fit Highly Distressed Jeans with a striped fitted tee. Create a chic street style look and accessorize with large hoop earrings and casual flip-flops. Carry a trendy black sling bag and wear your hair in a top-knot.

Style your Jeans #4 - Distressed Jeans

If you are a fan of bright colours, then a shiny mustard crop tee is the way to go! Style it with Relaxed fit Mid Rise Distressed Jeans of a lighter wash. Accessorize with a simple necklace and yellow tassel earrings and look super pretty and bright.

Style your Jeans #4 - Distressed Jeans

Style your Jeans #5 – Distressed T-shirts with Jeans

Only your jeans don’t have to be distressed! Wear a ripped grey tee with a Slim Fit regular Denim Jeans and for a  casual yet fun look.

Style your Jeans #5 - Distressed T-shirts with Jeans

Are boots your Achilles Heel (pun intended!)?

Style your Jeans #6 – Jeans with Tall Boots

Skinny fit Jeans go well with just about everything. Keep it simple or spice it up, this timeless pair of jeans will never disappoint you. But well, they may sometimes just look too boring and plain. To rectify that, team up your regular pair of Skinny fit denim Jeans with neutral shaded knee-length heeled boots. Layer a black top under a solid poncho or shawl. Add a pop of colour to this outfit by settling for a shiny maroon shawl and et voilà, your regular jeans isn’t boring anymore!

Style your Jeans #6 - Jeans with Tall Boots

Make a Rebellious Statement.

Style your Jeans #7 – Jeans with Leather Jacket

Nothing makes for a better rebel outfit than black leather jackets. This look is a modern incarnation of outspoken, wilful and smart.

Layer it over a not-so-usual olive-green pullover and wear a pair of Regular Fit Black Jeans.  Accessorize this ensemble with killer black boots, matching sunglasses and a Gatsby cap.

Jeans with Leather Jacket

Look dapper in a pair of Skinny Fit Denim Jeans teamed up with a Black Leather Jacket. Layer a casual t-shirt under the jacket and wear white sneakers.

Jeans with Leather Jacket

The Next Big Denim Trend

Style your Jeans #8 – Embroidered Denim with Top

The most urbane jeans trend that the fashion world has seen for a while now isn’t at all about cut or style. It’s all about how beautifully they are decorated. The ‘70s trend is making their rounds again in the form of embroidered denim. Wear a pair of Slim fit Mid Rise Embroidered Jeans with a regular white tee and accessorize with aviator glares and red suede heeled boots. No doubt these jeans are made for a rocker girl with a softer, delicate side!

Embroidered Denim with Top

Style your Jeans #9 – Embroidered White Jeans

Jeans isn’t all about blue and black and we are all aware of that. Get over casual outfit, hit refresh on your wardrobe and pair up these trendy White Embroidered Jeans with a pink and white Bardot top for a stylish and classy look. Carry a matching white clutch and wear a pink watch as accessories.

Embroidered White Jeans

Bring back the Polka Dots!

Style your Jeans #10 – Jeans with a Crop Top

Today’s playful polka dots fashion statements are fluid, sophisticated and surprisingly versatile for work, brunch and dressing up for dates. Also, polka dots with denim makes an effortlessly chic combination. Wear a black and white polka dot wrap top (or a crop top) over super trendy Mom fit Mid Rise Clean look Jeans to create a beautiful girl-next-door vibe. A pretty red ribbon and cat-eye glasses can be a cute addition to this look.

Jeans with a Crop Top

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Happy Styling!

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