3 Days In Rishikesh – Marsplay Autumn Retreat

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3 Days In Rishikesh – Marsplay Autumn Retreat


Marsplay’s Autumn Retreat to Rishikesh was the trip ever to be organised by us for our Super Bloggers. We wanted every part of the trip from the journey to the day-to-day activities to be absolutely perfect. So, we had started planning everything a month in advance. We chose a beautiful property – Avenue 18 Resort for the stay. Surrounding by the lush green mountains, the property even had a river flowing just besides it. There were so many events planned that the days passed by so quickly. Looking back, we feel lucky to be able to have such a magical time with our Super Bloggers and create wonderful memories that we hope they’ll cherish forever. Let’s walk you through some of the most exciting things we did during our trip to Rishikesh.

Day-1 – Pool Party and Bonfire Party

We started the journey from Marsplay HQ and reached the resort in 7 hours. The journey in itself was so much fun. Everyone was dancing, singing and enjoying the view all along. After we reaching the destination, we welcomed our bloggers with a Tika ceremony and tiaras. After lunch, we led them to their rooms where they were so happy to receive welcome goodies and Marsplay hoodies. We asked them to quickly get ready for the pool party and we were so happy to see them styled perfectly in their pool party/beach look. The pool party began with music and drinks. Everyone just dived right in the pool, getting inspired from one another even as the weather got chilly. We fell in love with their spirit and the party got even more fun once we started taking some exciting drone shots. “I just loved how the team had decorated the entire pool area. The vibes were just perfect and I got into the party mood right away. Everyone was enjoying so much. That moment, I knew the entire trip was going to get just better from there. And honestly, it did!” – Jasmin, Marsplay Super Blogger.

At night, we organised a bonfire party for them; where all the bloggers plus team members wore Marsplay hoodie and enjoyed the view, danced on party songs and had some drinks. To make it more fun, there was a complete arrangement of firecrackers and sky lanterns. “Sitting together with fellow super bloggers, enjoying the warmth of bonfire over amazing snacks and laughing my heart out is one of my best memories from the trip. Marsplay team members were always there, dancing with us, partying with us and it just felt like we are a part of one big happy family.” – Megha Gupta, Marsplay Super Blogger

Day 2 – Morning Trek and Halloween Party

Everyone were really pumped up for our next day in Rishikesh. After having a good breakfast, we started to get ready for the trek. All the bloggers were dressed up in a sporty way with their caps and shades on. We started the trek from resort to a nearby mountain which took approximately 4 hours to finish. The view of Rishikesh from top was so amazing and mesmerizing. “Trek was a little more challenging than we had anticipated. But, we were having so much fun with everyone that we kept going on. Crossing the river barefoot was another challenge! We helped each other with it, made funny videos and got amazing pictures clicked together.” – Disha, Marsplay Super Blogger

On the same day, we decided to have theme based party as it was Halloween. Everyone got ready with their halloween costumes on, got clicked and danced their heart out on Bollywood/punjabi songs. We created a beautiful halloween setup and everyone loved getting clicked there!

Day-3 – Morning Yoga, Themed Photoshoots and Sessions with Marsplay founders

It was a beautiful morning as usual and the view from the room was so scenic and pleasing. All the bloggers got ready for yoga session. “Yoga with a breathtaking view and a feeling of oneness with nature, was amongst the best mornings of the whole trip. What else can anyone ask for?” – Kenya, Marsplay Super Blogger After that, we photoshoots with two different themes – floral and fall. There’s something so magical simply about being in nature and getting clicked there. Bloggers made full use of the river flowing right in front of the resort, pool area and yes of the lush green landscape to get the best clicks.

The trip ended with a small interaction with Marsplay founders – Misbah and Ayush sharing details about Marsplay and our upcoming App updates. We awarded some of the Super Bloggers for their amazing efforts at content creation. And yes, not only the bloggers but the whole marsplay team enjoyed the best time of their life at Avenue18 resort. Did we just forgot to mention that the whole trip was captured with drone shots also? Watch the complete video below.

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