4 Fun & Easy Ways to Make Your Own Pair of Ripped Jeans

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4 Fun & Easy Ways to Make Your Own Pair of Ripped Jeans


Distressed, damaged, ripped, or rugged jeans, all these categories of denim have always fascinated people. This section of fashion never goes off trend. All of us love to see ourselves in a pair of distressed jeans, but sometimes their cost might be a little disheartening for our pockets. These pairs of jeans usually cost more than the normal classic pairs.

During this time of homestay, we can use our creative hands and transform our old jeans into trendy ripped jeans without any expenditure. Here are 4 simple ways to utilize your normal pair of denim into your dream denim designs.

Let’s Patch it Up!

Wanna look cool? You just need to follow the following instructions to make a cool pair of jeans with trendy patches.

ripped jeans
Source: Sewing Land
  • Grab a pair of denim which you probably don’t wear a lot.
  • Collect some cool patches, like those of an ice-cream, or a burger, or maybe a witty word.
  • Place the patches on the jeans. You can locate them 4-5 inches below the pockets, or above your knee.
  • Place a damped cotton cloth above the patch and iron over it for 1-2 minutes.  Remove the cloth and reverse the jeans and follow the same procedure on the other side of the patch.  (MAKE SURE WHILE IRONING THERE ARE NO CREASES ON THE JEANS.)
  • Do the same for the other patches.
ripped jeans
Here you are ready with your piece of denim without spending any bucks on a new pair of jeans.
Source: Pinterest

When in Stress, Distress!!

Stuck with a storm of confusion in your mind regarding which jeans to wear? My heart is always delighted with the sight of perfectly ripped jeans. Originated during the cultural punk moment “THE DISTRESSED” fashion has left a remarkable influence in the minds of people. So grab a pair of scissors and get ready to make your “Ideal” pair of denim without being robbed of your pockets.

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  • Select a pair of jeans you want to distress. Try on the jeans and mark the place where you want to distress if from. You can distress it from the pockets, on the knees, from the back pockets, or the upper thigh.
  • Find a smooth platform with perfect lighting. Place the jeans on the platform and rub the part of the jeans from where it has to be distressed with sandpaper. Sanding will make it easier for cutting and tweezing the threads.
  • Place cardboard inside your jeans on the location from where it has to get distressed. Placing cardboard will ensure that the backside of your jeans will not be cut through accidentally.
  • Grab a pair of scissors or a razor blade and make a 1.5 cm-2 cm cut in the jeans. Make sure that you make only a few cuts and stay away from the side seams.
  • With the tweezers pull out all the individual threads surrounding the cut. Try and remove all the colored threads so that the portion is left with white elastic threads. This will enhance its appearance and give your denim a rugged look.
  • Wash your jeans in cold water so that all the extra threads and debris is removed. Dry your garment in a usual manner and you’re good to go.
ripped jeans
Source: Stylecraze

Flaunt your Knees!!

Knees are the part of your legs which you want to flaunt but cannot find that “just perfect” outfit?? A perfect solution en routes your mind. Follow the given instructions for a perfect knee ripped jeans.

  • Grab a pair of jeans and walk around for a couple of seconds. Take a pen and mark the section on the jeans from where you want it ripped.
  • Take a razor blade or a pair of scissors and start by making a small cut on your marked area of the knees leaving some space on both sides to avoid any flaw.
  • Now extend the cut till the edges to make more part of your knee visible.
  • Take the sandpaper and start scraping around the cut until the white threads come out for a rough look.
  • Hold the tweezers and vigorously pull the threads out of the section to give the jeans a rugged character.
You are ready with your favorite jeans and a funky personality.

Fray the Ends!!

How mesmerizing it is that the appearance of your jeans changes completely once you fray the ends. However purchasing such a garment from the market might probably fall heavy on your purse, hence here is the cheaper method to get the same design free of cost.

  • Find yourself a pair of jeans you want to fray.
  • To remove the hem of your jeans, make a small hole on the bottom of your jeans just above the hem.
  • Now comes the part which requires a little effort. Rip of the hem of the jeans with your hand. Then cut off the last little part of the hem hanging from the jeans.
  • Take the tweezers and pull out every little string hanging from the jeans. You can also use scissors for longer strings in between.
  • Repeat this process on the backside of the jeans also for a perfect fringes look.
Marsplayer Nupur Munot slaying in a frayed end jeans

Styling tip: Make this look classy with a pair of heels or make it look funky with a pair of sneakers- it is up to you. Define your personality your way.

There are a few ways to DIY ripped jeans and modify your denim your way at home.

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