5 Make Up Essential in Every Wonder Women’s Bag

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5 Make Up Essential in Every Wonder Women’s Bag


We believe these 5 are the make up essential every women should have in her makeup kit. It’s crucial to have a makeup collection that will help you create your everyday go-to look. These are some make up essential for your face, eyes and lips that you can easily carry wherever you go. Whether you are a beginner or an expert at makeup these products will help you all day long.

So, are you ready to upgrade your makeup bag with these must-haves? And trust us, you don’t even have to go hunting for these products as these are easily available in shops.

Let’s tick the checklist of #lifesaver #multipleuses #longlasting with these make up essentials.

#1. Moisturiser / Beauty Benefit Cream

makeup essential moisturizer

A moisturiser is something that has multiple benefits. It boosts hydration in your skin, prevents flaking and dullness, and creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day. You can even apply it on your body if you don’t have a body lotion in handy, as it keeps the skin soft, healthy and heals dryness and scars. Besides, it is something that you can carry very easily in your bag.

Tip: To combat the ageing of your skin which causes sagging and wrinkles, skin care experts suggest applying moisturiser in an upward stroke. Also, gentle massage increases blood circulation and help minimise puffiness.

# BB Cream

A BB cream is great for a day time alternative for foundation. It smooths imperfections and have skin care benefits too. It will give your skin a fresh and flawless finish without much efforts. And it’s a great choice if you are looking for skin care benefits such as moisturising or priming (some BB creams have primer built in it).

#2. Concealer-Make Up Essential

makeup essentials concealer

Well, if you have dark spots or colour imprecations like dark circles, concealer is the make up essential you’re looking for. You can easily hide all of your dark spots, pigmentation and dark circles under one glide.

A concealer is available in both liquid and powdered form. You can choose it according to your skin type. Ideally, a person with dry skin should have a liquid concealer while oily skin peeps should keep a powdered one. Plus, it is tiny and easy to carry and makes it look flawless.

Guess what? You can use your concealer to contour your face also by using different shade concealers.

Tip: While choosing a concealer for acne or dark spots, find a concealer that is as close possible to your foundation or BB cream whichever you are using. Also, try using pink or peached-tone shade for dark circles. It will give you the most natural look.

#3. Mascara

makeup essentials mascara

For pulling the best eye look together, mascara is one magical make up essential. A mascara is something that tops the list of any other eye makeup product. It makes your lashes lengthen, thicken and curled. It is a vital product which defines your eye beautifully.

For a better effect, you can apply it on both of your upper and lower lashes. A thick coating of mascara would make your eyes and lashes look bigger and prettier.

Here’s one extra benefit of a mascara that you can use it quickly to brush your eyebrows. Wipe your mascara brush nicely, and then swipe it through your eyebrows to make it look thicker.

Tip: Turn heads at a party by spicing up your look with a coloured mascara like Burgundy. To maximise the effect use a mascara primer.

makeup essentials mascara lashes

#4. Kajal is a Must- Have Make Up Essential

Make your eyes look pack a punch with a kajal pencil. A kajal or kohl is often considered a staple as it can instantly transform your eye makeup look. No wonder, it has multiple uses and every women has this as her make up essential.

makeup essentials eyeliner

It can also be applied as an eye liner. Apply it over your eye lid, winged or a basic style, it always looks appealing. You can even use it as a brow pencil to make your it look filler and better.
You can do a quick and easy touch up with kajal whenever you feel like.

Tip: Moreover, by applying and blending the kajal on your eye lid, you can get a smokey eyes look in just few minutes. You can use an eye shadow brush to blend it nicely or go with your finger tips to do the same. And voila! You’re good to go!

makeup essentials smokey eyes

#5. Lipstick/ Lip Balm

makeup essential lipstick

The make up essential’s list cannot be completed without a LIPSTICK in it. A lipstick is such a major product which every girl should have in her bag!
We have a limitless option to choose from, be it any colour, matte or glossy, creme or shimmer.

The art of make up is incomplete without a lipstick giving a finishing touch to the over all look.

makeup essential lipstick liner

Sudden plans for a party or an outing? We all can relate to the peer pressure right? Here comes your life saver!

Tip: Lipstick is not just a product for your lips, it can be used as a blusher and an eye shadow too. You can apply a bit like a tiny dot of red lipstick on your cheeks and blend it properly. You’ll get pink blushing cheeks in no time.
And, you can do the same to your eyelids.

makeup essentials lipstick

That was for the lipstick, lets talk about a lip balm now!

makeup essentials lip balm

We would prefer to choose a tinted lip balm. A sheer tinted lip balm will do the trick if you’re running for your errands. Lip balm moisturises your chapped lips, and you can also apply it before lipstick to get a glossy and creamy finish.

makeup essential lip balm

Again, natural and organic lip balm, with a fruity taste is one make up essential that we would definitely recommend.

Tip: You can apply it on your eye lids for a simple yet pretty shine on your eyes.

So, these were the make up essentials that every women should have in her bag no matter where you’re going.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do let us know in the comments section, if you find it interesting and helpful.


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