5 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves You Need To Own

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5 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves You Need To Own


Looking to fight the cold weather without sacrificing your fashion sense? Somehow, it’s always a struggle what to wear in winter. So, we decided to focus on 5 winter wardrobe must haves you need to own this winter. With the temperature dropping, there are a few things you need to have in your closet. We’ve found the winter wardrobe must-haves for the season and how to rock them with our fool proof style tips and tricks. Here are few tips to create spot-on looks and leave you armed and ready for your next outing.

We are sharing with you guys 5 winter wardrobe must haves that you need to own. Enjoy!

1.Winter Wardrobe Must Have – Turtle Neck Top


Somewhat inexplicably, turtlenecks have become a vital part of your wardrobe once again. Turtle neck tops are very warm and cosy and can look super stylish. Work a turtleneck silhouette into your layering game this season by throwing a turtleneck sweater over anything from skirts to jeans or maxi dresses (it will look totally breezy and casual, trust us!). You can style it in endless ways.

5 winter wardrobe must haves


She has taken turtle neck top to another level by pairing a silver neckpiece with it. She overlayered her turtle neck with a stylish animal print jacket. Turtle neck top looks ultra-voguish when paired with a leather skirt. Complete the look by adding hoop earrings with the outfit. This is a classic piece for the minimalists.

    2.Winter Wardrobe Must Have- Trench Coat

5 winter wardrobe must haves

The Trench: A classic coat that pops up every winter season. This kind of outerwear is the definition of a versatile, durable and fashionable option. We love the pastel tones that are hitting the stores this season. Throw on a trench and whatever you are wearing will instantly look just a little bit better. Trench coats can actually be edgy, especially when they are in bright colours. Pair this coat with skinny jeans and flats for a chic daywear option or a little black dress and stilettoes for a date night option. Trench coat looks really amazing when paired with dresses.


Wear a trench coat to spice up your dress. She paired her bright yellow trench coat with a floral printed dress. She chose to wear tan brown over-the-knee boots which is a perfect choice when you are wearing a dress with trench coat. We are loving the bright tone of the trench coat.

3.Winter Wardrobe Must have- Faux Fur Jacket

If you want to go an extra mile in fashion and styling then you should definitely go for a faux fur piece. Faux fur is glamorous and an alternative to animal fur clothing. If you are trying to dress up your faux fur coat, pay attention to its colour. In general, more traditional colours like tan, brown, black or white faux fur coats tend to work better in elegant outfits. Because faux fur is such a lush and eye-catching material, make your faux fur coat the statement piece of your outfit. Try not to wear anything that catches the eye too much.

She layered her white crop top and black jeggings with a faux fur jacket. And paired her outfit with black ankle length boots. Her sunglasses and sling bag are completing this suave look.

5 winter wardrobe must haves


You can layer jumpsuit with a faux fur jacket for the winter season. Pair your red jumpsuit with a subtle colour faux fur jacket for the right combination. Go for a matching sling bag for this outfit. Because your faux fur coat is your statement piece, cut back on the amount of accessories that you normally wear. Instead of wearing multiple large and chunky accessories, try to wear either a few thin and minimal accessories.

4.Winter wardrobe Must Have- Leather Jacket

If you’re thinking you can’t wear leather in the winter, think again. Besides being an essential layering piece, a leather jacket also comes in handy when you need a jacket for warmth, but it’s important to look fashionable. We’re crazy about this stylish leather jackets. Contrast is the key is one of the tips to wear leather jackets. A more oversized, tough-looking jacket is be paired with a feminine silhouette, and a sleek, minimal leather jacket will look great with more masculine pieces, like menswear-inspired trousers.

5 winter wardrobe must haves


One of our favourites is a slightly oversized black motorcycle jacket that looks great with go-to jeans. Pair an edgy, quilted biker-style leather jacket over skinny black jeans which is perfect for your day out with friends. Add a sling bag and sunglass to lift the effect of the outfit. Leather jacket looks very cool and it’s a never fading style.

5 winter wardrobe must haves


Winter is the perfect season to indulge in the warm material. So, this is a great way to style your leather jacket by layering it with a floral printed dress. Add on ankle length boots with it to complete the look. A leather jacket that is just as stylish as it is warm. It is definitely what we call a hero piece.



5. Winter Wardrobe Must Have- Over-the-knee Boots

Whether they’re flat-soled or with block heels, over-the-knee boots aren’t only surprisingly wearable, but they’re well on their way to becoming winter wardrobe essentials. They’re a major for our go-to fall shoe. Pull them on over skinny jeans or leggings, style them with a bodycon dress, or allow a sliver of skin to peek out between your boot and a short hemline. An over-the-knee boot always add the style appeal to the look. These will dress up any simple combo, like jeans and a sweater.

5 winter wardrobe must haves


We all have our favourite dresses, but when the temperature starts to drop it’s hard to feel festive with that much leg showing. Thanks, to over-the-knee boots, you really can bring your favourite summer staple into fall. Thigh high boots are the best way to keep your look chic and weather appropriate. You just have to add a jacket or long cardigan for colder weather. Fitted high heel boot goes flawlessly with a bodycon dress. Try a bodycon dress with over-the-knee boots for this winter season.

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