6 Items from your Closet to Ditch in Summer 2019

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6 Items from your Closet to Ditch in Summer 2019


It’s no surprise that some of the most popular trends from Spring/Summer 2018 has already started to fizzle out this year. Each season, new arrivals hit the streets and it becomes quite challenging for us to resist owning all the savvier and trendier up-and-coming pieces. But let’s face it, we don’t have unlimited closet space! And even if we do (let’s say) then we should not be stocking it up with outdated pieces that the fashion world is weary of. So, before you commit yourself to your summer shopping spree, you have some serious closet-cleaning to do. And we are here to help!

It must be hard to say goodbye to some of your favorites but certain items from last summer have totally lost their spark now. Here is a list of 6 such overplayed items (and trends!) that you need to ditch this season, without looking back!

#1 Colors – Say Goodbye to the Highlighter Hues in Summer 2019

The talk of the glam town is that Neon trend should die again. Even though fashion’s brightest colors have been owning the streets for quite some time now, we have to agree that it’s time is now over. You no longer have to rely on flashy pinks or sparkly yellows to complement the bright and sunny summer days, not when the fashion insiders are embracing a change in the color wheel. So, it’s time to give the classic 80’s trend of wearing highlighter hues a rest.

Goodbye to the Highlighter Hues in Summer 2019

Switch to Pastel Shades this Summer

Trade the neon items from your closet with more subtle, prettier and classier colors. Switch over to pastel or neutral shades like peach, pistachio. These colors are softer, not brighter but just as noticeable.

Switch to Pastel or neutral shades in Summer 2019

#2 Prints – Give your Plaid Skirts a Rest

Plaid has been the go-to print for skirts and jeggings season after season and its departure from the fashion scene is long overdue now. This print is quite memorable for single wear or two but never more than that as it looks super boring. Fashion experts are forecasting that all your plaid-prints will take a backseat at the start of summer 2019. But we don’t recommend you completely getting over these retro prints. This classic print has the habit of returning to the game unannounced. So just let this style rest for now.

Give your Plaid Skirts a Rest

Go for Animal Prints instead of Plaid

We have already seen a lot of different styles and varieties of animal prints being launched in fall 2018 and trend forecasts say it is going to be even bigger and better in summer 2019. Designers are incorporating leopard prints into summer’s favorite florals and so this trend is here to stay and win the fashion game this season.

Animal prints for summer 2019

#3 Eyewear – Ditch your Tiny Sunglasses in Summer 2019

Thin framed sunglasses that were the rage in the 90s did make quite a comeback in 2018. But even though Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid almost convinced us that we too could pull off this trend, the opposite is almost always true. These glasses are unflattering and they totally don’t fulfill their one goal – covering your eyes from the sun; which of course is the one thing we need to take care of during summer.

Ditch your Tiny Sunglasses in Summer 2019

Choose Oversized Sunglasses this Season

Summer 2019 is going to be all about oversized mirrored sunglasses. These glares will get you some serious protection from the sun rays while also being chic and fashion forward. These are probably the best type of glasses you need to invest in this summer.

oversized mirrored sunglasses

#4 Handbags – Transparent Handbag Days are Over

Fashion in plastic had become quite popular in 2018. Starting from transparent plastic jeans to jackets to plastic bags, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra have been seen sporting these. But keeping the entire environment concern aside, transparent handbags are also unrealistic. These bags are see-through and hence, it goes without saying, they are impractical and unworkable.

Transparent Handbag Days are Over in Summer 2019

Adopt Mini Bags and Fanny Packs instead

Summer 2019 is all about miniature carry-it-alls. Go for cute and trendy mini bags or fanny packs which are available in myriads of options. You can go for simple leather ones which looks all classy or choose brighter prints and embellishments to match your warm-weather outfits.

miniature carry-it-alls

#5 Bottom wear – Its a Wrap for the Mom Jeans Trend in Summer 2019

The Mom Jeans trend has been so overdone in the last few years. The stonewashed, high-waisted, loose tapered legs style in signature thick denim material was adored and adopted because of its super vintage feels. But like every good thing, this one too has had its time.

Wrap for the Mom Jeans Trend in Summer 2019

Go for Jeans with Hem Details or Satin Ribbons at the Outseams

Summer is a difficult time when it comes to excessive and intolerable sweating and heat. So, it is always a good idea to ditch jeans altogether and go for other fancier bottom wears. But if you do wish to stick to denim, then go for those varieties with hem detailing or satin ribbons at the outseams. These two jeans’ trends are all that is the hype this season and you would not want to miss out!

Jeans with hem detailing

#6 Sleeves – In Summer 2019, Bell Sleeves are not Trendy Anymore.

This might come as a shock to many but the bell sleeves trend is starting to fizzle out. The reason is not because of its fashion quotient but because it is difficult to sport on a daily basis. Thanks to its silhouette, these sleeves make it impossible to eat, style your hair or do any of your daily tasks without messing things up. Fashion forecasts say the bell sleeves may not last in summer 2019 because more and more people are ditching it as it is very impractical.

In Summer 2019, Bell Sleeves are not Trendy Anymore

In Summer 2019, Invest in the Puff Sleeves Trend

Everybody is talking about the Puff Sleeves trend this season. This uber feminine 90’s trend has resurfaced with modern makeovers and it is not just fun but it looks elegant and dramatic. Wear dresses with puff sleeves or pair it up with jeans, this style is all the craze right now.

Puff Sleeves trend

It can be an emotional task getting rid of clothes but trends come and go every season and it is imperative we keep up. We hope this article will help you make space for all the newer and fancier items in Summer 2019.

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