6 Outfit Colors That Can Uplift Your Mood On A Gloomy Day

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6 Outfit Colors That Can Uplift Your Mood On A Gloomy Day


Not every day is the same. On some days you are ready to take on the world whereas there can be days when you wake up feeling down. Instead of just dragging yourself outside your home for the sake of it, why not try to actually make it better? They say fashion and mood go hand in hand with bright outfit colors playing a massive role in uplifting your mood when you are just not feeling it.

outfit colors that uplift your mood

The colors that we surround ourselves with, affects us more than we can think. For starters, it is more than just visual stimulation. Wearing bright colors on a day that feels like doom can inspire, motivate and energize you in a great way. Let us see which colors you should wear when everything feels down to uplift your mood and have a fulfilling day.

Red and Orange to Boost Confidence

There can be times when things are just not moving in the way you wanted them to. For such situations, all you need is some steaming hot cup of coffee and a confidence boost and there is no other color than hues of red and orange that can help you channel the power from within.

Be it a nice bodycon dress or just a bright red top, outfits colors of bright red and orange can help you rid anxiety and stress and fill you up with the confidence you need to go on with the day that did not start well.

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The Power of Neon Green Outfit Colors

The color that often makes people feel associated with nature is none other than green. Experts suggest that the color green can offer a sense of balance and trust when a bad day pops up out of nowhere. To add to this, outfit colors with the bright hues of neon can uplift your mood as the color speaks of style, confidence, and charm.

You do not have to go full-on neon to this approach. Small additions to this look, like a neon handbag or a pair of neon frames can also help to improve your mood. If you are not feeling it for neon, there is no need to fret. Subtle greens can also work the magic, making you feel connected with your surroundings, more grounded and peaceful.

Tints of Blue to Rid Those Mid-Week Blues

Some times the week kicks off really well but suddenly in the middle of it, you might feel the dire need for the weekend to start, making you feel distracted from work, ultimately leading to a spiral. What better way to deal with the blues than by making your day better by wearing them?


Light blue colors are associated with peace and serenity and wearing them during the day can help you stay relaxed through rough situations. Darker shades of blue are more associated with giving your attitude a boost while helping you maintain your calm.

Purple Outfit Colors to Channel Focus

Purple, indigo, and violet are the colors that have been long associated with the feelings of fantasy, new creations, and ideas. By wearing bright colors in the shade of purple, you can boost your creativity on the days when you feel like you are having a long dry spell of boring workdays with no exciting ideas popping up in your mind.


A lavender top for the day or maybe a pantsuit can help you with the little confidence boost you may need to drive the passion to get through the day with new ideas and creative thoughts.

Burgundy and Pink to Drive High Spirits and Fun Times

Pink has always been the color that brings out our soft nature that in turn works to make you feel more grounded with yourself, instilling confidence, self-belief and ultimately leading to some fun times. Once you start to feel more like yourself on days when things are not going right, you can pave the way for feeling spirited and energetic throughout the day.


Burgundy is known to be the color that makes you feel more centered and concentrated on the jobs that you have to do for the day. Be it cherry-pink or hot pink or a classic brown burgundy, wearing bright colors like these can lift up your mood in an instant.

Brighten Up Your Day With Bright Yellow Outfit Colors

There is no need for an explanation when it comes to justifying how yellow can make your day better several notches. As brights as it gets, the color yellow is associated with feelings of positivity and glory. It works to remind us of bright summer days which acts as a motivating factor throughout the day.


Yellow is directly about bringing joy and happiness. It stimulates mental clarity, helping you see and judge things better with the right energy and motivation. The color yellow is everything you need when you have a long day ahead but nil energy at the start of the day itself.

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The outfits you wear can greatly influence your mood throughout the day. In the same way, as high heels can boost confidence and maxi dresses can make you feel more in touch with your feminity, wearing bright colors can also do a lot to enhance your mood and help you face challenges better. These are always simple colors that you can easily find in your wardrobe without having to spend anything extra! Get the right outfit colors to improve your mood when the world around you seems to slow down!

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