7 Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas For Men and Women

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7 Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas For Men and Women


Who doesn’t love to travel? Like seriously! Work or Pleasure, the purpose might be different but statistically, the World Tourism Organization shows that 1.18 billion tourists spent at least one night abroad in 2015. This has increased drastically over the last 3 years and coming back to Jan 2019 there can’t be a better time than this to let the year begin with some serious travelling. Ok! not so serious maybe, but fun travelling escapade. Today we are discussing Travel Outfits Idea for men and women, so lets’ dive into it.

We totally understand that travelling in itself can sometimes be a bit stressful. So, picking a go-to outfit for travelling can also help you in at least one less decision making. Travel outfits must fulfil two conditions at all costs :

  • Comfort
  • Functionality


Depending on whether you are going for a long haul flight or a short distance flight, you should decide your travel outfits. In both cases, comfort is extremely important. The clothes you choose should be wrinkle-free and lightweight. Stay away from fabrics like leather as they can be super rigid when you are made to sit for long distances, so better is to avoid them altogether. Prefer buying wrinkle-free shirts/t-shirts. By doing that you will still be fresh for that meeting when you get down from a long distance flight.


Why functionality? Well, because when you travel you can’t carry the world with you in your bag. Be extremely specific about your travel outfits. Pick lightweight options. These days a lot of clothing companies have replaced the earlier heavyweight jackets/coats with extremely lightweight, thin layer jackets. These offer heat insulation that keeps you just as warm.

Also, consider layering a serious option. In fact, layering can be your best friend. As you may know, if you are heading out for a road trip, a train journey or on a flight to an international destination, the temperature inside as well as outside, keeps fluctuating. Carry jackets or cardigans to add that cosy layer when needed or keep it your handbag when you don’t feel the need to wear it. Carry pieces like scarves which serve two purposes mainly – a layering piece for when it is cold or an interesting way to add colour to your otherwise basic outfit. This was you need to build your Travel Outfits.

Travel Clothing for Women & Men

Do you often dream of looking as put together as Brad Pitt or Blake Lively when they come out of the airport? Make that dream come true when you put on these shockingly comfortable travel outfits that are guaranteed to slay both en route to your destination and once you get there. And you can shop all of them on Marsplay app simply by clicking on the pictures. So, let’s get into it!

With the recent rise in the number of people travelling for work, it is extremely important to be comfortable yet stylish. Consider adding these key pieces described below when packing for your next travel.

For men, if you are travelling for a shorter distance, you can choose to travel in formal work wear. However, if you are travelling for long distances, the suggestion would be to opt for comfortable pieces. For menswear travel outfits, the key is to wear structured layered pieces to avoid looking unkempt.

Jackets are a Perfect Travel Outfit

travel looks for men - denim jacket

Travel looks for men – Denim Jacket

Give way to Victoria Beckham‘s favourite airport look- The Classic Jacket. Ladies, you can wear just a casual t-shirt with comfy leggings/yoga pants and uplift your look by adding just a piece of a jacket. Go for denim jackets, puffer jackets, trench coats or cotton jackets to stay comfortable during the travel.

For men, this is the key piece that will elevate their entire look. Wear a jacket in a neutral style that will work seamlessly with your other travel pieces. For GQ appeal, keep the texture wrinkle-free. To enhance mobility during your trip, avoid stiff textures like leather.

Classic Skirt/Pants for the Comfort

A solid top, cardigan, denim skirt, and ballet flats- A classic look. You can dress it up or down for almost all kind of activities. You can go for denim jeans or pants if you prefer them over skirts. This is a great travel outfit idea for summer or warmer spring seasons. This type of outfit can easily be dressed up or down, so you can easily take it from day to night. For cooler seasons, swap the t-shirt with cardigan and tights.

For men, you can opt for straight pants or a pair of casual denim jeans.

Check out Airport Looks of Celebrity we loved the most.

Scarf/Shawl to Elevate the Travel Look

travel look for women - Scarf

Travel look for women – Scarf

Ladies, consider adding a scarf or a stole in your handbag while travelling. It can help you not only in keeping you warm during the travel but will also look extremely smart if the right colour and texture is chosen. Right scarf can add depth to your travel outfit and can elevate your look.

T-shirts/Shirts are the Go-to for Travel Outfits

travel looks for men - tshirt

Travel looks for men – T-shirt

T-shirts are hands down the most comfortable piece of clothing in every person’s closet. A striped polo t-shirt look is just so athleisure friendly these days. You can always layer your t-shirt with a jacket as we discussed for the perfect travel-friendly look. You can also opt for a button-down shirt in a wrinkle free material for the casual vibe.

Comfy Trousers are a Smart Choice

travel looks fo rmen - comfy trousers

Travel looks for men – Comfy Trousers

When it comes to travel getup, it’s vital that your trousers are functional. This is because your journey will involve movement. You might have to wait in a queue for some time or will have to be seated at the same place for a long time. A comfortable pair of trousers must always be chosen over denim when travelling.

Athleisure is What’s Trending these Days

Travel looks for men - Athleisure

Travel looks for men – Athleisure

Travel looks for women - athleisure style

Travel looks for women – Athleisure Style

You can go for athleisure trend leggings, yoga pants, palazzo pants or khaki pants in a wrinkle-free fabric. Works well for both men and women. This trend is catching up quite a bit now. If you want to read more about it, check out the blog on Athleisure.

This look is quite popular these days as celebrities and A-list businessmen can be seen sporting this look quite many times.

Socks for the Complete Hygiene

Travel Looks for women - Socks

Travel looks for women – Socks

Travel looks for men - socks

Travel looks for men – Socks

The reason behind mentioning this is that most people during long hour flights prefer to take off shoes for more comfort. For hygiene purposes, it makes more sense to wear socks and does not come in direct contact with the plane or train or any other means of transport. Also, to avoid your legs becoming red, swollen and heavy due to constrained movement, compression socks are a must.

Sneakers for the Long Queues

Travel Looks for women - Sneakers

Travel looks for women – Sneakers

Wearing a shoe with laces is not a good idea since you might have to take it off multiple times during the journey or during the security check. Wear something like loafers or without laces sneakers, which you can slip in and out in seconds.

For both men & women, the above-mentioned tips will work really well. Athleisure trend fits really well for most of the airport looks if you are not headed for a formal meeting.

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Happy Styling! Happy Journey!


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