7 Trends You Should Ditch in 2019 ASAP

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7 Trends You Should Ditch in 2019 ASAP


2018 was a great year in terms of fashion. We saw many trends come and fizzle out quickly in 2018. But, this is what keeps the enthusiasm of fashion lovers lively. Some of the trends which came were cool and innovative while some of them proved difficult to pull off.
From exaggerated sleeves to park-a-boo bottoms, we’ve got many trends that you should ditch in 2019 asap!
So, get ready to shed few tears, as there may be some trends which you loved the most in 2018.

Let’s take a look at the fashion trends which you all should hopefully bid goodbye in 2019.

1. No More Neon Trend

From Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez everyone donned neon outfits like a pro. But it’s quite difficult for most of the people to pull off these brighter hues on regular days. Be it suits, dresses or shoes, neon is no longer enticing and has become visually boring.
Wait! Are we the only ones who won’t be sad to see these highlighter hues go?  Let’s hope that in 2019 we see less of neon and it doesn’t remain as influential as it was last year.

neon-jumper suit-Kim Kardashian

2. say GoodBye to Denim

It’s not just the past year when denim ruled the fashion world, in fact, it has been in trend since the 80s where celebrities were spotted wearing bell-bottomed denim, denim jackets and now even denim shoes!

While denim is the favourite staple of all but it still needs to take a back in 2019. Denim has genuinely been an all-time favorite clothing as far as comfort is concerned but it’s high time that we move on and try something experimental with our styling.

3. Enough for Oversized clothes

We’ve often spotted celebrities at the airport in oversized shirts and pants but what they fail to understand is the fact that wearing oversized clothing is not as comfortable as it looks on screen.
While some of us love to wear over-sized clothes, but for most people it gets difficult to carry them specially if you are going out. We wish oversize clothing finds a new track in order to inspire common people.

Deepika Padukone-Airport look-Oversized white shirt

4. Chunky/Dad Sneakers

In today’s time, we can find 9 of 10 people wearing chunky sneakers and the reason behind this obsession is its enticing appearance and comfortability. You all might remember your grand pa’s wearing these sneakers and we bet he never would have thought that you would-be wearing them in 2019.

These thick-soled sneakers are totally in trend, be it dinner night, airport look or red carpet, it is always the first choice. Although, it’s time to say goodbye to say these ugly sneakers. Soon, they will be seen into the discount racks of shop!

5. Micro Sunglasses

Back in the 80s and 90s sunglasses were designed with the motive of protection but nowadays we can see people having a love for bizarre sunglasses be it cat eyes to box frames. These are totally impractical but we say many celebs downing it everywhere. Besides, their impractical design they even look unflattering on most of the face shape.

In 2019 we hope designers pivot to make frames that actually give adequate protection from the sun.

Trends you should in 2019

6. Head-to-Toe Animal Print

This is an era where remakes and retro style is a fad. Similarly, we’ve seen the liking for the 90s animal print style amongst celebrities and millenials.

Although, this trend won’t see a complete fade but we would recommend not to wear this head-to-toe. Therefore, you can keep your complete animal print set at the back of your closet. We’re extremely sorry for the animal print lovers here!

For more such updates on fashion read this blog- https://blog.marsplayapp.com/2019/02/04/urban-dressing/

Trends to ditch in 2019

7. Cropped Tops

Cropped tops and probably one of the most comfortable wears but it is high time that we choose an alternative which is as attractive and simple as cropped tops. Although, we do agree that it boxy tees are unflattering for 95 percent of women. After all, we don’t have J-Lo’s abs! We wish to see something more structured one for this season.

So, you can ditch these cropped tops happily and eat your cake!

Trends you should ditch in 2019

We hope that the fashion world’s love for these items will fade away in 2019! And we see better trends this year.

Let us know in the comments sections which trend you would like to ditch in 2019. For the latest trends download the Marsplay App.

Happy Styling!

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