7 Weird Fashion Trends That We Would NEVER Try to Experiment

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7 Weird Fashion Trends That We Would NEVER Try to Experiment


Fashion can be quite amusing sometimes. From designer labels launching weird trends in runways to celebrities actually pulling those off with utmost flair, we have seen it all. While we do look up to our celebrities for style inspiration, sometimes their uncanny and eclectic sartorial taste can be way beyond our imagination of fashion.

From the ridiculous muddy jeans trend to really strange shoes, let’s have a look at 7 weirdest celebrity fashion trends from all over the world, that we would never like to experiment.

Also, you will be stunned to see how much pop-queen Rihanna is a fan of the creepiest fashion pieces and how stylishly she pulls off every look!

Weird Trend #7

Bold in-the-face Monster-Ruffles

Ruffles have been a part of different silhouettes for years and we are not complaining. They look pretty and add a certain feminine edge to any outfit. But recently, they are starting to become more alive than they need to be. We are talking about larger-than-life ruffles; the ones that make you wonder whether you are wearing them or they are in fact, wearing you! Rihanna might look like a beautiful spring-season flower in this monstrosity of a dress, but would you like to experiment it?

Rihanna in Ruffles

Weird Trend #6

More Plastic for Mother Earth?

As if there are not enough plastic materials to haunt the environment already, designer labels are now launching the new plastic ‘jeans’. Besides looking completely odd, they are also impractical and useless! Folks on Twitter called this bizarre ‘clear pants’ trend an abomination while celebrities have been seen sporting it recklessly! Well at least, if it rains, their legs have a raincoat (or a rain-pant? What?)

Clear Pants - Kim Kardashian

Weird Trend #5

Rip it off for Fashion’s Sake!

The next time you have a date-night planned on a chilly winter evening but your stockings have ripped and torn, do not panic! Do not settle down for a jeans-and-top outfit because ripped stockings are apparently a fashion trend now. The rips do not even have to be symmetrical on both legs, they can be random and unplanned! Our grandmoms are still having trouble accepting distressed jeans, these will surely rock their brains and not in a good way!

Rihanna - Weird ripped tights

Weird trend #4

Every Mom’s Worst Nightmare!

Jeans come in so many styles and washes and are the most common denim piece worn by men and women all around the globe. Experimenting with the type and color of jeans have become a staple thing for designers to do, but sometimes, they just mess it up. Imagine wearing regular jeans while playing football on a rainy day and getting them covered in mud. Now, imagine you enter a high-end store and find a pair of jeans, exactly like that – all muddy but brand new! Again, Rihanna makes this style look like cake-walk but could you wear this to college?

Muddy jeans - weird celebrity outfit

Weird Trend #3

Who said Glitters are just for Girls?

The #glitterbeard trend created a lot of stir on social media for quite some time. But it was really refreshing looking at men from around the world, embracing their masculinity and not shying away from giving their fashion quirks a nice twist. Men’s style hardly ever gets a serious change and this color-your-beard-pink trend has shattered all sorts of gender-related fashion stereotypes. Would you like to try this trend or are you going to let girls have all the fun with glitters?

Glitter beard trend

Weird Trend #2

Boots or Knives?

The Mexican cowboy boots experiment might be going a little out of hand. And if you do not believe us, just look at the images below! This trend started in rural Mexico but it somehow made it to the runways of Paris. These absurd ‘poke-your-eyes-out’ pointed boots are called Guarachero boots and they are so pointy that they actually curl upward, reaching extremely weird proportions. Designer labels are now remaking these in the form of Chelsea boots and we could not have been more disappointed!

Weird pointed Mexican boots

Weird Trend #1


We look up to designers and top labels for inspiration but sometimes, they just do extremely unrealistic and freakish things! The label Hood By Air launched a collection of Double-faced Cowboy Boots, looking at which, you might feel you are not seeing things clearly. For whatever reason, the label thought it would be a good idea to take normal boots and create a conjoined-twins type of thing with them! Maybe the fact that you are getting four boots for the price of two is a reason why these boots still exist!

Double- faced boots

As funny and uncanny these pieces might seem, some celebrities and top models face no discomfort while sporting them. In fact, they look confident and extremely unique. But if we were to sport ripped tights or glitter beards, would we do that? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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