9 Long Hairstyles to Make Every Day a ‘Good Hair-Day’

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9 Long Hairstyles to Make Every Day a ‘Good Hair-Day’

Turn your long hair 'woes' to 'wows' with these amazing hairstyling tips!

Our tresses are undoubtedly one of our best features and boy, do we love to flaunt them! Hair looks good at every length, but long hairstyles give us more room to play around with layers, textures, and colors. Let’s not forget the occasional ‘Rapunzel’-like feel and the countless compliments our long hair can get us.

Long Hairstyles

But on the downside, your luscious long hair can further add to your styling woes. And with humidity being at its peak right now, good hair-days are very rare! Being overwhelmed with your long hair is normal, and you might always end up tying it into a ponytail every morning. Instead, invest some time and make your beautiful tresses look ultra-glam. We are here to show you how!

Scroll through this article to find 9 trendy and pretty long hairstyles (with tips and tricks on how to style them) that will help you get out of your style rut!

Bollywood Romantic Bouncy Waves

You don’t need to visit a stylist to get romantic wavy hair like Deepika Padukone. This long hairstyle is nothing but glamorous and suitable for date nights or wedding receptions.

How to Style?

Just tie damp hair into a loose bun and wrap a cloth around it before going to bed. Next morning, you will get pretty, relaxed waves that you always wanted. For the lazy girl in you, this is a fantastic technique to have a celebrity-inspired hairstyle for women.

deepika padukone long hairstyles

Deepika Padukone’s Bouncy Waves

But if you are extra particular and have a few minutes to spare on your long hairstyle, this is how you do it!


Follow Camelia Katoozian for easy tutorials about long hairstyles on Instagram.

The Adorable Halo Braid

If you think hairbands make you look childish, the halo braid will help you recreate the look in a way that solves your problem. This long hairstyle is chic, easy, and super cute.

Halo Braid for long hairstyles

Image Source: Pinterest

How to Style?

  1. Brushback all your hair.
  2. Pick up 2-inches section of your hair from behind your left ear. Braid it till the end.
  3. Repeat Step 2 on your right side.
  4. Rub smoothening serum on both the braids to get rid of frizz.
  5. Finally, place your left braid on the top of your head and pin it behind your right ear. Do the same with your right braid.

Follow Zoella on Youtube for hairstyle-inspirations.

This style is both casual and gorgeous and also takes very less time. Try it on your regular college days and flaunt your long hair in style.

Long Hairstyle for Formal Events – The Classy French Twist

Tired of all the different buns you have tried for formal office events? The messy bun may be the most famous one out there, but let’s face it, its time is over. This French Twist Bun is the poshest of all buns, and it will take you from a high-profile office gathering to a reception party. The best part? It goes well with both traditional wear and formal pantsuits or pencil skirts.

How to Style?

Check out this video by Sarah Angius for an easy way to tie a french twist bun.


Khaleesi-inspired Double Braid Twist

Try this amazing Game of Thrones inspired hairstyle for a stunning look. It goes well with long and flowy maxi dresses and will perfectly match your summer florals.

How to Style?

Click on this link to read a stepwise guide by Kristen ZellersKhaleesi Inspired Twist. Also, it takes less time than you’d think!

The Chic French Braid Twisted Bun

The French Braid Twisted Bun style is effortlessly chic, and you can style it with a casual t-shirt and a pretty necklace. While dressing up for ethnic events, incorporate this hairstyle with a saree to glam up your ensemble like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja - Long hairstyles

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s French Braid Twisted Bun Style

How to Style?

  1. Use the texturing spray and brush all your hair back
  2. Make 3 sections of medium-sized hair on either the left or right side of your temple.
  3. Make a french braid by adding more hair into the braid from outside with each stitch.
  4. Once the braid has reached the back, gather all your hair in one hand and roll them to make a bun.
  5. Secure it with bobby pins and loosen some hair in front to frame your face.

Watch this easy hairstyle tutorial by Dani Marie on Youtube.


The Elegant Half-Up Hairstyle

Suitable for fancy dinner parties, this super pretty hairstyle is a favorite among celebrities. It takes only a minute to style it, and it goes well with all outfits.

How to Style?

Check out hairstyle blogger, Melissa Cook’s Instagram video for a quick tutorial on long hairstyles.


Voluminous Top Bun for Styling Curly Hair

For all the curly-haired girls out there, looking for hairstyle inspiration can get tough. While keeping your gorgeous curls loose may be the best option, Kangana Ranaut’s voluminous top bun looks strikingly classy.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana’s Voluminous Top Bun

How to Style?

See Ayesha Malik’s Instagram video for an easy way to tie a top bun. Also, her feed is full of tips and tricks to effortlessly style curly hair.


Double Ponytail Long Hairstyle

The classic ponytail is back in trend this season. Your long hair may not look thick and heavy when you tie it up in a ponytail. This double ponytail hairstyle is a one-stop solution to this issue. This simple hack of tying two ponytails on top of each other makes your hair look fuller and thicker.

double ponytail - long hairstyles

How to Style?

Follow Promise Tangeman’s personal blog for tips and tricks to ace this style.


The Luxurious, Cascading Loose Braids

Using hair accessories has become a hit trend among fashion influencers right now. But once we opt to do it, the hairstyle too has to look luxurious enough. The best way to approach this is by styling flowy, wavy hair into loose braids.

How to Style it?

Watch this tutorial for a step-by-step guide to long hairstyles. Follow Ulana Aster on Instagram for beautiful long hairstyling ideas.



  • Never use a straightener or a blow-dryer or a curler without applying a hair product first! Always use a spray or a serum to protect your hair from heat.
  • You can never have enough bobby pins!

These precious and pretty hairstyles will look amazing on your long tresses. And once you try them, they become super easy too. Which of these styles did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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