7 Affordable Ways to Style your Basic Outfits

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7 Affordable Ways to Style your Basic Outfits


Every woman’s worst nightmare while getting dressed in the morning is having to wear the same basic outfits every day. We all arrive at that point when all the items in our closet seem boring and overworn. But you don’t always have to spend a fortune to save yourself from this predicament.

Today, let’s remind ourselves that the most trustworthy basics in our wardrobe might seem monotonous at first but we can use some flattering styling hacks to make them feel immaculate again. Here are 7 such innovative and affordable ways that you can employ whenever you are stuck in the daily conundrum of choosing what to wear.

Enriched Layering over your Basic Outfits

Layering during the winter season is palpable and evident but why not try it solely for styling your everyday basics? If your regular T-shirt or turtleneck sweater feels dull or drab, go for some chic layering to make them feel brand new.

For instance, if you are bored of wearing the same LBD as your party outfit every Friday night, instead of running to the stores, try layering a decorative camisole or crop top over it. The loose fit, dainty straps and printed embellishments will transform your normal outfit into a stylish fashion-forward ensemble.

Layering over basic outfits

Tip: While choosing a crop top for this look, go for the one that has a thin shoulder strap and a deep V-neckline.

Twin Separates

Our inclination towards choosing outfits of compatible colors is totally just and understandable. Pairing up denim jeans with a trendy top is a safe choice but after a while, none of the tops in your wardrobe feel trendy anymore. Instead of ditching your tops altogether, try experimenting with other types of bottom wear. The most contemporary option would be to wear straight pants of the same pattern or color as your top.

Co-ord set

Tip: Co-ord sets have been around for quite a while now but sporting one might feel challenging sometimes. Try separates of neutral colors or go for monochrome options like black and white.

Styling Basic Outfits with Funky Accessories

We can all acknowledge the role of accessories while putting together a gorgeous ensemble. However basic or regular your outfit may be, the right choice of earrings or a necklace can revamp your look into something more alluring and modern.

On those days when you feel too lazy to decide what to wear, slip on your basic T-shirt and regular pair of jeans and accessorize with cool-girl earrings. These pieces are super affordable and wearable with all sorts of outfits and silhouettes. Invest in a funky pair of neon orange earrings and spice up your everyday college look in an instant.

Cool earrings with basic outfits

The Versatile Piece with your Basic Outfits

Lately, scarves have become a much-needed wardrobe essential, thanks to its versatility. Moreover, they are very easy on the pocket and are available in a range of fabrics so you can wear them all year round. Keeping in mind the plethora of combinations of tying, tucking and draping, this one piece can be worn in countless different ways.

Wearing a scarf around the neck is no big deal, so let’s talk about fancier ways to style this piece. Choose a neutral or monochrome outfit and let the scarf be the showstopper by wearing it in a not-so-typical way. Let it fall in front of your outfit and cinch it at the waist with a trendy belt. This way, you can easily accessorize your basic T-shirt and pants without having to compromise on your style statement.

Styling a Scarf with basic outfits

Tip: For this trick to work, shop for a scarf that ends just above the knee and is large enough to make a statement. Go for monochrome black or grey plaid scarves for accessorizing a fall outfit. For summers, choose floral patterns or bold colors.

Ethnic Twist to the Basic Outfit – White Shirt

A crisp button-down white shirt is probably the most basic piece of clothing when it comes to formal wear. We cannot imagine wearing this without a pair of formal trousers. Let’s beak that stigma!

Putting together an ensemble is all about mixing and matching separates to find out what suits best. Dig into your ethnic part of the wardrobe and pick out the brightest maxi skirt that you can find. Pair it up with a white shirt and pretty junk jewelry to create a beautiful contemporary ensemble.

Styling Basic Outfits - White Shirt

Hence, you can bring together the two most basic items from different sections of your closet to make a trendy outfit without spending a single penny.

Knot it Up

Every woman’s closet has that one plaid shirt that we layer on top of camisoles during the summer months. But once we get tired of that look, we most definitely tend to throw it away in the corner of our wardrobe. Instead, wear the button-down piece with your regular jeans and tie a knot right at the middle. This styling hack gives you a polished look while also accentuating your curves and making this mundane piece of clothing feel new.

Knotted Plaid Shirt

The 90s Touch to your Basic Outfits

Our fashion game during the winters rests totally upon layering. The trendier the outerwear, the better the style, or so we are told. But it may be a real challenge on our pockets to wear different jackets every time we step outside. So, rather than burning a hole in your purses, invest in one super trendy and bright red fanny pack. Read all about styling fanny packs in our blog: How to Work the Fanny Pack Trend.

Fanny Pack with Basic Outfits

Tip: Wear the fanny pack around your waist over the outerwear of your choosing to cinch the waist perfectly without looking too bulky because of all the layering.

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Keeping up with trends is important but instead of spending on new sets of clothes, follow these simple tricks to amp up your style game. Keep following Marsplay for more fashion inspiration.

Happy Styling!

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