Announcing Marsplay Super Bloggers

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Announcing Marsplay Super Bloggers


If you have been following Marsplay updates, you will know that we have recently announced all-new Marsplay Tiers.

These Marsplay Tiers are a way to reward best creators on Marsplay and to give them all the opportunities, growth and fame they deserve.

All the creators on Marsplay will be considered for these tiers and promoted to them according to their quality of content and their engagement on Marsplay App as well as in Marsplay Community. Every tier has its own set of advantages. So, let’s walk you through them.

As a creator, you start by becoming a Marsplay Community Member. Marsplay Community Member gets all the support from Marsplay to create content and to grow as a fashion blogger. You get to be a part of fun events as well as meetups. You get to leverage the community to your benefit by creating a network and sharing learnings together.

If you remain active on Marsplay App and keep posting amazing content, then there are chances for you to get promoted to Marsplay Super Blogger. As Marsplay Super Blogger, you get all the benefits of a Community Member along with added benefits of free trips in association with Marsplay, paid brand collabs, shopping credits worth 2000 INR and Marsplay kits worth 3000 INR.

The third tier is Marsplay Fashion Icon and these will be the top influencers on Marsplay App with the highest reach and following. They will get monthly fixed payment from Marsplay along with a list of benefits. These people will be the stars on Marsplay App and will get to set trends and inspire people with their styles.

Exciting, right?

We have already finalized our first 9 Super Bloggers and they are the ones who went for Marsplay’s first trip to Rishikesh. Featuring below, Marsplay Super Bloggers and some of their best looks from Rishikesh trip.

1. Marsplay Super Blogger Komal Mehta 


Komal is a national level award winner in Yoga. She has been in Marsplay Community for over 8 months now and we love how she can pull-off any outfit with great confidence. We created Athleisure lookbook with her and fell in love with her vibes. Komal as a Super Blogger represents women who are athletic and bold. 

“My love for Marsplay is endless. I loved the Athleisure lookbook shoot we did together and the content I created with Marsplay is the best on my feed right now. I am grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to growing with Marsplay.” – Komal

2. Marsplay Super Blogger Megha Gupta

Megha is one of the oldest and most active community members of Marsplay and we love how versatile she is. She is not just a fashion blogger, but also a very talented make-up artist who also happens to know how to dance well. Because of her style as well her constant support for Marsplay, she’s a perfect addition to our pool of Super Bloggers. 

“Marsplay has helped me build a following and get visibility. By attending their meetups and events, I got to know so many other amazing bloggers and this has helped me immensely in my journey. A huge shout-out to the Marsplay team for all efforts they put for their community members.” – Megha

3. Marsplay Super Blogger Mahi Bakshi – 

Mahi has embraced fashion blogging fully and there isn’t a day that she is not working on a creative fashion project. Her Marsplay feed looks like a fresh inspiration board. From posing and styling to shooting and editing, she knows it all. One of the oldest and most stylish members of Marsplay Community, she is now a Marsplay Super Blogger. Search for Mahi Bakshi on Marsplay App to follow her styles.

“So when Shreya and I were talking about Marsplay last year, I thought it’s just ‘another collaboration’ and honestly I wasn’t too excited about it but when I started using the app and met all the team members of Marsplay, I fell in love with it and the people. It’s really great to be part of such an amazing community, and I see it growing everyday! Marsplay is going to be so big! I genuinely believe in it!” – Mahi

4. Marsplay Super Blogger Khushboo Anwani

Khushboo joined Marsplay recently but her love and dedication for Marsplay is incomparable. During every contest, she brings new inspiring styles to her Marsplay feed. Her styling sense is elegant and colorful and she makes a truly great addition to our list of Super Bloggers. We do see her going places with Marsplay. 

“I started posting on Marsplay regularly after I got to know about the platform as I found it really exciting. And then, the Rishikesh trip happened and it’s one of the best things that has happened to me since I began my blogging journey. It feels great to be rewarded for your content creation efforts. I am super enthused and proud to be a Marsplay Super Blogger.” – Khushboo

5. Marsplay Super Blogger Swini Parihar

Swini has always gone an extra mile to be an active community member of Marsplay and has been repeatedly awarded ‘Most Loved Marsplayer’. We love the energy and optimism she brings to the community apart from her ever-inspiring style sense. We’ve had her on our list of Super Bloggers since she joined Marsplay as she represents what it is to be a true Marsplayer.

“Marsplay has really helped me incorporate my ideas on fashion and share it with everyone. Being a YouTuber and a fashion influencer, I am learning new things at every step and love Marsplay for giving me the exposure that was required. Big thank you to the entire Marsplay team for making this journey so beautiful and lucrative. Proud to be Super Blogger at Marsplay.” – Swini

6. Marsplay Super Blogger Kenya

It takes courage to give up on a stable path and follow something that you genuinely enjoy and are good with. Kenya took the big leap into the fashion blogging world by quitting her corporate job and taking a course with VLCC. Now, she along with Swini run a channel Beauty and Beyond. We love Kenya for being a true Marsplayer at heart and a constant at Marsplay.

“Marsplay has become an integral part of my journey helping me in learning a lot of new things, meet new people and explore the world of fashion. Our recent Rishikesh trip made me feel proud of being a Marsplay Super Blogger. I cherish my journey with Marsplay and look forward to contributing more and more.” – Kenya

7. Marsplay Super Blogger Jasmin

When we first came across Jasmin’s page we found her style quirky and that made us curious about her. Then, we discovered about her struggles as a diabetic and her inspiring journey to the world of fashion blogging. She shared how styling herself and looking good everyday helped her overcome the food and health related struggles that come with her illness. Search for Sassy Jassy on Marsplay App to follow her styles.

“Creating content is one thing but creating amazing memories along with them is totally another thing. Marsplay’s trip to Rishikesh was one such experience for me. Being Marsplay Super Blogger inspires me to work even harder to see Marsplay grow.” – Jasmin

8. Marsplay Super Blogger Kriti Sharma 

Kriti is an engineer who has evolved as a fashion blogger with her unique styling sense. Since she joined Marsplay in June, she has participated in all our contests and events. She can carry any look, be it an Indian ethnic wear, fusion wear or western wear with unparalleled grace. We are happy to announce Kriti as our Super Blogger. Search Kriti Sharma on Marsplay App to follow her styles.

“I never thought to have such a great platform and opportunities in such a small span of time. I am convinced that Marsplay is one the best platforms for bloggers in the initial stages of their blogging journey. Speaking from my experience, I have benefited immensely from being a Community Member as well as a Super Blogger.” – Kriti.

9. Marsplay Super Blogger Disha Goel

Disha is a perfectionist and the effort that she puts behind every single look and every picture is commendable. You will always find her busy creating exciting content for her followers. She has been an active member of Marsplay App since the beginning and now we are happy to announce her as a Super Blogger.

“My journey as a Marsplayer has been very exciting for 4 months. In fact, it is a continuous journey full of surprises and interesting events they Marsplay have been organising including the latest trip to Rishikesh. I am privileged to get the title of Super Blogger from Marsplay. It’s just the beginning stay tuned for amazing content from my side. Thanks a lot, Marsplay!” – Disha

Want to become a Super Blogger?

Stay active on our app, we’ll be announcing new super bloggers every week.

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