5 Pieces Every Big City Girl Owns

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5 Pieces Every Big City Girl Owns


It’s no surprise that the lifestyle of people living in big cities is invariably modern and more on the western side. With the tag of a ‘BIG CITY GIRL’ comes a lot of responsibility, one of which is wearing fashionable clothes.
While there’s a certain aesthetic that comes with residing in the city it’s also about practicality. Wild swings in temperature and chaotic commutes mean that we’re drawn to clothing that looks good but also serves a purpose. We have 5 Big City Trends that every girl wants to follow in order to look cool and chic.

It’s certainly tough to make up to the elite and high lifestyle of big cities like Mumbai, New York, Paris etc. However, there are hacks that can make you look like any other big city girl.

Keep scrolling to see what style rules in the heart of all city girls that they follow!

1. A White Shirt is Basic yet Stylish

It is one of the most comfortable and hassle-free trends of looking stylish and chic. White shirts can look as good as your work trouser as it does with your denim. It is one of the trends that every big city girl has in her wardrobe. You can pair them with absolutely anything: denim jeans, shorts, skirts, a midi dress, and a lot more. We bet you really can’t go wrong with a white shirt.

White shirt is the Big City Trend

You can pair your white shirt with black or blue denim shorts. It will look super cool and gives the look of a big city girl. It is the most comfortable outfit for summers and will look great if you’re planning for shopping with your friends. Pair your outfit with a girly black cap and it will take your summer outfit to another level.

Style your white shirt by tying a knot and pair it with a black bralette. FOr adding more to the look, you can go with silk afghani bottom wear and silver bangles. It will give your outfit the best indo-western look.

As we all know that white shirt is the most common staple for formal wear but it can also be styled quite differently. You can wear a white shirt with a high-waist black sleek skirt. For completing your formal look go with black heels and sleek hair.

Therefore, you can create multiple looks with just a basic white shirt and it will take your boring day to a well-dressed fun day. Also, EXPERIMENT! (This is what big city girls do). Unless you don’t get out of your comfort zone and figure out what looks good on you, you’ll never crack the fashion code.

2. Big City Trends: Floral Dresses

Add some prints to your style with beautiful floral print outfits. We are pretty much sure that floral print is not going to die from the sartorial world anytime soon. The floral print is something that makes you look elegant, classy and royal. With hell lot of variations in the type of prints, the one which is mostly followed by the big city girls is the floral print dress.

Floral Prints is stylish for big city girl

Give your summer wardrobe a touch of floral print with this maxi dress. Therefore, opt for a dark floral print maxi dress this season. For elevating the look, even more, a long slit is not a bad option. Be it a brunch look or a date look, you can always consider floral prints in your outfit.

If not a maxi dress, you can pick a cute skater floral dress for the perfect vacay look.

If you are not comfortable with floral print dresses you can also opt for a floral print top. Floral printed top look super classy and chic. You just have to find the right type of bottom wear for the perfect look.

3. Sunglasses is the Key of Big City Trends

Sunglasses have evolved since the 90s and big cities never fail to impress us with making trends in a blink. One such fad is ‘Sunglasses’. From aviators to cat eye, butterfly to shield, all these have been trendsetters for a while now. In addition to this, there are the classic sunnies which look ultra-chic and bold on girls. Big city girls mostly prefer to leave the house with their sunglasses on. You just have to pick the right type according to your facial shape and choice.

sunglasses are big city trends
Cat-eyed sunglasses are the trends of Big cities

4. Denim Jackets For Every Season

They are our default choice for days where we want to dress up a bit without sacrificing comfort. Though there’s a misconception that denim jackets can be worn only with winter wear. But, big city trends says something else. Many girls from the cities where the climate is usually warm also wear denim jacket as a style statement.

Layer your all-black outfit with a denim jacket to break the monotone of the outfit. This is an ultra-chic look that every big city girl would prefer for countless times.

Big City Trends- Denim Jacket

You can also layer your denim jacket with a basic white tee and distressed denim jeans. For adding more to the sassiness level, you can choose a funky colourful sunglasses and statement earrings.

5. Sneakers is the Pal of City Girls

We’ve seen the obsession of big city girls wearing sneakers in almost every occasion: parties, sangeet ceremonies, date nights etc. The reason for the fascination is the fact that it is super comfortable and goes with almost every outfit. If you’re ever confused with what shoes to pair the outfit with, simply consider the current rage: Sneakers!

Wear your sneakers with denim shorts and tank top for following the big city trends.

White sneakers- big city trends.

Or go for a semi-casual look by pairing white sneakers with a trouser and top look.

Pro Tips for every girl who’s moving to a Big City:

  1. Don’t get demotivated if you’re less dressed up than other girls. Less is always more!
  2. Make sure you don’t overdo by adding too many accessories and makeup.
  3. Comfort comes before style. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you are wearing then it’ll all go in vain.
  4. Don’t copy other girls to blend in with the crowd. Observe, note and improvise.
  5. Lastly, wear your outfit confidently. Even if you’re not sure of the look don’t hesitate or feel anxious, your confidence can overpower all the flaws.

Now that you know how to style yourself like any other big city girl, share your experience about the fashion world of a city you’ve recently moved to and comment in the section below which of the above was your favourite trend.

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Happy Styling!

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