Bollywood Celebrity-Inspired Summer Hairdos To Flaunt This Summer

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Bollywood Celebrity-Inspired Summer Hairdos To Flaunt This Summer


The mad summer heat is incoming (or is it already here?). For the women with long, luscious hair, maintaining the thick tresses and styling them as you step out in the heat is a huge challenge. All the excessive sweating because of long open hair does not only make you uncomfortable but it also contributes to hair damage. It is hence, time to upgrade your hairstyle skills with some celebrity-inspired summer hairdos.

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The need of the hour is summer hairdos inspired by the leading ladies of Bollywood who manage to carry their charm and exquisite fashion sense even in the heat of the summer. For the women who want to be comfortable but would not agree to settle for mediocre hairstyles, here is a list of all the summer hairdos you can try to keep yourself stylish and cool in this summer heat.

The Pretty Fishtail Braid

Braids can feel a bit too old school but when you make it high fashion like Shraddha Kapoor here, they can prove to be the prettiest of all braids. One of the benefits of braiding your hair is that the locks remain protected from sweating which, in turn, helps in oil control that reduces hair fall.

Tying your own fishtail braid might be a bit of work if you have very long hair. It can also be time-consuming for your regular workdays. But with lockdown in full effect, you now have enough time to master the hairstyle!

Summer Hairdos in A Low Bun

Do you want a hairstyle that keeps the heat away and also manages to uplift your look into a sophisticated one? The low bun is the answer! Get ready to sport this look the next time you chair a meeting. When styled with formal attire, a low bun looks perfect and elegant.

Sometimes, doing these summer hairdos yourself can get messy. To ace the look, you can style a sleek ponytail from the nape of your neck and then round it up int0 a bun. It could not get any easier than this!

The Fancier Low Braided Bun

This one is a low bun but probably its fancier sister! Perfect to go with ethnic attire like your fancy saree or a salwar-kameez, this fancy low bun is a great hybrid between the feminine braid and the formal bun. Sport this when you want to go a little heavy with your makeup and ensemble during family gatherings or your college farewell.

The trick to tie the perfect low braided bun is also very easy. All you have to do ace your braid skills. Once you are thorough with the braid, make sure to fasten a band tightly so as to tame the runaway strands. Wrap the braid in the form of a bun and you are good to go. Women with long hair should definitely try this style as more hair volume makes the bun look extra alluring.

The Chic High Ponytail

From Ariana Grande to Jacqueline Fernandez, some celebrities do love their extremely high ponytails. Sleek ponytails sound good and look glamorous too but if you are looking for easy hairstyles that you can sport daily without the extra hassle, then go for ponytails that are not too much at the top of your hair. Confused?

Take cues from Jacqueline here and tie the ponytail a little below the far top of your head. This makes managing the weight of the hair easier especially for women with long hair. Make sure you have a stiff, hard hair band to fasten the ponytail so that it does not keep slipping down. Secondly, you will also need bobby pins to secure haywire hair strands properly in order to finish with a clean look.

The Exquisite Summer Hairdos – Braided Ponytail

This is probably one of the most common summer hairdos there is. The braided ponytail is a blessing during the summer months mainly because it keeps hair strands away and tucked inside the braid at the back of your head while also fastening them in a strict ponytail at the nape.

Additionally, this fancy hairstyle is easy to do and is also very comfortable to carry all day long. There is no need for tight bobby pins to hold strands together as the braid already does it. The hairstyle goes well with both traditional attire and western wear, just make sure to use some hair strands to shape your face in order to give this common hairstyle a fancy touch.

The Sleek Top Knot Bun

Another specialty of the Bollywood Divas, the top knot bun is can be categorized to be the fanciest of all summer hairdos, thanks to its versatility and elegance. Style it with a pair of palazzo pants or a saree or formal suit, this hairstyle is a must-try for the women who want chic yet comfortable.

To compensate for the lack of volume at the back of your head, wear bigger hoop earrings or any other pair of striking earrings. You can also frame your face with your front locks on both sides to give the hairstyle the edge. If you have thick hair, this hairstyle is a must in the scorching heat of the summer months.

Whatever clothes you are wearing and whatever the occasion, the hairstyle is a very important aspect of your overall look. The way you wear your hair can dictate your personality and decide whether or not you are dressed for a particular event. Even the most elegant of outfits will not do justice to your style unless your hair is in its best shape. The summer months can easily foil your good hair days but if you take some much-needed cues from your favorite style stars, then you can save the game!

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