Fancy Bottom Wear Ideas to Get Rid of your Summer Blues

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Fancy Bottom Wear Ideas to Get Rid of your Summer Blues


Let’s face it! We are all obsessed with denim jeans. Whenever we find ourselves in the “I don’t have anything to wear” predicament, we always tend to fall back on the safest option – the regular pair of blue jeans. And why not? They come in many varieties and they go with almost everything! Now, this could go on pretty well for us, if it wasn’t for smouldering hot summer days with temperatures soaring to some intolerable degrees. On such days we need to look for other alternatives for jeans which are as casual and fashionable while also being super comfortable and chic.

Here are some effortless and flowy substitutes for jeans that you can always choose as solutions to your summer problems.

Breezy Bottom Wear Ideas

Palazzo Pants

Nothing screams light and airy better than a pair of palazzo pants. The casual and straightforward palazzo pants style will definitely save you from your summer blues. Feathery and versatile, you can style literally anything with them, starting from casual t-shirts to traditional wear.

Striped palazzos are ruling the streets since they first made their comeback in the fashion game. Pair up a trendy crop top with a pair of striped palazzo pants for a carefree summer look. You can accessorize with black heels, chunky jewellery and a statement bag if you are planning for a brunch date or you can keep it casual by wearing them with a regular t-shirt. Either way, sporting these pants will give you a lean, elegant look.

Palazzo Pants - bottom wear

Tip: Solid coloured palazzo pants look more sophisticated and classy when compared to striped ones. But if you want to accentuate your height, striped pants are the way to go.


Palazzo pants and Culottes can be considered similar in the comfort department but the later can be way more flattering and modern. The trick to wearing culottes is finding a pair that finishes off a few inches above the ankles and are streamlined on both sides. If you want to dress classy, add length to the ensemble by adding a pair of statement heels or choose a sneaker for a casual everyday look.

Go for bright colored culottes like mustard or red with a light colored shirt tucked inside. Accessorise with matching earrings for a fun and comfy summer day look.


Tip: The best top wear choices to wear with culottes would be a fitted cropped t-shirt or a tailored shirt tucked inside the pants to balance out its wider silhouette. 

Classy Bottom Wear – Flared Pants

Wearing flared pants is probably the trendiest way to sport a boho-style without looking like a hippie. These pants are extremely gratifying and they can effortlessly make you look taller and classier. Flared pants are the best when it comes to dressing up for work or any other formal event. Or you can always wear them with casual t-shirts tucked inside to create a smart well-put-together look for social gatherings.

Flared pants - bottom wear

Tip: This ‘70s inspired look can be worn with any type of top wear depending on the occasion you are dressing up for. From modern off-the-shoulder tops to fitted shirts, these pants will elevate your style game without a doubt. But choosing the correct footwear is imperative. Flats are a strict no-no! Pair them up with heels and you are good to go.

Wide-leg Denim Jeans

Considering it might get quite difficult to ditch jeans altogether, here is an option for you. Wide-leg Denim Jeans are definitely en vogue again and if you want some retro inspiration while getting ready in the morning, these jeans are the way to go. Especially with a high-waist, this style magically elongates your silhouette.

Take your wide-leg jeans into the ‘90s with a flirty, V-neck black cropped top. Pair it up with black heels to give it a glam upgrade.

Wide leg denim jeans

Tip: These jeans are extremely fashion-forward and to sport them perfectly, steer clear of casual t-shirts or tops. Wear these with tops featuring trendy sleeves and cuts or you could also go for voluminous tops.

Casual and Fun Bottom Wears – Shorts and Skorts

Wearing full-length bottoms in the scorching heat of the summer months may not always be the right choice when you can totally fall back on shorts and skorts. While these may not be an option for workwear, they can always help you sort your weekend plans. Get over your summer blues in trendy denim shorts and no matter which top wear you choose to wear with it, it will always look flattering. Amp up your sartorial game by accessorizing with a sun hat and trendy white heels.

Denim shorts

Skorts are the one-stop solution to summer layering without actual layers and they make for a great weekend ensemble. This shorts-and-skirts combination gives you the comfort of shorts in the appearance of a wrap skirt and are hence extremely trendy and versatile. Wear a structured black skort featuring a waist strap tie with a pretty white ruffle top and pair it up with matching white sneakers for a playful, casual look.

Skorts - bottom wear


Joggers can be thought to be similar to workout or athleisure wear but these are way more stylish and versatile than you regular sweats. These pants are perfect for people who love casual, straightforward clothing which is also subtle yet modern. A simple cami top-grey joggers look is all you need for your summer casual wear wardrobe.


Celebrity-inspired Bottom Wear – Dhoti Pants

This is an absolute Bollywood celebrity-inspired look that not only goes well with traditional wear but also with t-shirts and trendy tops. Sonam Kapoor has worn them with a collared shirt whereas Priyanka Chopra has been seen in a ruffle top-dhoti pants combination. Wear dark grey dhoti pants with a simple white t-shirt and accessorize with junk jewelry for an easy breezy boho-chic look.

Dhoti pants - bottom wear

Tip: While wearing tops with dhoti pants, always remember to tuck them inside to ace the look.

Ditch your jeans and stock up your closet with these fancy and chic bottom wears to live out these summer months in style. Which of these ideas are you going to try next? Let us know in the comments!

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