7 Stupid Brand Collaboration Mistakes You’re Making

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7 Stupid Brand Collaboration Mistakes You’re Making


Every influencer thinks that brand collaboration is complicated, and it’s not my cup of tea. Especially the newbies in the industry believe that they don’t have a ton of followers to pitch to a brand. However, I think the number of followers has nothing to do with getting brand collaboration.

In this article, you will know everything that you should and should not do to get the brand collaboration you have been dreaming since forever.

The utmost goal of any influencer is to get a brand collaboration. This goal can be accomplished only if you follow these guidelines. 

Brand Partnership E-mail

Before jumping to how to pitch to a brand, let us first discuss what brand collaboration means.

What does Brand Collaboration mean?

Brand collaboration can be of multiple types, and one of them is the collaboration between a brand and an influencer. It is a strategic alliance between two parties to curate a unique and specific product or service to carve a niche while benefitting both the parties. 

What is the business pitch?

A business pitch is a presentation by one party to another, and it can be through an email, call, letter, or an impromptu conversation. 

What is the purpose of the pitch?

Before pitching any brand, you should understand the purpose behind it. The sole purpose behind any pitch is to induce the interest of the other party. This can be done by a perfect and well-structured email or message. 

Let us check a few examples of the email for the brand collaboration.

Email Sample for Brand Collaboration

I am going to give you two pitches for brand collaboration. Tell me which one will you follow?

“Hi, I’m Meenakshi Agarwal, I would love the opportunity to be able to work with Nykaa. I just started my blogXYZ.com a few months ago. I also created an Instagram page @XYZ to go with it. I know I’m just starting out and don’t have a ton of followers, but I would really love to promote your products. Thank you for your consideration!” 

Now, this is an example of what not to do. You should never put yourself down in the email pitch for brand collaboration. 

In this email, everything is mentioned, which is precisely why a brand wouldn’t want to collaborate with you. 

The reason being, all I did there was show how much of a newbie I was and then ask the brand for a favor, i.e., freebies! 

You have the ability to create content and showcase it to your audience no matter how big or small. This is what you should show the brand that you and your content are valuable. 


Now, let’s check what are the mistakes you don’t know you are making while doing a brand collaboration.

7 Mistakes You Have Been Making 

These are the seven mistakes that you must be making while pitching to a brand without even knowing. Let’s find out!

1. Avoiding Contact Information 

Always leave your email in each blog and add your email on Instagram. You can also put complete contact details if you wish. 

2. Know your Signs

If a brand contacts you first, it is a sign that you are ready to begin the pitching to more brands. Always follow the signs in your business. You should never let go of the opportunities coming your way.

3. Let the Brand Initiate

It is great if the brand is already telling you what they need out of the collaboration.  If the brand doesn’t have a pitch to start with, you can ask them, “I think my followers would really like your product. What do you have in mind to go with? 

4. Do not Copy-Paste

The brand can tell if you are sending the same pitch to every other brand.                                            Do not make the mistake of copy-pasting the same pitch to every brand. Add a personal touch by including a genuine compliment for the brand or company which will make your pitch stand out. 

5. Lengthy Paragraphs

Stop writing long paragraphs in your pitch. Your email should be as precise and short as possible. Try to wrap it up in three paragraphs with each having not more than three lines. 

But that doesn’t mean that you should skip essential details. 

Do you really think that brands and companies read your email till the end? They get almost hundreds of proposal in a day, so they just skim through the important details and shortlist.

For this, I suggest that you should use bullet points, bold lettering, italics to mention the essential details. Also, you should only add a few links in your email.

6. Focusing on What You Can’t Rather than What You Can

Never tell a brand what you can’t do instead, tell the brand what you can do. For example,- there is no need to say to the brand that you have just started, and you have no idea how this works.

I can never ask a brand to collaborate with me by highlighting how much of a newbie I am. 

7. Number of Followers is the Major Determinant

Believing that the brands only see the number of followers is not correct. Brands see the engagement rate on your profile. By engagement, it means that your followers leave comments on your Instagram, blog, or anywhere you are posting. 

I hope you won’t repeat these mistakes from now onwards.

Now, let’s check out another E-mail example. 

Hey Simran,

I’ve used Ponds Cosmetics for over a year now, and it has worked wonders on my acne. I particularly love your acne-fighting cream with rose and your acne-fighting gel. I know my audience of 100% female readers also enjoy your products.

My blog, XYZ.com, sees over 10,000 page views/month with an incredibly high 30% engagement rate. My Instagram @XYZ sees about a 5% engagement rate and generates thousands of views per image.

With summer ending soon, I’d love to post about some of your products with my followers on repairing on protecting against pollution, sun damage, and anti-aging cream.

I would love to partner with you guys soon!



In this email, I highlighted the engagement rate on my blog and Instagram rather than the number of followers. 

Notice that, I used the sense of urgency in this email, but the language is not too pushy. 

Requirements for Brand Collab

  1. Research how others are getting brand collabs. What are they doing, how often they are posting for that brand, how many times they tagged the brand in their posts etc. If they have a blog post, then head on to their page and see how they have promoted a brand.
  2. Tell the brand that you will drive a better and different result for them. 
  3. If you have worked with any brand before simply mention how your partnership went regarding the sales and click-through rate.          Also, for tracking the CTR, you can use a link from bitly. 
  4. If you haven’t worked with any brand before, you can simply present them with an idea.
  5. Keep trying! If you reach out to 50 brands, only 10 will show interest because they get hundreds of emails for collaboration. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.


Brand collaboration growth


Things to include in your pitch:

  1. Include a direct link to your Instagram and blog (if any)
  2. Include your qualitative and quantitative statistics (you can find these easily on your Instagram insights)
  • Monthly views
  • Engagement rate
  • Audience demographics
  1. List the top brands you have worked with. However, if you are a newbie, include about the month to month growth. 
  2. Write a catchy but appropriate subject line.

Brand Partnership Example of Subject Lines: 

For the New Influencer: “Collaboration with Fashion Blogger—Reach a new audience.”

For the Experienced: “Collaboration with Fashion Blogger—30K Instagram Followers.”

Check what Mahi Bakshi has to Say About Brand Collaboration. 

For my first brand collaboration, I still remember that I replied with pure excitement and with my amateur e-mail skills. Haha!

Regarding brand collaboration, I will say that one should first build their audience and then expect any brand collaborations. I’ve seen a lot of people these days who’s motto is to get free products just in the name of blogging.

I feel you should enter this field only when you have enough patience and a true passion for content creation. 

One more thing I wanna add as I get this question a lot, “Is it okay to message brand by yourself?”

To that, I will say yes, but only if you truly believe in the brand and even if the brand is reaching you, always stay true to your audience.

                 -Mahi Bakshi, Marsplay Super Blogger

Myths about Brand Collaboration

  1. One myth that everyone has is that you need a massive number of followers to get a collaboration with a brand. The truth is that the influencer should know and show who your audience is. 
  2. Another myth is that you will not get enough collaboration if you have a niche blog. This is absolutely wrong! The chances are almost equal to getting a brand collaboration because it depends on multiple other things as well.                                                                               

However, if you have a niche blog, it helps the brands to find you easily. Above this, it is imperative to have a neat  feed.

To get “on the map” of the brands you don’t only need good content but also these strategies to amp up the process.  

I hope this article helped you. If you like this article, leave a comment!

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