An Ultimate Guide to Self-Love And How to Love Yourself

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An Ultimate Guide to Self-Love And How to Love Yourself


I am enough.

In all of my forms–daughter, sister, friend, writer, traveler, lover.

I am good enough.  I am talented enough.  I am confident.  I am kind.

I seek knowledge.  I show compassion.

I fail.  I get back up.  I am perfectly imperfect.

I know who I am and what I stand for.  I know what I need to change.

I don’t know it all.  I can never know it all.  I admit when I don’t know.

I know how to forgive.  I forgive myself.

I am enough.

Loving myself. What exactly does self-love mean?

Self-love, as the name suggests, is the love and appreciation for oneself. It is an action that requires an individual to love and appreciate their physical, emotional and mental self. Self-love is often confused with self-obsession or narcissism because there is a fine line between self-love and self-obsession. The role of self-love is very important in the overall development of an individual including psychological and spiritual development. It also plays a great impact on maintaining your mental health.

One can love themselves in various ways. Self-love may be in the form of calming and relaxing baths with bath salts and scented candles, enjoying your favorite cup of coffee with a great view, watching your favorite movie, spending time with your pet, finding clothes you like, treating yourself with a mani-pedi, going for a drive or good food. In short, doing something that makes you happy and content.


Self Love takes…

But self-love is not just restricted to pampering yourself or materialistic things. It is a lot more than a physical process. It also requires you to be mentally and emotionally happy. For a lot of people, self-love also includes learning how to conquer and keep their demons in check.

Before facing the problem or finding the solution, the first and the most important step is to accept reality.

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” ~Caroline Kirk

A Guide to How to Love Yourself

We bring you a nine-step prescription to loving and accepting yourself.

1. Become conscious and mindful:

People with self-love are firm and know what they think, want and feel. They are aware of who they are and act on their opinions, instead of what others want from them.

2. Prioritize your needs, instead of your wants:

Self-love is only effective when you can make yourself turn away from something good and exhilarating, in order to stay focussed and strong. By staying firm headed on what you need and avoiding all the distractions on the way, you can stay away from things that put you in trouble or lessen your self-love.


Tips to Self-Love

3. Practice good self-care:

Practice self-care and take better care of your basic needs in order to love yourself more. Take self-care by practicing healthy activities like a healthy meal, proper exercise, sound sleep, intimacy, and hearty social interactions.

4. Set boundaries and learn to say ‘NO’:

You will appreciate yourself more when you set boundaries or say a firm no to activities that are not to your liking or harm your physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of life.

Set boundaries and learn to say ‘NO’

5. Shield yourself:

Surround yourself with the right type of people. Keep only those people close that appreciate and accept you the way you are. Those who give you healthy criticism and accept your flaws. Get rid of those people who rejoice in your failures rather than your success. Life its to short to waste your time on people who are always ready to take your shine away. By doing this you’ll love yourself more.

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6. Uplift Others:

Helping and uplifting others improves your self-esteem and in turn, makes you feel more self-love. Sometimes, people, around you just need a little push in order to achieve their task. All you need to do is to act as a catalyst and give that push. Because by helping others you are simultaneously helping yourself. There is a very common misconception that in order to reach the top, one needs to be cutthroat, but that is not the truth. Co-exist and uplift people around you rather than bringing them down. By doing this, people around you know how much you appreciate them and then reciprocate the same.

Be real. Let’s help each other feel seen and heard!


Uplift Others

7. Forgive yourself:

Stop being hard on yourself. You have to accept that no human is perfect and mistakes are made by everyone. Instead of being hard on yourself, learn and grow from the mistakes. Only then you can love yourself truly.

Try being less hard on yourself when you make an error because failures are the stepping stones to success.

8. Live with a Purpose:

It is important to have a purpose in your life. Only then can you love and accept yourself more. It is not necessary that your purpose is crystal clear, but you should know where your life is headed. Because if you know your purpose, your decisions will be goal-oriented and in the end, you’ll feel good about yourself when you achieve it.

Live with a Purpose

9. Let the Past Remain Past:

Do not retrograde your past mistakes. Rehashing your past mistakes will not help you in any way. Instead, it’ll drag you into those bad times and make you think about it again and again. Because in the end, we can only learn from our past faults and not change it.

Let the Past Remain Past

It is not necessary for you to follow all the pointers, but even if you work on any one or two of these self-love tips, you’ll start appreciating and loving yourself more. The more self-love you have the happier you’ll be. Because in the end, it is you who can make yourself happy and not anyone else.

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