Celebrity-Approved Summer Essentials For Every Girl Out There

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Celebrity-Approved Summer Essentials For Every Girl Out There


We all know how bad summer can get with the temperatures rising to insurmountable degrees. The scorching heat of the sun, accompanied by sweating and pollution can take a toll on you once you step out of your home. But there is no way you can keep up your style game in this super uncomfortable weather. But fear not! Today we bring you a wholesome list of all the celebrity-approved summer essentials that will help you sail through this tough weather in style.

Summer Essentials In a Summer Hat

Stepping out in the summer means you have to guard your skin against getting tanned. Well, you could carry an umbrella but it can severely hurt your style statement. The workaround? Summer hats! Go for smaller hats for a regular day and if you are planning for the beach vacation or a fun day out, then the bigger ones can work great with a flowy summer dress.

A pretty summer hat can uplift your summer look very easily. Accessorize with a pair of oversized sunglasses and you are good to go. Take pointers from Hina Khan who looks absolutely dressed for the occasion with a large summer hat for her family vacation in the Maldives.

Floral Dresses for the Summer

The summer season and floral dresses are a match made in heaven. You can actually spot celebrities in floral dresses back to back during the peak summer months because they seem to reflect the very essence of summer – bright and full of life! For summer 2020, let us take this style up a notch and get our florals as maxi dresses.

Summer essentials - floral dresses

Maxi dresses again are a trademark of the summer. They are long, flowy and pretty and does a great job is guarding your legs against the scorching heat of the sun. Go for brighter colors like yellow and orange in strappy varieties. Let your summer essentials this year be about both style, comfort and skincare!

The Cropped Summer Essentials

Crop tops, mini skirts and loads of sunscreen are the motto of the summer months. And Ananya Pandey seems to know all about it. Take cues from the Bollywood star and go for all white and cute two-pieces for a beach day out. The mini floral patterns on the skirt and the white tube top along with her sandals are the best vacay outfit for the summer months.

You may want to consider tying up your hair though as the heat can often make it super difficult to manage long tresses leading to excessive sweating. But we love her chic cat-eye glares and trendy hoop earrings.

What’s Summer Without Sunglasses?

If there is one accessory that you cannot go without during the summer months, it has to be a pair of sunglasses. The right pair can greatly uplift your look and can round off any summer look with style.

One of the most vital summer essentials, we often confuse ourselves when choosing the right pair of glares to invest in. Truth be told, it can be quite difficult to choose the perfect one (or ones) that suit your face and go with the varied ensemble choices. If you have a round face, then go for cat-eye and round, oversized glasses. For square and oval-shaped faces, almost all types of sunglasses work. Here is an interesting list of the trendy glass shapes that are doing the rounds this season.

The 8 Biggest Sunglasses Trend That Will Rule 2020

Pastel Hues Are The New Summer Essentials

When it comes to choosing colors for the summer, I know we want to go all bright and sunny. While they are the best essence of the summer months, this season we are seeing the introduction to light cotton pastel hues among the celebrities. From Shraddha Kapoor to Alia Bhat, it is all about comfort during these summer months.

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Go for the styles that are not too body-hugging so as to let your skin breathe amidst the excessive sweating. Invest in simple pastel hues like lilac or even neutral shades of brown. You can style this ensemble with dad sneakers (to shield your feet from the heat) or floaty summer sandals for the perfect summer look.

Next Up? Hot Pants

Another set of fashion girls’ favorite summer essentials – hot pants. From denim to cotton to silk varieties, if there is one bottom wear option you would blissfully go for during the summer months, they are hot pants. Chic, comfortable and absolutely summer-worthy, get yourself the right pair of your choice. Sara Ali Khan seems to love her white pair of hot pants with chic embellishments near the bottom cuff of the piece.

You can wear a bralette or a tube top with a pair of hot pants and use a long shrug to as a layer over it. For a more casual and everyday approach to this look, go for a tank top and a plaid shirt and you are good for step out in the heat.

Summer Essentials Checklist – Summer Scarves

Now this one is a complete essential, something y0u cannot do without. Ward off the dust, the pollution and the summer heat that stings by tying the scarf around your head. When not using it on the streets, take cues from the celebrities on how to style them around your neck.

Summer essentials - scarf

The summer heat is already raging and we should be prepared to face it by stocking up the tools in our arsenal. With the lockdown in full effect, we are being able to stay away from the heat that is surging outside. But once we have to step out, guarding ourselves against the crazy glare of the sun while also maintaining our style quotient can be tough. Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and learn how to ace the summer months in a chic and fashionable way.

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