In Conversation With the Modish and Charismatic Debashree Biswas

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In Conversation With the Modish and Charismatic Debashree Biswas


With the boom of social media in India, blogging has turned out to be an alternative career option for a lot of people out there. With ‘n’ number of bloggers, there are some of them who have been continuously adding feathers to their success and have made a big name in the Indian blogger community. One such person is Debashree Biswas.

Debashree Biswas

Debashree Biswas has set an example for many people who want to pursue their career in blogging and content creation and has made her way into people’s hearts through her excellent work.

Read on as we talk to her about her journey, how she created her identity in the blogging industry, the challenges she faces in her day to day life, and so much more.

Debashree Biswas
1. Could you tell us how you kick-started your journey as a content creator, and what inspired you?

Debashree: Before stepping into the world of content creation, I already had a good following and a verified profile because of my acting ventures. And I have always loved posting pictures wearing my favorite outfits, sharing beauty regimes, and my travel escapades with my audience.

My followers loved what I shared and showed a lot of interest in my lifestyle and travel experiences. That is how I got into content creation, and gradually the brands started noticing me and showed interest in collaborating with me.

2. When did you decide to pursue it full time?

Debashree: When I started getting approached by a lot of brands because of my work, I saw a great opportunity of turning my passion into a business. Then I decided to make content creation a full-time business.

3. What are some of the challenges you faced in your journey, and what gave you the motivation to keep pushing forward?

Debashree: The challenges I have faced in my journey and still face sometimes are managing everything by myself, from doing my makeup, hair, shooting, production work, post-production work, and editing.

Sometimes it gets quite stressful as I have to meet the deadlines and have a very limited time to send content to the brands. But then, in the end, I love the hustle, and it is my passion for fashion and travel, that keeps me going.

My motivation is always creating value in whatever I do.

4. What is your definition of fashion? And is there anyone who inspires you?

Debashree: For me, fashion is all about being comfortable in my skin and taking risks at the same time. ‘Coz unless and until we take risks we won’t know if we are satisfied with something and can carry certain outfits.

Sonam Kapoor’s fashion sense inspires me as she always experiments with her outfits, keeps on trying something new, and carries it so well.

5. Tell us something about your personal style.

Debashree: My personal style includes wearing something feminine, dainty, and fresh because that is something that suits my personality and expresses my individuality. Apart from that, I am into light fabrics such as cotton and linens, love whites, and similar hues.

6. What are your thoughts about content creation?

Creating content for me is a combination of honesty and passion.

Debashree Biswas

I believe that whatever you create, you should be passionate about it, or else you won’t be able to continue it for a long time. At the same time, my content has to be honest, true to myself, and reflect my real personality. Otherwise, people will not connect with it.

Debashree Biswas
Debashree Biswas’s vibrant Instagram feed

Another key point is consistency. That comes with a lot of hard work. You have to be there at all times for your audience That also shows your commitment to your passion and your audience. That’s how you will make a bond between you and your audience and your passion.

7. What advice would you like to give to young girls who want to pursue this career?

Debashree: I want to share my mantra with all those budding creators out there.

  • Listen to your heart and be true to yourself.
  • Follow your passion.
  • And last but not least, work hard.
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