The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Design a Great Instagram Feed

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Design a Great Instagram Feed

Tips and tricks to make your feed visually pleasing!

If you are starting a new Instagram page then you need a lot of knowledge, tricks, and ideas to plan your Instagram feed. We are providing you with everything you need to know before starting your Instagram page.

Making your Instagram feed visually pleasing is one of the first steps towards gaining more followers. Apart from friends and family, we only check out those accounts that visually appeal to us, those with a consistent overall look and eye-catching content.

If you use Instagram for business, then your feed is the face of your business. There’s a science to growing your brand, followers, and engagement on social media, and the tactics you use should be purposeful and deliberate. Hence, it becomes more important to design your feed.

To make your followers come back for more, we have curated the ultimate cheat sheet for you, full of ideas and tips to design an amazing Instagram feed. You can also use these hacks to make your Marsplay Feed look more attractive.

1. Choose a Grid Layout to Follow and Stick to it

What is the grid?

grid layout helps you think about the overall look of your feed. You can create a consistent layout by carefully planning each square.
Picking a grid layout requires careful planning both at the start and also every time you upload a new picture.

Think of your entire feed as a huge picture. Only if there is a consistent pattern throughout the screen, the picture looks more attractive and hence, will fetch you more followers.

There are several ways in which you can design a perfect layout for your grid:

Use each square as a tile. The most common way to design a layout is by sharing alternate photos and quotes. Another way to do this is by lining up the tiles with quotes in the center with two photos on both sides.

Instagram Feed Grid Layouts
Layout of Alternate Photo and Quote (Left). Layout of Photos on Both Sides (Right)

You can also opt for a row by row layout or edit your photos in circular borders. But whatever you choose, make sure to follow the same pattern throughout your feed.

Instragram Grid Layouts
Row-by-Row Layout (Left). Circular Layout (Right)

TIP: Sometimes for a change, get creative and replace the quote with a drawing or an icon for your next blog post.

Other types of the grid that you can use to create the feed layout are as follows:

  • Diagonal
  • Middle Line
  • Borders
  • Puzzle
  • Rectangular Photos

2. Pick out a Theme for your Instagram Feed that suits you the most

Choosing an overall color theme is important as it decides the mood and vibe of your feed. A white theme gives off a peaceful vibe, whereas a yellow theme is all about sunshine and summer. Similarly, you can make your feed tropical or boho, moody or vintage, just by sticking to a particular color.

Instagram Feed Themes
White Theme for a Minimalist Vibe (Left). Tropical/Ocean Blue Theme (Right)
Instagram Feed Themes
Pink Theme for a Feminine Feed (Left). Grunge/Dark Theme for a Vintage Feed (Right)

Another option is to choose an ultimate color burst for your feed. Choose vibrant contrasting colors for each square to create a color pop effect.

Color Pop Theme
Color-Pop Theme

You can also go for a rainbow feed in which the color of your feed changes while scrolling down! This is a little tricky, but the effort is worth it! Just choose a color to start with and arrange your pictures according to the color wheel.

Color Wheel for designing a  rainbow feed
Color Wheel for designing a Rainbow Feed
Rainbow Feed Example
Marsplay Super Blogger, Nupur Munot’s Instagram Feed (nupurmunot) is the perfect example of a Rainbow Theme

3. Find your Favorite Filter and Never let it go!

A theme can only aesthetically improve your Instagram feed if you stick to one filter from the first picture to the last. Making your photos look like they are all following the same tune is the goal.

Instagram Feed Filter
Marsplay blogger, Vaishali Srivastava’s Instagram Feed (srivastavajii) looks attractive because she is consistent with her choice of a filter

4. Be Strategic while Planning your Instagram Feed

Once you have decided the grid layout, planning your feed should not be a problem. Instagrammers often plan a feed beforehand by making a 30-day planner or a simple layout to help them decide which pictures to upload and when.

30 day content planner for Instagram feed
An example of a 30-day content planner

5. Shoot your photos in Bright Natural light

This goes without saying that high-quality photos attract more appreciation than photos that are blurry or unclear.

TIP: If you cannot always get hold of a professional photographer or a high-end camera, use your smartphone. Just make sure there is ample sunlight as photos taken in darker areas are often grainier. Also, ‘sun-kissed’ photos are always flattering.

Udita Mangla’s Marsplay Feed looks super aesthetic and bright because her photos are shot in clear, natural light.

Marsplay Feed example

6. Use Instagram Planner and Editing Apps

There are several apps available that can help you design a great Instagram feed. For example:

  • Plann: You can use this app to plan your feed beforehand. It lets you add images and arrange them in a way you would like to post them. You can also schedule uploads and Plann will send you a notification when its time.
  • Preview: In addition to scheduling posts, Preview lets you edit your photos too. It has all the necessary features like crop, brighten, sharpen, etc.
  • Planoly: It’s a popular Instagram planning tool which is available on both mobile and desktop. One amazing feature of this tool is it lets you manage and create your hashtags, plan, and schedule posts and stories, and access analytics data for your account.

7. Write Engaging Captions and use Relevant Hashtags

Your captions should not be long unless you are trying to convey a story. Go for short, witty, and relevant captions for your pictures.

Since Instagram now has an option to search by hashtags, it has become more important to use popular and meaningful hashtags with the captions. Hashtags let you connect with people who are promoting the same kind of content like you on Instagram.

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8. Choose an Appropriate Profile Picture and write an Impressive Bio

Your profile picture should represent the exact essence of your Instagram feed. The bio gives you a chance to introduce yourself, explain the nature of your profile and gives the visitors an overall idea of your feed. In 150 characters, you have to convince them to follow your account!

As you can see, famous fashion influencer Kritika Khurana has described her bio which is a brief introduction of the nature of her profile.

Instagram Feed Bio example

TIP: Talk about the genre of your blogging to attract like-minded visitors and also add the link to your website.

9. Follow other Influencers for Instagram Feed Inspiration

Do not forget to check other influencers Instagram feed before starting your own. This gives you a lot of ideas on how to create Instagram feed creatively. Moreover, you can even reach out to them for sharing some tips for the purpose. 

These are all the tricks you will need to create an exotic and beautiful feed. Try out these hacks and gain more followers and likes on Instagram! Did you find these tips useful? Let us know in the comments!

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