How to Run A Successful Fashion Blog and Earn Money By Blogging

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How to Run A Successful Fashion Blog and Earn Money By Blogging

Turn your passion into a full-time job with these proven ways to make money blogging!

Being the proud owner of a fashion blog can be exhilarating. Not only do you get a platform to showcase your inner goddess and eclectic fashion sense, but you can also earn money by blogging. For fashionistas, it is an easy task to keep up with new celebrity and runway trends or creating your own personal style. What makes running a fashion blog difficult is the endless hustle you need to do to make it a success.

Earn money by blogging

Are you ready to build your fashion empire but you are confused about how to start a blog and make money? Well, worry no further! You don’t have to get stuck at your 9-to-5 job anymore. We are here to clear your doubts with these 10 fail-safe ways that you can employ to chase your dreams and make money blogging.

But First, What Makes Your Fashion Blog Successful?

Finding your niche and being creative is the most important requirement of being a fashion blogger. There are over a million bloggers out there. You need to know what makes your style unique and let your creative juices flow. Take cues from this famous Delhi-girl who took niche blogging to a whole new level. The bohemian dressing style is what drives Kritika Khurana. Find the centre of your creativily and make it the main theme of your blog.

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Earn money by blogging - how to make your blog successful

Find your niche like Kritika Khurana.

 Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • You have to build a huge follower population to earn money by blogging. Converse with your audience, connect with other bloggers, reply to comments on your posts. This step is imperative!
  • Post consistently every day or choose atleast three days a week to keep your audience engaged. Never give up!
  • Get personal with your audience. Talk about life and relationships through your posts. This makes your content more relatable to your followers.
  • Be original with your content and expression. Nobody likes a copycat!

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How to Earn Money By Blogging?

There are so many exciting ways for how bloggers earn money. Once you have a significant number of followers who swear by your outfit choices and styling game, several brands and companies will come forward to partner with you. Your followers then become a steady source of traffic for their business, in turn helping you earn money.

Display Ads on your Website

Google AdSense allows you to display third party advertisements on your website. Many bloggers rely on ads to earn money by blogging since you can use this feature even at an early stage of your blog. Since WordPress is the most common software used by bloggers for hosting their own websites, here is a tutorial to help you with Google Adsense.

All you have to do is sign up on AdSense and paste the unique code given by them as a header or footer to the advertisement. Bloggers generally earn a certain amount of money per thousand impressions or per click on the ad.

Join Marsplay and Earn Money By Blogging

Be a Marsplayer and make money easily by bloggin. All you have to do is post photos and tag your clothes to online websites. Earn Marsplay Money every time someone buys your outfits. Yes, it is that easy!

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earn money by joining marsplay

Join the Marsplay Community now!

Earn Money By Blogging Through Sponsorships

As a fashion blogger with a good number of followers, brands will pay for you to post sponsored content on your social media handles and website. This way you can earn money by blogging or sometimes, brands even pay you with free goodies like t-shirts or beauty products.

Make Use of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to recommend the products or clothes you love to your followers. To promote a certain product, you have to link it to the brand website. Earn money by blogging about this, based on the number of clicks on your post or a percentage of the total products sold because of your post.

Collaborate With Brands You Love

Fashion bloggers often get the chance to do brand promotions on their social media channels using personalised discounts or custom promo codes. This happens when bloggers and brands get together to decide a marketing strategy for a certain product. All you have to do is reach out to a brand of your liking and earn money by blogging.

Here is an example of using custom promo code by fashion blogger, Delaney.

Take Part in Marketing Campaigns To Earn Money By Blogging

Marketing campaigns are different from collaborations and sponsored posts. In this case, the entire product promotion is done on the brand website itself and managed by their own marketing team. The blogger’s job is to just promote this content on their social media and make money! For instance, here is Fashion Blogger, Aashna Shroff promoting a Clinique product on her Instagram feed.

Teach Classes and Mentor Online

If you consider yourself an expert in your niche and your followers totally worship you, then this is a sure-fire way to earn money by blogging. You can teach paid online lessons or create blog topic planners to sell to your followers. If things go well, fashion bloggers also get invited to fashion and beauty workshops and seminars where they are paid to talk about styling tips and their blogging journey as a whole.

How to earn money by blogging - teach classes and workshops

Fashion Blogger, Ankita Chaturvedi has added a link for signing up for her workshop in her Instagram Bio.

Being a fashion blogger and taking it up as a full-time job can be quite scary. But if you can put up enough hardwork, socialize well and follow these methods mentioned above, you can earn money without giving up on your passion.

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