What to Wear to a Job Interview:Men

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What to Wear to a Job Interview:Men


So, you’ve landed the interview, but now you have to nail it to get the job. And you are confused about what to wear to a job interview? Although your credentials will undoubtedly help you along the way, looking the part is also essential. Whether you’re new to the game or are just looking for a change, there’s no denying that the prospect of a job interview is daunting – but the hard work doesn’t stop there. After all, whether you’re applying for a casual job or a CEO position, your presentation matters.

You may have heard it a million times before, but first impressions really do count. Use what you’re wearing to put yourself in a position of power: what you wear has the ability to totally change a person’s perception of you. Luckily, we’re here to help guide you to success in both your interview and the style department. Below is our expert advice for men on what to wear to a job interview.

What to Wear to a Job Interview

  • Research your prospective employer and their company culture to give you a guide on what to wear.
  • Keep your outfit office-appropriate, minimal and stylish.
  • Choose a well-tailored, two-piece suit for a formal interview.
  • For a casual interview, forego the suit and select chinos and a blazer or sweater instead.
  • Stick to classic and neutral colours for your outfit.
  • Create a professional appearance by ensuring that your shirt is free from creases and that your shoes are polished.

Dress for the job you want

If you don’t make an effort with your interview outfit, how can you expect a potential employer to take you seriously? Dress for what you want, not what you have – especially if you’re used to dressing like a student. Making an effort from top to toe proves that you’re serious about what’s been put in front of you.

Don’t Overdo It

There’s nothing more that’s off-putting to an interviewer than having a candidate wearing flashy, over-the-top clothing. Put down the bow tie, stop shining your cufflinks and leave the velvet jacket at home. You want to come across as real and relatable, so let your clothes say that for you.

Do your research

Make sure you’ve looked into the office ethos and, if you can, study the type of people who work there. Some companies have a strict no suit policy, while for others, a suit is all you’re allowed to wear. If you go into the office wearing something that goes against their rulebook, you may as well wave goodbye to that potential job.

But never be too casual

Having said that, if you’ve read that the entire company turns up to work in loungewear, that doesn’t actually mean you can do the same – it just means that you know not to show up in a three-piece suit. Trainers at a job interview will forever be a no-go, no matter how on-trend they are, so make sure that you’ve invested in a formal leather or suede pair. And always remember to keep them in good condition.

Leave bold patterns alone

There’s definitely a time and a place for bright tones and patterns, but for an interview, it’s always safer to stick to subtle stripes and basic neutrals in colours that aren’t going to say more about you than you’ll have to say about yourself.

If in doubt, go for old favourites

The key with every interview – beyond the obvious – is to appear that you’ve made an effort on all fronts. If you’re unsure about what to wear, choose old favourites such as a neutral shirt and slick, tapered trousers paired with sharp brogues.

Professional Interview Attire for Men

What to wear to a job interview if you are going for a professional interview Let’s discuss in detail.


Suit for men's interview

Suit for men’s interview

Employers like to imagine you being part of their office, so professionalism should be maintained in your interview attire. A two-piece suit is ideal; it registers clean and simple, and that is what you will need to wear to work every day. Opt for a minimalist suit, something that isn’t convoluted and boasts clean lines. Tailoring is also paramount; your suit should fit appropriately.

A two-piece suit in a dark colour is highly recommended for a job interview. Stick to the classics; navy or charcoal grey work perfectly when tailored and reads friendly and approachable to your interviewer. Black also works well, but make sure that it suits your colouring and features, so it doesn’t register as intimidating. Never forget how important it is to choose a suit colour that suits you.


Crisp shirt pant look for men's interview

Crisp shirt pant look for men’s interview

What to wear for men's Interview

What to wear for men’s Interview

Lighter toned shirts always work better in a professional context, so stick to the classics; a crisp bright white or a powder pink shirt will do the trick. Also be mindful of the type of collar you go for, opt for straight collared shirts as opposed to button-down collars for a more formal touch. Over sized shirts are horrendous, opt for fitted styles and for the love of God ensure that they are ironed.


Tie - What to wear for interview

Tie – What to wear for an interview

Do not wear a slim or extra wide tie, strike a balance and go for a standard width tie in a conservative colour or pattern. Much like your shirt and suit, keep your tie style and colours clean and classic. Burgundies, emerald greens, navies and other traditional shades are perfect and will complement your accompanying clothing.


Shoes - What to wear for an interview

Shoes – What to wear for an interview

For shoes, opt for a round toe leather Oxford, which is simple and classic. Shoes do speak louder than words, and bad shoes are the cardinal sin of corporate dressing. Great shoes will complete your look and broadcast your personal style effectively. Don’t forget to shine your shoes; this will signal that you pay attention to detail.


Socks can be a great way to demonstrate your personal style in an office setting, but for your interview, play it safe. You may be facing an older, traditional gentleman who isn’t interested in the joys of trending sock colours. Opt for darker shades to complement your suit and if you are going for a print opt for traditional motifs in subtle tones. Also, ensure that your socks are not too short.


Great accessories will perfect your interview look, but you will need to be strategic with what accessories you choose to boost your clothing choices. A pocket square that corresponds well with your tie will accent your accompanying clothing, lending a bit of dimension. Do not go for overly vivid or bright colours and patterns; you will still need to observe the formality that an office job requires. Forgo a bulky suitcase; rather opt for a structured envelope bag or slender briefcase in a good quality leather if you’re carrying important documents. Minimal Cufflinks and a quality watch are also a nice addition that will boost looks in a subtle but stylish way.

Business Casuals – Interview Dress Code

For more creative industries, it may not be necessary to wear a suit, but you will still need to dress up your look. Casual interviews allow for more opportunities to express your personal style, but you will still want to pronounce a respectful and professional aesthetic. You are afforded a lot more freedom when it comes to where to shop, so consider high-street stores for budget-friendly options to give you your desired look for less.

What to wear to a job interview if you are going for a casual interview- Let’s discuss in detail.

Casual Shirts

Simple button downs work well in traditional patterns, like a classic check or a muted gingham. Alternatively, solid colours can work, but ensure they aren’t overly bright. You want your clothing to speak for itself, therefore, preserve a youthful silhouette with slim fit shirts that aren’t too tight.

Casual Pants

Casual Pants - What to wear for an Interview

Casual Pants – What to wear for an Interview

A slim-fitted chino or trouser is acceptable in the right context, but elect classic colours for a refined approach to casual interview styling. Ensure your pants are neither too long nor too short; you want to strike an appropriate balance between a relaxed aesthetic and a more dressed up look. Choose a high-quality belt to finish the look.

Jackets & Sweaters

Jackets - What to wear on Interview

Jackets – What to wear on Interview

Interview Outfits

A preppy cardigan or cable knit sweater is a nice touch to your interview look. It also demonstrates a more layered aesthetic, and won’t make you look cookie-cutter. A blazer can also boost a simple shirt/chino combination and works well to dress up a look but ensure it is in a slimmer cut.

Follow the tips above to nail the next interview in the perfect manner.

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Happy Styling!

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