Formal Outfit Ideas for an Interview: Women

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Formal Outfit Ideas for an Interview: Women


Among all the other styling predicaments we face almost every day, figuring out what to wear to an interview can be the trickiest. For instance, a slim-cut navy suit worn with a crisp white shirt and black heels makes a particularly great option but also, it is the most common formal wear. So, how to strike the right chord and create a perfect symphony between professionalism and style? To find out, check out this list of some of the customary formal outfit as well as some really trendy ones that will help you take your formal dressing up a notch.

Be Business-Ready

Selecting a showstopper outfit is one thing but choosing the right outerwear is most imperative. And what can be the most spot-on outerwear for an interview other than blazers? This traditionally preppy piece has been revitalized over the years and given a contemporary edge. To nail the perfect interview look, keep your outfit conservative and flattering. Let’s see how!

Formal Outfit Idea – Blazers.

We know a black blazer is the classic wardrobe staple when it comes to formal wear and they pair well with just about anything. But the idea of styling this piece can be reimagined and paired up with a high-neck solid top instead of your boring white shirt. Wear it with regular fit trousers fitted with a belt at your waist and you’re ready to start your big day in style.

Formal Dressing Ideas - Blazers

But if you are in the mood to try out something other than the usual black blazer, then go for a semi-formal ensemble. This white striped blazer worn with white wide-leg pants and layered over a black ruffle top is the perfect combination of formal and chic.


Formal Dressing Ideas - Blazers

Miss Bossy Pants!

With all the pressure building up in your mind prior to your interview, it becomes quite important to go for a comfortable choice of dressing. So, why not dress to impress in a perfectly tapered and tailored pair of trousers? Trousers are probably the easiest way to look smart (and bossy)! From regular fit to the wide-leg style of trousers, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Formal Outfit Idea – Trousers.

Wide-leg trousers are the perfect comfy wear and they look uber-professional too. They seem to bring back the 70’s look and are our favourite former-trends-made-modern piece. Pair them up with a soft pink coloured top layered under a matching blazer. Add a pop of colour and carry a brown handbag. Accessorize the outfit with large hoop earrings and wear your hair in a bun for a polished and fashionable look.

Formal Dressing Ideas - Trousers

If you think outfits with a fitted silhouette suits you better, go for regular fit trousers in neutral shades. Wear your full-sleeved crisp white shirt and matching white mules for an understated classic formal look.

Formal Dressing Ideas - Trousers

Add a Feminine Edge.

What is more formal and feminine than skirts? Styling a pencil skirt with a white shirt is genuinely the most sophisticated and elegant way of dressing for an interview.  Just make sure the hemline stays right below your knees.

Formal Outfit Idea – Pencil skirts.

Get out of your fashion comfort zone for a minute and ditch the black skirt you keep wearing every time. Instead, choose a navy blue pencil skirt. Add a little twist to this timeless classic by pairing it up with a semi-formal white top which has wide sleeves. Wear matching white heels and you are ready!

 Pencil skirts

Comfort first!

Nothing screams light and flowy than palazzos but since wearing a palazzo to an interview can be disastrous, try putting on culottes instead. They are super comfortable and if styled right, can be easily worn as formal wear. So, take a break from constricting tailored outfits and enjoy the comfort of this wardrobe must-have.

Formal Outfit Idea – Culottes.

High-waist culotte trousers with a solid top layered under a black blazer look extremely classy and graceful. It can be worn as formal wear to your interview if you choose monochrome shades like black and white. Pair up the ensemble with grey pumped heels and a statement watch for an edgy look.

Formal Dressing Ideas - Culottes

Ditch the Separates.

Aren’t jumpsuits the most easygoing and versatile piece of clothing? They look exceptionally trendy and are the perfect illustration of a humble all-in-one outfit that you dream of. Accessorize it with a stylish handbag and smart heels and it will instantly feel work appropriate.

Formal Outfit Idea – Jumpsuits.

Pair a striped blue sleeveless jumpsuit with a chic white shirt. Add a touch of glam and team up this ensemble with neutral shaded heels and sunglasses.


Spark to the Mundane!

Bored of the same old white shirt? Go peplum! For women who like to keep their formal wear conservative yet fun, this is hands-down the perfect choice. Whether you pair it up with knee-length pencil skirts or trousers, it is going to look classy with everything.

Formal Outfit Idea – Peplum Top.

Wear a sleeveless peplum top with regular fit trousers paired up with black heels. Choose neutral shades of colour for this ensemble and carry a blue handbag to bring out the formal vibe. Also, don’t forget to apply a dark matte lip shade that makes you look confident enough.

Formal Dressing Ideas - Peplum Top

Tune up your Stripe Game!

Wearing stripes over stripes can seem quite challenging at first but if you style them right, they look super cool. Business separates like a solid shirt and trousers are way too common. So, why not innovate a little bit and wear a striped two-piece instead?

Formal Outfits Idea – Striped separates.

Style a striped light blue shirt tucked inside a pair of navy blue striped trousers. Accessorize this look by wearing black heeled mules and hoop earrings for a semi-formal look. Just remember that both the colours should look good together, the prints will look good too!

 Striped separates

Tip: Stick to neutral colours if you’re going for a corporate look or spice it up with more colour and prints if the job requires showing a bit of personality. But no matter which outfit you choose to wear to your interview, don’t forget to wear your confidence along with it!

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