Free iphone11 Giveaway Contest-Participate Now!

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Free iphone11 Giveaway Contest-Participate Now!


Do you imagine yourself with the brand new iPhone11 ever since it got launched? Everyone wants it, right? But how do you get it without burning holes in your pocket?

Let me ask this question..!

How many times do you get a chance to win the latest iPhone11? Never right?

After the Thailand and Goa trip contest, Marsplay is back with another big contest where one winner will get a chance to WIN just out iPhone11.

Yes, you heard it right, pals!

Marsplay has made it easier for you to flaunt yourself with the latest iphone11 in front of everyone. You can win a brand new iPhone11 just by participating in the simple contest by Marsplay.

Let’s check how you can easily win this contest.


Rules and Regulations:

To increase the chances of winning this contest, follow these simple steps and guidelines.

  1. Share the contest poster on your Instagram story. 
  2. Tag 3 of your friends on the contest post on Instagram. 
  3. Post your pictures and videos on Marsplay app using the hashtag #WinIphone11

iPhone 11

Mandatory Guidelines:

Besides, these are some other guidelines which will save your post from getting eliminated. So, taking care of these will help you get one step closer to win the new iPhone 11.

  1. Use #WinIphone11 in your posts on Marsplay else your posts won’t be counted.
  2. Your face and whole body should be entirely visible in all the posts.
  3. Selfies are allowed but with Makeup look only.
  4. Same outfit pictures are allowed but not the same pictures.
  5. Tag at least one product with a minimum of one line of description.

How Do You Win iPhone11?

One winner with the maximum number of likes and referrals ( successful signups)  on the Marsplay app will win the brand new iPhone11. 

iPhone 11

Bonus Points for Winning iPhone11

Yes, we do have some brownie points for you guys!

  1. Posting multiple pictures and videos will increase your chances of winning.
  2. Share the poster on your Instagram feed.
  3. Refer to as many people as you can to sign up on the Marsplay app. 
  4. Post a talking story about the contest on your Instagram story. 

Can it get better than this? Heck no..!

What are you waiting for? The iPhone contest has already been started.

If you are not on the Marsplay app, download it now and start participating. Do not miss out on winning this big contest.

Go and participate now! Hurry up!

All the best to all participants.

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    September 25, 2019

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