8 Ways to Simplify Your Dull Life Into a Vibrant Lifestyle 

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8 Ways to Simplify Your Dull Life Into a Vibrant Lifestyle 


In today’s time, we are more engrossed in what is happening in others lives, instead of focussing on our own. We are busy trying to evaluate our self worth by comparing our lifestyles with those of others and are trying to become like others. We are focussed more on the reel life than real life.

Not so essential subjects such as the latest happenings in celebrities life or the latest smartphones and other technology available in the market, the latest movie release or the number of events happening around and the elite guest lists to those events are what interests us.

We bring you a way to live a more meaningful and vibrant lifestyle than to subterfuge in this frenzy of modern times.

1. Nature Over Technology

This evening when you have time, do not sit indoor glued to your cell phones or laptops, go out for a walk, or maybe play some kind of sport. Do the real sort of rejuvenation, go for a bicycle ride. More connected, you are to the natural surroundings, more grounded you feel within.

Get out of your phone and admire your surroundings

We can abandon technology by taking small steps. You can walk a stretch of 1 – 2 kilometers instead of using our vehicles or you can survive a bit more heat and do without air conditioners because it might be cold inside, but the temperatures are rising outside due to global warming. Do not limit your capabilities and efficiency in any way. Do your math right away and ditch that damn calculator.

2. Allow Yourself Enough Time

You should be able to carry out different tasks of the day at ease without rushing through them. Allow yourself enough time starting from the morning chores. Your day should be well planned a night before so that you can dedicate enough time to each activity without being consumed in the frenzy of everyday routine.


Allow yourself enough time

Have enough time to poop, to brush, to bathe, to read a newspaper,  for breakfast and so on so that your everyday work can become a meditation.

3. Know What Your Body Needs

Different people have different body types and different requirements. Know what your body demands and consume a proper diet accordingly. For example, these days a lot of youngsters get tired quickly, and for that, one should say goodbye to junk food and make a shift to healthy eating and drink lots of water throughout the day.

Eat a healthy diet

Apart from that, we also tend to neglect small details that lead to a healthy lifestyle such as consumption of water. Sipping water in between the meals is not beneficial for the body. Therefore always keep in mind that there should be a gap of at least an hour before and after the meal before consuming water.

4. Keep Yourself and Your Surroundings Organized

Always treat your space with great respect and feel grateful for the comforts provided to you in this lifetime, and that should be seen in your surroundings. Also, the way we keep our rooms, our closets or any other personal space reflects upon our personalities and the way we carry ourselves.

Keep yourself and your surroundings organized

It is a common saying that ‘More cluttered the environment is the more confused one would feel in their thoughts.’ It’s always nice to walk into a well maintained and clean space than to tumble over a pile of mess. Surroundings play a significant role in regulating one’s mood.

5. Be Optimistic and Let Go of All the Inhibitions

Do not succumb to any kind of negativity emanating from different people, social situations, and pessimistic people. Keep your calm and balance in all conditions and with all people. Relive those moments when you experience sheer happiness and self-love from within and reciprocate this feeling with the other people.


Be optimistic and let go of all the inhibitions

Be a bundle of joy, and do not let anyone dim your light. Instead, go out there and brighten everyone one with your exuberance and zest for life. Be a source of happiness and positivity.

6. Move It for a Healthy Life

Keep at least 30 minutes a day for exercise as maintaining a fit body leads to a fit life and keep your mind in equilibrium. Exercise helps you wash out toxins from your body and helps in fighting depression and other mental disabilities.


Exercise is a must

Better than gymming one should practice yoga as it contributes to your overall well being and different asanas help cure and prevent various ailments and also slows down the process of aging.

7. Spend More of ‘Me Time.’

One must learn to spend time with oneself and not always indulge in making trips outside. Not every weekend should be booked for partying or movies instead be at rest somedays, read a lovely book, put on some face pack and feel at home for real! In short, take time out to love yourself.

You should be able to enjoy and be at peace with yourself and take time out to pamper and treat your body and mind. Take some time off from everything, your work, social life, various stresses, and just be!

Spend more of me time

It is essential for a healthy lifestyle to spend time with your loved ones.  Take time out of your busy routine to sit and talk to your parents and your siblings. Share what you are going through emotionally and physically.

Spread love and feel loved.

Believe in yourself and your perspective of life and live your reality. Be your own best friend and complete yourself by accepting yourself the way you are and then overcome your fears and your inhibitions.

8. Get a Good Nights Sleep

For a healthy lifestyle, it is imperative to get a good 7 to 8 hours [1] of sleep in a day. If you are having trouble sleeping and wake up in during your sleep, try relaxation techniques such as meditation. If you love fragrances, then you can also diffuse some sweet fragrances in your room before going to sleep or spritz some aromatic oil on your pillow.

Get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day

You can also eat a small bedtime snack of foods that calms you and drifts your body and mind into sleep mode. Food items such as whole grain cereals with milk, oats, and milk or relaxing teas like chamomile or tulsi tea help you sleep. Always make sure that your room is completely dark before you go to sleep. While going to sleep, keep your mind free from all the negative thoughts and keep it tension free.

Work on yourself and turn inwards rather than outwards because the ultimate bliss will be discovered from within.

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Reference: [1] How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? National Sleep Foundation (Blogpost)

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