How to Attract Your Target Audience – Guide for Fashion Bloggers

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How to Attract Your Target Audience – Guide for Fashion Bloggers


As a fashion blogger, you might have an amazing style sense with a lot of tips and tricks for budding bloggers of your niche. But how do you make sure that you capture the attention of your target audience and keep them on the hook? With thousands of fashion accounts surfacing every day, it is imperative that you know the basics of how to attract your target audience so that you do not start losing your follower base and keep adding more numbers to your profile.

what to post on Instagram

In today’s post, we are going to share some valuable ideas about what to post on Instagram and Marsplay. Read on and take notes because this guide is what is going to help you fascinate your target audience and build a loyal fan base.

The Feed is a Picture in Itself

We know you can ace any look and strike a killer pose that speaks volumes about your personal style. But when you do upload the photos on social media, do they really look as fascinating. To ensure that the best of your photos do make a mark, you need to start planning a theme for your feed. e it Instagram or Marsplay, do not look at your profile for separate images but think of it as a whole picture in itself.

instagram feed

A Color Block Feed (Image Courtesy:

Choose a theme and a tone for your feed. Do you like minimalist vibes or are you more into grunge? Are your outfits always fitting into the category of warm tones or do you love more vibrant shades of neon and shine? These are the aspects that determine what theme goes best for your profile. This is exactly what attracts your target audience as the theme in itself can speak about the personality of your looks. Pick a theme, be consistent and stick to it for all your photos.

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Show Them What You Do But Make It Creative

With online attention span decreasing, it is crucial that you amp up your creativity game. The answer to how to attract your target audience starts with including details in the images. If you are continuously posting photos of you in different outfits, it can easily bore your audience. The idea is to add props in your image that stands out.

how to attract your target audience - props

Got yourself a pair of chic white boots? Instead of just striking a pose, why not make it fun with a bunch of balloons?

how to attract your target audience - props 2

Isn’t nature the post attractive prop? One run to your garden can fascinate your target audience in a jiffy. Make sure that the color and tone of your outfits match the props you want to use to make the photos look consistent.

Attract your Target Audience with Behind the Scenes Content

As a fashion expert, you need to go on frequent shopping sprees. Why not make a video of how you do your shopping? ‘Behind the scenes’ content is always fun and it also helps your target audience connect with you at a personal level. Giving them a glimpse into your take on fashion will help them relate to you, in turn increasing your follower flow. This is a great idea to use when looking for inspiration to post stories on Instagram.

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Surreal Back Drops Make for the Best Photos

The dilemma of what to post on Instagram can be solved easily if you conduct your photoshoots in locations that are attractive in itself. This is where you need to use your creativity again.

interesting backdrops

Even the simplest of places can be turned into something worth posting if you know how to. Look for abstract shapes around you or go for a photo walk in your city’s favorite monuments. All you have to do is tap into your creative energy.

backdrops for photos

What are the great places for a photoshoot in Delhi? Learn here –

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DIY and Video Tutorials Can Boost Follower Traffic

Everyone loves videos and content that can solve the issues that they are facing. As someone who knows a great deal about fashion and beauty, you can share informative videos with your audience to keep them on the hook. Get personal and tell them which beauty products you use and why. Help them solve issues that you faced when you were a budding fashionista. Solving real problems for your audience will not only fascinate them but they will also tend to stay on the loop in anticipation for more.

How to Attract Your Target Audience With Smart Captions and Hashtags

Hashtags are how like-minded people find you on the web. Do quick research with free tools available on the internet and make use of them to reach more people on social media. That being said, you cannot get away with boring captions. Always use relevant captions that describe the look and feel of the pictures you post.

Example of a great caption by Priyanka Chopra Jonas –

Keep the captions short and crisp for fun images. For darker, serious photos, go for longer and poetic captions. Crack a joke, ask a question and keep it as witty as possible.

High-Quality Photos Are the Real Deal

Everything being said, you cannot compromise on the quality of your photos. Shabby, pixelated images can never attract followers or retain them. Also, you do not need to have a high profile camera to make your photos look good. Smartphones can do the trick too. Wondering how? Read our blog below –

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If you know how to make boring clothes look good, we are pretty sure you will figure out more creative ways about how to attract your target audience and what to post on Instagram. Let us know in the comments what practices worked for you. If you are still struggling in this area, just follow these tips and tricks and increase your follower count easily.

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