How to be Fashionable in 10 Simple Steps

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How to be Fashionable in 10 Simple Steps


There is always so much pressure of looking our best while stepping out. However, looking fashionable isn’t always about wearing the trendiest or most expensive clothes. It’s just about how you carry yourself whatever you wear and feel confident about it. Therefore, fashion is all about expressing your unique personality.

Here are a number of things which you can include in your closet which will help you become fashionable in just no time. Sometimes, it’s as easy as just tucking in your tees or throwing on a pair of cool boots.

That’s why we are going to share with you guys some inspiration for creating fashionable looks in 10 simple steps:

All Black Outfits Helps to look Fashionable

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You can not go wrong with an all-black look. It has been fashion’s best friend since long and it’s easy to say why. Black is usually considered a chic and fashion-forward colour therefore, it can instantly elevate your look and make you look fashionable.

For a perfect evening stroll or the hardcore gym session, pair off a black sports bralette with jogger pants. Throw on a white pair of chic sneakers to bring out that classy fashion diva within you. Give the style a definition by wearing a cool black summer jacket and you are off to go.

Make a Comfortable Choice

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No matter what you wear, make sure you feel comfortable in it. Opt for a t-shirt dress as it is comfortable and a perfect choice for summer. Plus, the colour white gives a refreshing vibe without having the need to dip into more colours.

Moreover, you can go with knee-length high heel boots for a statement look.

Emphasize with Accessories

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A Chic Bag
Fashion, Fashionable, Stylish
Statement Earrings

Make your accessories your accent piece in your outfit. Accessories like belts, handbags, and statement necklaces and earrings are a great way of spicing up your classic clothing. These draw attention to your look and make it look fashionable with minimum efforts.

For example- You can take your dress from day to night by swapping your flats with classic heels and adding a statement earring.

TIP: Invest in classic accessories as it never gets out of fashion and can elevate your basic look at a double.

Make a Bold Choice with Neon

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Neon is something which is the most vibrant colour of all. Wear it, carry it or apply it, everything speaks fashion and style with this one. We can’t deny that neon has made its mark in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

TIP: Avoid wearing too much neon together, mix and match it with subtle colours.

Check out the trendiest and brightest neon outfits and how to style them right here: Owning the Neon Trend this 2019.

Try a Unique Style

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Vintage yet Unique Look

Poodle skirt and a tuck-in shirt is one of the most iconic vintage pair and would help bring out the graceful fashion diva within you. We love this pair of a floral printed skirt with a linen shirt which is giving a fashionable look. Always try something unique which would make anyone pause and stare.

TIP – While going for a vintage look, make sure the colour coordinates with each other to give out the perfect look.

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A Unique Checked Pantsuit

Basic solid shirts are something that one would find in every girl’s closet. But style is all about a little twist and oodles of contrast. So, be a fashionable boss lady with this trendy pantsuit.

Don’t Forget the Hairstyle

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Braided Bun

No matter what, but we all feel our hair has to be shiny, healthy and full of volume otherwise it pains more than a breakup! A chic hairdo on even the simplest of dresses can help you set apart from everybody else in the room. Keep it in a simple style or carefully created “tousled” look.

TIP: Avoid using too much of products to achieve a more settled look. This means no gel or hairspray!

Layering- Be a Fashionable Onion

Layering with a Long Coat
Slip Dress and a Denim Jacket for Layering

It is true that the more layers you have, the less likely any one piece is to make or break your outfit. Therefore, we recommend you to layer your outfit suitably. Layering is one that trick which can make you look fashionable like others. To list, there are a number of staples which can help you make your layering game strong. For example- a denim jacket, a slip dress, a scarf, a coat, shrug, shirt etc.

Wear Sunglasses

Another must-have accessory for being ultra fashionable is sunglasses. Besides, sunglasses are way easier to put on than eye makeup. Generally big aviators and cat’s eye sunglasses have been popular over the past few years, but you need to choose what looks best on your face.

Check out which sunglasses you should opt according to your face shape.

Don’t Copy Others

It may be tempting to just copy other people’s outfits but sometimes it ends up looking bizarre. It’s always better to keep your look unique by doing variations on what you see on others.

Shop Classic Pieces

Most fashionistas build their wardrobe around a few classic pieces that can be combined to make the majority of their outfits. Nearly all of them list these same basic pieces:

  • Tops: white, black, long-sleeved, button-down dress, neutral-coloured sweaters, V-neck T-shirts.
  • Bottoms: black jeggings, dark blue skinny jeans, and neutral-coloured pencil skirts.
  • Shoes: black pumps, black or brown ankle boots, and nude or black ballet flats.
  • Outerwear:  black blazers, beige or black trench coats, denim jacket.
  • Dress:  a little black dress according to your body type.

Be Confident

Last but not least ‘BE CONFIDENT’. It is the most important to carry yourself with confidence no matter what hangups you may have about your body or your clothes. You might have heard this phrase before- “Don’t let the clothes wear you”. Well, ladies! It’s time to put this phrase into action.

So, these were all for looking fab and fashionable everyday! Now it’s your time to up your fashion game with these simple steps and tricks. Drop on your questions and suggestions. Also, you can suggest some topics on which you would love to read about.

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