How To Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

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How To Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media


Do you have a killer style sense and excellent flair in passing on useful fashion tips to your peers through blogging? But how do you plan to make sure that you are being able to showcase your style to your audience effectively? How to boost your blog traffic by promoting your blog content on social media?

how to boost your blog traffic

Social media is a powerful tool in this day and age. Learning how to tap into its greatest potential can help you boost traffic to your blog and create a community of loyal followers. Not sure where to start? Here is the ultimate digest full of tips and tricks to help you make your fashion blog famous!

Let Your Followers Relate To You

The first and most important step is to make your followers feel that you are one among them. Before you start sharing your blog content on social media, make sure that the channels are optimized correctly for your followers to understand who you are and what you do. Important points to add can be:

  • The niche of your blog
  • Links to your blog or website
  • Location information
how to boost your blog traffic - bio

@thatbohogirl Nailing Her Instagram Bio

To effectively convert account visitors to followers, create an informative social media biography so that the audience knows at which level they can relate to you. You should give them the initial fodder by appealing to their personal interests.

Integrate Social Media With Your Blog

Bridge the gap between your content and social media with flexible integration. Followers who visit your blog need a seamless way to navigate through all your social media channels at one go. This can be successfully done with the help of social media buttons.

Examples of Social Media Buttons

Examples of Social Media Buttons that Link to Marsplay’s Social Channels

To add to this, you can also include direct sharing buttons that the visitors can use to share your blog content on their personal channels. This is a great way to boost more traffic to your blog and gain more followers. Social media login options can also be utilized to let the visitors comment on your blog to enhance further engagement.

social media sharing buttons

Examples of Social Media Sharing Buttons and the Optimal Number of Sites to Integrate

Tip: Do not go overboard and add more than the essential number of sharing buttons as that can turn off the reader’s engagement. Also, make sure to add links to only those channels where you have an attractive number of followers.

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic – Best Blogging Practices to Adopt

Not being able to drive enough audience to your site? Why don’t you go to them instead? You might be already sharing your blog posts on your social channels. Here are some tips that will help you get the practice right:

Maintain Consistency

Discipline is key when you aim to make it big. Make sure that you writing blogs at a consistent rate and sharing them. Do not share all your content in one week and then have nothing to show your followers on the following week.

use a weekly planner

Use a weekly planner to plan your content and make it a habit to share the same number of posts every week. This creates anticipation among your followers. For instance, plan to post one blog across all your social media channels on a Wednesday and keep doing the same every week.

Manage An Optimal Time for Posting Content

Not everybody is online all the time in the week. According to estimates, 9 PM to 12 AM remains is considered to be the time when most people tend to use social media.

boost your blog traffic with analytics

Make use of Facebook and Twitter analytics tools like Facebook Insights and Tweroid to check the optimal time for posting content on the channels in order to gain more visibility.

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic With the #PowerOfHashtags

Hashtags increase the findability of your post and can help you boost your blog traffic. Create unique hashtags and promote them with every post that you share. Along with it, also use relevant and high ranking hashtags that support your niche in order to improve engagement. There are several free online tools on the internet that can help you look for trending hashtags.

Be a Part of the Blogging Community

You cannot win as a fashion blogger if you cannot appreciate the efforts of your peers. Actively seek to maintain a relationship with other bloggers of your niche and create a relationship with them. Here is what you can do:

Read and Share

Whenever you come across any content you like, share them on your own social channels. This increases trust and dependability. Tag them when you share their posts and drop comments on their blogs and social shares too. More often than not, they will return the favor back to you.

read and share blogs

Talk About Your Peers on Your Blog

Create and share blog posts where you list down the best fashion bloggers you have come across in the blogging community. Make sure to tag their social media handles on your shares.

talk about your peers

This acknowledgment can definitely get you a link back to your blog. Social media endorsements from bloggers with higher followers can easily get you a ton of traffic.

Lastly, Remember that Content is King

People want to read intriguing and useful content that they can relate to. Talk about your personal style and how you get over your own reservations in styling to try something new. The best content is the one that engages the reader enough to make them come back for more. Social media is swarming with fashion ideas and tips. Give your audience a reason to choose yours above anyone else’s.

content is king

Share with your followers where you do most of your shopping or how you can make even the most simple of pieces look gorgeous. Remember to add high-quality images and if you are good at photography, maybe share some tips too? The readers do not want to read re-iterations of the things that they already know. Before you decide on which topic to write, make sure you do some good online research to increase the audience to your blog.

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