How This 21 Year Old Became Super Blogger with Marsplay

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How This 21 Year Old Became Super Blogger with Marsplay


About Her 

Komal Mehta, born in Haldwani, and brought up in Noida is the topmost creator on Marsplay. Recently, she completed her graduation in B.Com and is now planning to do her masters. On the curricular front, Komal has won a gold and a silver medal in national level athletics and has also bagged 4 gold medals in the national level Yoga championship. In fact, she still wishes to continue with her passion for athletics and yoga along with fashion blogging.

How She Started Fashion Blogging

She discovered her love for fashion when her cousin insisted on exploring Instagram to upload her pictures in the dresses that her mother designed. Komal’s mother is a fashion designer, and this is what inspired her to start blogging and @vintagebraid came to picture.

Before Marsplay

When she joined Instagram, she used to click and upload pictures using her phone, which somehow reduced the quality of her content. However, gradually, her followers grew up to 5k, but then it seemed like a stressful dream to grow the followers.

However, she already knew by this time that she wants to make her career in fashion blogging, but she had no knowledge in this field. She didn’t even have any networks that would suggest her on what’s next!

Image courtesy- @vintagebraid

Later, she found about Marsplay through a friend who is also on Marsplay and thought this platform would be useful in her career.

She then contacted us, showing interest in joining and quickly got a brief about Marsplay by one of our community managers. Komal instantly realized that this is what she has been looking for, a platform like Marsplay.

Marsplay Factor

After being an active member of Marsplay for just four months, she started noticing the change in her professional life. She began getting approached for Marsplay sponsored photoshoots, which increased the quality of her content. Besides, photoshoots she also shot some makeup and styling videos with Marsplay collaboration. Apart from these, Komal was also a part of our ‘QnA’ series, which was later uploaded on Youtube.

Komal Meta successful in fashion blogging

Athleisure shoot with @vintagebraid

She loves being a part of Marsplay sponsored themed photoshoots, events, trips and more. Being the super blogger on the platform, she was invited to the Rishikesh trip organized by us. She started making valuable bonds with other like-minded fashion enthusiasts. Komal has mentioned to us many times that through Marsplay she found a best friend, Mahi Bakshi. 😊

Halloween Party at Rishikesh Trip- Komal Mehta with Mahi Bakshi

Her Inspiration From Marsplay

The creators of Marsplay inspire Komal to stay updated on the latest fashion trends and create unique content. She is thrilled to find thousands of inspiring profiles just on a single platform. Her favorite is Nupur Munot, along with 50 other creators whom she follows passionately.

Komal now has 22k followers on Instagram, out of which almost 10k people know her from Marsplay. She is glad that she gets to connect with so many other fantastic fashion curators with whom she has a strong connection now. They all follow and support each other on all social media platforms.

 fashion blogging- Marsplay success story
Photoshoot collaboration for Komal Mehta

Komal started maintaining her looks on Marsplay’s profile since then she started getting followers and now she has 5664 followers on Marsplay along with 50493 product likes. Not only this, but she also got 30 brand collaborations, photoshoot collaborations and event invites by just uploading her content on Marsplay.

The one thing that she is the happiest about till now is that she represented Marsplay by doing ramp walk in front of three thousand people. She is overjoyed that she got the opportunity to do a ramp walk for the first time in her life, which has boosted her confidence.

She says, “So many people know me through Marsplay. Whenever I go to an event, I find at least 4-5 people who come to me and say that they saw my profile on Marsplay. I even get emails from big brands that they saw my profile on Marsplay, and they want to collaborate with me”.

Komal Mehta
Marsplay success story - Komal Mehta
Newspaper Themed Photo with Komal

What is Marsplay For Komal?

In her words, Marsplay is her priority, and she is glad that she found out about it. Now, it’s been almost a year and a half that she is connected with us and Marsplay has played a vital role in building her career. According to Komal, Marsplay has solved her issue of earning money through fashion blogging. She has earned up to 25k by selling her products on the app and by being a part of our different campaigns.

Her journey has been incredible so far with us and we assure it will be amazing in the future too.

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Marsplay Fashion Icon- Nupur Munot

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