How to Do Manicure at Home For a Perfect Diwali Look

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How to Do Manicure at Home For a Perfect Diwali Look


This new nail art trend has been infiltrating Instagram in a swift and all the girls out their are loving it. Usually, we see intricate and glittery nail art which seems a tad bit overwhelming. However, these few nail art designs are minimal and seems achievable for DIY at home. Therefore, if you are looking for ways of how to do manicure at home, then we have a list of ideas for you to nail this trend.

This newest nail art that everyone is loving mainly focuses on the tips of your nail, giving it an instant pick-me-up look. Plus, it takes very fewer efforts as compared to glittery and gaudy nail art designs.

Let’s get started with how to do manicure at home if this seems right up your alley.

Courtesy- @heynicenails

You can use colorful swarovski crystals on the tip of your nails to add on that glamour you need in your life right now!

Colour Pop

How to do manicure at home

Image Courtesy: Victoria Xenia Quitzau

Use vibrant hues to add a pop of colour to your nails and create this fun nail art design for this festive season.

Minimal Manicure Nails

How to do Nail art

Image Courtesy: Betina R. Goldstein

Your festive dress will be already a lot, therefore, keep the design minimal to give it a neat and classy look. The colour combination is great which will give your nails the perfect balanced look.

Rainbow Magic

How to manicure at home

Image Courtesy: Kara Summers Crevier

If you want to add some fun and quirk to your look then this rainbow nail art will be the best for the festive occasion. You can create this look by picking the colors of your choice but keep in mind to add the right combinations together. For example- the combination of light and dark together.

Let is Shine!

How to do manicure at home

Image Courtesy: Betina R. Goldstein

Women love gold even on nails now. This nail art design will go with your everyday look as well as a party look. If you are bored of your monotone nail paint colour look, then the right inspo is here for you. To add on the oomph to your look pick a gold ring that goes with your outfit.

Nail art design

Image Courtesy: Paint by Jaz

If you’re looking for how to do manicure at home then this nail art design is what you need to try right now! This is just like the french manicure however, with a twist.

Lit! Lit!

How to manicure at home

Image Courtesy: Hey Nice Nails

Not only memes are lit but nails can be lit too! This is quite hard to pull but once you get it..ooh it’s lit!

The advice is to practice it a few times at home before going out. Hey girl, you are gonna slay this Diwali.

Basic Nail art designs

Image Courtesy: Nails by Chloé

Match your nail colour with your festive outfit and gove it a classy look by using a single colour on your talons. You can even try a contrasting colour with your outfit to give you an overall quirky look.

A Colorful Splash

How to do nail art at home

Image Courtesy: Tips Nail Bar

Let me tell you a secret with this one- it is not as difficult as it looks. Yeah, right! It just needs a little bit of practice to become an expert in nail art. Moreover, you don’t need to have long nails to try this one out. Just some neon hues and a little confidence and you are good to go!

Love the Edges

How to do manicure at home

Image Courtesy: Naf Salon

If you have long nails then this design is most preferable for you. It takes nothing more than nail paint and scotch tape. You can try this with one color or multiple colors of your choice.

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Minimal nail art designs

Image Courtesy: Vanity Projects

Take out your trendy pastel hues and paint your nails in this modern and classy design for your next brunch look. This will make it look like you have walked straight out of a mani-pedi store. I am sure your girl gang is gonna love this!

Image Courtesy: Nails by Heather

Hit the day with this quirky yet effortless manicure nail design. It will take just 15 minutes to pull on this delightful design. Unbelievable? Try it yourself!
Just to let you know trying nail art at home doesn’t need any fancy equipment or toolkit.

Bright Hues

How to do manicure at home

Image Courtesy: Tips Nail Bar

If you want to go the extra mile in your minimal nail art, then it is the right pick for you. Pick any colour and apply it not only on your nail tips but also on the end corner of your nail. Just in case if you have any doubt then let me tell you that this can be done with a perfectly stunning finish without any kit.

Everyone’s Favourite Polkas

Simple nail art designs

Image Courtesy: Tips Nail Bar

This look can go with any of your printed dress and make it look even more mesmerizing. This design will make a stop at your endless browsing for nail art designs and wishing if you could pull the same. This is simple and easy and takes just a few minutes. This one is my favorite because it gives your nails a chic and classy look.

Elegant And Eternal Blue

Nail art at home

Image Courtesy: Nail It Mag

You can try this one even if you are a beginner and the advantage of trying this out is that it barely takes much time and requires just nail paint. Still, the result is awesome!

So these were some nail art designs if you were looking for some inspiration on how to do manicure at home. These minimal designs will make it easy for you to try this at home.

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