How to Get The Funky Looks Like a Pro?

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How to Get The Funky Looks Like a Pro?


It happens all the time that we’re tired of wearing the same kind of clothes to every occasion and wishes to experiment with our looks. Funky looks are one of the best ways of looking stylish yet different. Majority of us feel that going funky is funny but it’s not true. Fashion is never funny, it’s either the look that doesn’t suit you or you’re not carrying it that well.

With so many questions of how to wear funky and look fashionable, let’s first look at the tips on how to look hip and funky.

Build Your Own Funky Looks

Funky style is all about thinking outside of the box. Pick an unusual piece that speaks to you and let it inspire an outfit. For instance, if you have a loose t-shirt then you can pair it with shorts, accessorize with a belt and a pair of white sneakers. We bet it will look funky and it will be comfortable too.

Avoid Matching Clothes

If you find it too difficult to style in a non-matchy way search out naturally stylish brands but don’t match too much of your outfit. Everything with a similar colour can certainly make you look like you’ve forced it on yourself.

Wear Unusual Colour Combinations

Spin the colour wheel and turn traditional colour combos on their heads. instead of red and blue,  try unique mixes like red and purple or blue and brown. Also, don’t be afraid of bright colours.

Now, let’s go to how to nail the perfect funky looks.

Knotted Top with Yellow Sunnies

Funky Looks with Yellow Sunglasses

Yellow is often considered for creating a funky look because it’s bright and a little loud. we saw yellow sunglasses as a rage amongst youngsters and fashion enthusiasts quite lately. They look super cool and can give any basic look a funky turn.

So, pair your knotted graphic t-shirt with straight black jeans. Add black shoes and yellow sunglasses to the look for creating the perfect funky look.

Layering is the Key for Funky Looks

Layering for Funky Looks

To get that funky look we have the best advice of layering. Layering clothes create a funky and stylish look. Plus, layering is quite practical for summers as well as winters.

Pick up your favourite white top and pair it with a palazzo pant. Layer it with wrap around ruffle skirt by showing a little bit of palazzo underneath. It will give your basic palazzo top look the desired funky look.

Oversized Hoodies are a Go-to Funky Look

Oversized Hoodies as an example for Funky Looks

Isn’t sweatshirts are the absolute love? We love it to the level that sometimes we wear our brothers/dad’s hoodies too because over-sized hoodies can’t beat the level of the hip of any outfit.

Take out any hoodie from your brothers or boyfriends closet pair it with your skinny jeans or black jeggings.

Tip: Prefer wearing skinny jeans or jeggings with an over-sized hoodie because it keeps you away from looking completely out of shape.

Go Unconventional with Your Looks

Mix the patterns for Funky Looks

Experimenting with your style is the one thing that we would advise you for creating a funky look. Take baby steps with your experiments.

For this, one of the safer yet chic style to experiment is with your long skirts. You can style your long skirts in multiple ways. So, why should you go with the everyday conventional look?

Therefore, style your long skirt as on off-shoulder dress and belt it up if you feel it is giving a misfit look.

Mix Different Patterns

Mixing patterns is the easiest way to create a funky look. You can try mixing different patterns like florals, checked, gingham or graphic etc. So, if you have been thinking that you can’t wear two different patterns together it’s time to prove yourself wrong.

Florals and checked prints goes with each other quite well. You can try creating a funky look by mixing with both of these patterns.

Tip: Mix patterns that go well with each other.

Vintage Style for Funky Looks

Retro style as Funky Looks

Vintage looks can be funky as well. Though we’re living in 2019, most of our style inspiration has come from the 80s and 90s. Bell bottom jeans, high waist jeans, hair bands were all famous trends of the vintage era which we’ve adapted now.

For creating a retro funky look you can go with white shirt and flared pants. Above this, you can wear big sunglasses and a long head gear to give you the perfect vintage look.

Glitter is the Way for Funky Looks

Funky look with a shimmer top.

From Kendall and Kylie to Katy Perry, all are obsessed with metallic silver and glittery outfits. Young girls can go for glittery tops or skirts with simple jeans or top. These can be worn to birthday parties or graduation parties or a club party. Mix and match the colour of each staple to create an amazing funky look.

Funky in Fringe

Fringe skirt is all the rage.

Though we feasted our eyes on the fringe skirt long before this season, there’s been a noticeable uptick on the street style circuit, with fresh iterations that feel brand-new.

Whether worn casually with a lived-in t-shirt or elevated via a crisp, white button-down, the piece makes a daring statement. Yet it’s subtle at the same time making it the perfect elevated essential. All of this, of course, means we should all own one fringe skirt.

Take it The Bohemian Way

Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend – it’s an actual culture in its own right, one that comes with a very specific ideology. For a beach party/ pool party, boho attire looks super cool. With endless variations, it can be worn as a dress, a kaftan, accessories, tops etc.

For a quirky look, you can go with a funky floral printed top with a slit skirt. For adding more to the look go with boho earrings.

Boho and ethnic prints are great for creating a perfect funky look. Plus, silver jewellery definitely adds to the whole funky look.

Take your funky black slit palazzo pants and pair with a black tube/tank top. Layer it with a white denim jacket for giving the outfit an edge. Now for taking it to the funky side more, add retro looking red sunglasses and silver jewellery. And you are ready to go with your head-turning funky look.

Bow Ties with Formal Looks

funky yet classy look with bow tie

Basically, it’s one of the oldest forms of neckwear in menswear. Bow ties today are worn by many celebrities. In addition to the style, you can choose among silk, cotton or wooden bow ties.

It gives kind of funky look to the formal outfit. So, if you’re going to a party you should try bow-tie rather than a sleek tie for a funky yet stylish look.

Printed Scarf and Cool Sunglasses

Wear your bandana in a funky way.

When it comes to accessories for men, a scarf is a cool and timeless choice. This simple yet versatile item can be worn in many ways and is perfect for adding a stylish edge to any look. Far from just a piece for bikers, the scarf can suit anyone when worn the right way. So, whether you’re attending a festival, meeting up with friends on the weekend or heading to a smart casual event, a scarf can make an excellent addition to your outfit.

Printed T-shirts for Funky Look

Printed t shirts for men.

Summer calls for pool parties. So, to save you the homework, we’ve got you the perfect piece to wear by the pool. You can even pair it with bright-coloured shorts and well.

Now that you’ve seen some amazing funky looks, try it out yourself and let us know which is your best pick out of these. For latest trends of fashion and styling download theMarsplay App.

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