11 Hacks on How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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11 Hacks on How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer


Everyone loves to smell great all day long. Wearing your favorite perfume can undoubtedly help, but it does the job partially. It may have come to your notice that a lot of fragrances wear off by midday. It is because you’ve been applying your perfume wrong your entire life. Shocked!! Yes, it is true. Using perfume is just more than just spritzing it on your wrists and rubbing it together.

How to make perfume last


How Long Does Perfume Last?

Before briefing about how to apply the perfume so that it lasts longer, lets first discuss the composition of a fragrance. Perfume is made up of three notes. The composition of the perfume decides its lasting power.

Top Note: Most of the fragrances usually contain three notes. The top note is the first fragrance that hits your nose after you apply any perfume. This fragrance usually stays until 20 mins and then starts to disappear.

Middle note: After the top note comes the intense middle note. This fragrance becomes noticeable after 15 to 20 mins of applying the perfume. This note is also known as the heart note.

Base note: The last note which stays the longest is called the base note. The base note has the most definite smell. Its smell stays up to 5 hours and that too if it is applied correctly.

Perfume hacks

Fragrance Life Cycle

How to make Perfume Last Long?

Read on this article for easy and simple perfume hacks you should keep in mind while applying perfume that will enhance the power of your perfume from day to night.

1. Moisturising is the KEY!

Before spritzing your perfume, it is essential to apply a moisturizer. Fragrances retain for a longer time on oily complexions, in comparison to dry skin. Therefore make sure that your skin is all prepped up before using a perfume.

*Note: Remember to use an unscented moisturizer, to lock in the scent.

Moisturizing is the key

2. Using Matching Lotions and Body Washes

Another way to maximize your perfume is to use a similar scented body wash and body lotion. This will help the scent last longer.

Use similar scent body lotions, body washes and fragrances

3. Right After the Shower

To make sure that your fragrance lasts longer, apply it right after you take a shower. Damp and moisturized skin not only helps the perfume to stay longer but also prevents from staining clothes and jewelry.

4. Apply Vaseline to your Pressure Points

As discussed earlier, oily skin helps fragrance stay longer. Apply Vaseline on your pulse points to give some extra life to your fragrance.

5. Rubbing the Scent after Applying is a Big NO-NO!

Do not rub or dab the perfume after applying. Rubbing the perfume makes the top notes disappear faster, thus making your fragrance stay for a lesser time.

Do not rub the perfume

6. Store your Perfume in Cool Dark Places

Heat, light, and humidity are the three factors that make your fragrance not last long. Do not store them in bathrooms or warm and damp places. Therefore it is advisable to keep your perfume in cold and dark places.

7. Spray on your Pulse Points

Fragrances react to heat. Target the warmer areas of your body while applying the perfume to make the fragrance last longer. The warm areas help in diffusing the fragrance all along the body. These warm areas are known as the pulse points (your wrists, elbows, neck, chest, the back of the knees, ankles, and calves) of the body.

How to make perfume last

Pulse Points in a Body

8. Customize your Fragrance

Create your custom fragrance by spraying a combination of two or more fragrances. Try this with different fragrances till you find your signature scent. Spray the stronger scent first followed by the lighter one, so that it does not overpower the lighter one.

9. Spritz your Hairbrush

Spraying any scent directly on your hair will surely damage your hair. Instead, spray the scent on a hairbrush and let it evaporate. Then comb your hair. This will not only leave your hair scented but also undamaged.

How to make perfume last

Spritz your Hairbrush

10. Lighter Fragrances Wear Off Easily

The lighter the scent, the lesser it will stay. Lighter fragrances like citrus or floral fragrances stay on for a shorter time. Choose scents like wood or musk while buying perfume.

Choose scents with stronger base notes.

11. Decor Hack

Line your drawers and closets with tissue paper. Spray the tissue paper with your favorite fragrance and make your clothes and towels smell amazing. Be remembered by your signature scent all day long.

Best Long Lasting Perfumes

Choose your signature scent from these Best Long Lasting Perfumes:

Image Courtesy- @benetton_india

Perfume for Men

For Men:

Name Price (in Rupees) Quantity (in ml)
For Him by Zara 1590 100
One by Calvin Klein 2226 100
Jovan Musk Orange 700 88
 Colors by United Colors of Benetton 1400 100
Men Xtremo by Fogg 450 100


How to make perfume last

Perfumes for Women

For Women:

Name Price (in Rupees) Quantity (in ml)
Oriental by Zara 790 100
W series by Engage 200 150
Colors by United Colors of Benetton 1400 100
Passion by Police 838 100
Flower by Kenzo 4625 50

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