How to Shape Eyebrows: Pro Tips to Get Your Brows on Fleek

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How to Shape Eyebrows: Pro Tips to Get Your Brows on Fleek


To ace your makeup routine, you have to pay attention to every small detail, every tiny feature of your face. You may have the right lipstick and the perfectly drawn eyeliner in place but if you are unaware of how to shape eyebrows in a way that uplifts your entire look, you may be doing everything in vain.

how to shape eyebrows

Here is a guide to getting great eyebrows at home so that you never need to leave home without your brows at their peak shape!

All Hail Natural Shape

The first and most important tip is to let your eyebrows breathe and grow into their natural shape before you start plucking out. This may take six to eight weeks. The trick is to let them reach their full shape so that you can get thicker brows in the shape that matches your face, without having to compromise because of the lack of growth.

Priyanka Chopra - natural eyebrows

Determine How to Shape Eyebrows With Your Brow Pencil

The next step is crucial and needs slight precision. Use a brow pencil to map out the shape of the eyebrow before actually plunging into the task. To do this right, mark where you want to start your brows, where the arch will be and where you have the end drawing it.

how to shape eyebrows guide

The Guide To Getting the Right Eyebrow Shape. Image Source: Pinterest

Find where to begin by holding the brow pencil straight up from the middle of each nostril and make a mark at that spot for later. For the second step, make sure not to move the back of your pencil from the point at your nostrils and bend the pencil to line the outside of your pupil. Mark this point too as it would indicate where the eyebrow will arch. The last and final step requires you to line the pencil in a way that it just about grazed the corner of your eye.

Et voilà, you have your eyebrow shape!

Tip: For smaller faces, shorter brows work best as longer ones can make the eyes look smaller.

The Time Has Come to Connect the Dots

Now, to end what you have started, join the three dots that you have made. Use a precisely pointed pencil, fill in the area between the marks.

how to shape eyebrows

Tip: Sometimes, the thick brows can cause trouble during this step, leading to gaps in the color. As an additional guide, be aware of your brow bones. Feel your brow bone with your fingers and make sure that the shape aligns with the line of your bone.

Are Your Brow Shaping Scissors and Tweezers Ready?

Hold the skin tight and tweeze out any hair outside the region that you have marked. Ensure to remove the hair in the direction of its growth to avoid the chances of ingrowth remaining.

Tip: There can be hairs too close to the line to tell which ones you should remove. In such cases, it is better to leave it to the professionals. This is because one slight mistake can lead to gaps in the brows.

brow shaping scissors and brush

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You need to get rid of the hairs that have grown too long. For this step, you need to be careful as to not cut the hairs too short as that can give the illusion of sparsed hair growth and affect the volume of your brows. To get this step right, use a brush to stroke the hair upwards. Now, carefully trim the hair that is too long, one strand at a time.

How To Shape Eyebrows And Get the Colors Right

Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to makeup being reflected properly. The trick is to know how to use the light in your favor. When coloring the brows, make sure to not get the colors too dark and loud at the beginning and the center.

how to get the colors right

Light always brightens the center of the face more than it does the angles and sides. Ensure that the brow color is lighter in the middle and keeps getting darker as you move towards the sides. You can also use two brow colors – lighter and darker of the same family to make this step easier.

Do Not Rely On a Magnifying Mirror

Almost all the makeup gurus say that using a magnifying mirror the entire time while drawing your eyebrows can be a huge mistake. Always make sure to keep the magnifying mirror down and look at your entire face once in a while. A magnifying mirror can make you miss the entire picture, leading to a wrong eyebrow shape of excessive plucking.

do not rely on magnifying mirror

Also, carry out the entire process of plucking and tweezing in natural light to not miss any stray hair.

Products That Influence How to Shape Eyebrows Right

You cannot just rely on a pencil to get your eyebrows right. There is more to filling your brows than just a pencil to get the look right. To get the perfect brows, you should know what each product does. The brow gels in the market can help you get your eyebrows to behave but without the brow pencil or shadow, you cannot make your eyebrows look plush and voluminous.

makeup products

Again, brow pomades can fill in your eyebrows but cannot give them the natural look that pencils can. The trick is to find a product that does all the job itself or invest in the best pencils, pomades, and gels to get your eyebrows on fleek.

Your eyebrows can make or break any look. Moreover, the shape of your eyebrows can also influence the type of personality you are trying to portray. Thick eyebrows with smooth arches that are even, firm and perfectly lined can create a bossy look that goes great with any type of makeup – dark, glossy or subtle.

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