The Ultimate Guide on How to Shave your Legs the Right Way

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Shave your Legs the Right Way


Did you know a majority of women have been shaving their legs the wrong way all this while? If you have to constantly deal with rashes on your skin after shaving, itchy legs, ingrown hair or stubble that grows back in 15 minutes then you are also doing it wrong. Shaving is not just applying shaving foam and dragging a razor to remove hair it is much more than that. Read on to know more about how to shave your legs the right way and the key steps involved to get a smoother and a perfect shave.

how to shave your legs

Get a Clean and a Sharp Razor

The first and foremost step is to get a clean and a new razor. Make sure that your razor’s blades are not blunt. Using a clean, sharp, and rust-free razor avoids irritation, cuts, and razor burns. If you shave your legs regularly then make sure you replace or change the blade at regular intervals for a better and a long-lasting shave. 

how to shave your legs
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It is advisable to change your razor after 5-10 shaves, which is approximately after a month, depending on the number of times you shave. Nowadays a lot of razors also come with a moisture indicator strip, which gives you an idea of when to change the blade.

Make Sure That your Legs are Hydrated

We advise you that before shaving, make sure your legs are well hydrated. Always remember that you should not shave your legs as soon as you get into the shower. Your legs should be soaked well in water and wet before shaving. Try shaving your legs at the end of your shower. Avoid shaving dry as it may increase the chances of razor burns and irritation and your razor will also get blunt faster.

Exfoliation is the Key to a Smoother Shave

Exfoliation is absolutely necessary in order to experience, the perfect shave. Exfoliating your skin before shaving helps remove dead cells and cleans up your skin of the junk particles and your razor can glide smoothly on your legs.

how to shave your legs

This boosts skin regeneration and accelerates the absorption of hydrating agents. Gently exfoliate your skin for a few minutes before you shave your legs.

Apply Shaving Cream on your Legs before Shaving

A lot of people tend to ignore this step while shaving and find using a shaving cream useless. But little do they know that using a shaving gel while shaving is very important and there is a scientific reason behind it. Using a shaving gel conditions your skin and makes your hair softer and easier to shave. Some great alternatives to a shaving cream are conditioners and coconut oil because of its moisturizing and conditioning properties.

All you need is to apply some shaving cream on your legs and spread it evenly. Then smoothly glide your razor and voila get a smoother and softer skin.

Shave in the Opposite Direction of your Hair Growth

Now that your legs are well hydrated and exfoliated, you can start shaving them. Start by shaving from your ankles and slowly move upwards. Shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth ensures a closer shave.

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Rinse Your Razor and Legs

After your shave is completed, rinse your razor. Make sure that your razor is clean and free from all hair and shaving cream traces. After that, it is time to rinse your legs. Wash your legs properly and make sure that there is no residue of shaving cream left. Also, check that there are no patches of hair remaining. If there are any patches left, use some shaving cream and reshave.

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Pat Dry and Moisturise

Pat dry your legs and moisturize them by applying a cream or a lotion. Moisturizing after shaving your legs gives you smooth and silky skin as the lotion gets well absorbed by the skin and it also makes your skin less prone to infections.

This photo shows the legs of a woman who is sitting on a red pillow on a pastel colored couch. The woman is putting on some lotion on her legs with her hands. She has red toenails. Thew whole setting makes a very relaxing impression.

Store Your Razor in a Dry Place

After rinsing your razor, store it in a cool and dry place to avoid any rust and to prevent all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections in your future shaves.

how to shave your legs

So these were the important points, you should keep in mind while shaving your legs for a perfect shaving experience.

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