How To Wear A Blazer Like The Fashion ‘It’ Girls

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How To Wear A Blazer Like The Fashion ‘It’ Girls


A few years ago, blazers were considered to be a bit monolithic and well, boring! But now, celebrities, bloggers and fashion girls over the globe have discovered how to make this monotonous piece of clothing a trendy item of choice for all occasions. Blazers still rule the workwear department undefeated. But the fashion scene has now aced how to wear a blazer casually even when you are running to the grocery store or dressing up for a girls’ day out. The right blazer can uplift the tone of any outfit but only when you know how to wear it in the right way!

winter outerwear

Here are 7 amazing ways of styling a blazer not just for work but for every other errand a girl has to run!

Style it With Casual Cargo Bottoms

The sleek black blazer has been a crowd favorite to wear with straight cut trousers for work. But celebrities have been proving this traditional trend obsolete now.  With their new take on pairing up statement blazers with cargo pants, this trend is making headlines. how to wear a blazer casually

These bottoms are no-doubt the epitome of casual wear and Jennifer Aniston has been spotted acing the look with a pair of glamorous heeled black boots and a sling bag. Extra points for the contrast monochrome colors of this look. Wear this look when you are out shopping or on a sunny winter day running errands.

How to Wear a Blazer on a Girls’ Day Out

Going brunching with the girl gang just got way more stylish. Styling dresses in winter that are comfortable as well as fashionable is a tough nut to crack but the fashion girls are not going to accept defeat in this department. The best way to ace two trends at one go is by pairing up an informal blazer with a gorgeous summer floral dress.

wearing a dress in winter

Wearing a dark-colored blazer over the shoulder, team it up with a matching dress and pretty sandals. Carry your favorite handbag with this ensemble and you are good to go for a fun girls’ day out under the winter sun.

Plaid Still Reigns in the Style Scene

The plaid print is here to stay. From plaid sarees to skirts to outerwear, this vintage print has made its mark among fashion bloggers and it is here to help to slay in this winter. Invest in a dark shaded checkered blazer and pair it up with a plaid skirt that has massive retro vibes about it.

plaid print

This is a perfect look for when you want to make a statement for a photoshoot or looking for standout content for your Instagram. We love the bold yellow color of the strappy sandals and the netted stockings are a great addition to the wildness of this look. Layer a pretty striped shirt underneath to wrap up this amazing look.

How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans

Ever wondered if you can wear your blazer with jeans to college? Yes, it is possible! The ultimate casual bottom wear that has a solid place in every woman’s wardrobe can be gracefully paired up with the perfect statement blazer to create an amazing casual look.

how to wear a blazer with jeans

Layer your black blazer over a casual t-shirt and pair it up with distressed denim jeans. Finish it off with trendy black sunnies and the most casual sneakers you own and you are ready for a regular college day in style.

Work Wear Made Trendy With Casual Trousers

Wearing a blazer to work is no new deal. But knowing how to style your ensemble in a way that stands out of the crowd is the crucial factor. The usual way of layering your blazer over a formal shirt and then pairing it up with a pair of formal trousers has become a sort of an old story now. The time has come to embrace all the chic bottom wears and investing in blazers that match up with them.

blazer as workwear

The recent demand in the workwear scene is talking about trousers that are not skinny. Go for a chic pair that come with a straight-cut and regular fit. Pair it up with a matching single-buttoned blazer. Layer the blazer over a casual white t-shirt and wear trendy black pumps to finish off the look.

Modern Colors are Ruling 2020

Still inclining on the topic of wearing blazers to work, another great way to revamp the look is by investing in blazers of colors that are unusual, modern and super glam. Get yourself a fitted blazer and pair it up with a jumpsuit! Yes, you can still wear jumpsuits to work!

workwear - jumpsuit

Make the look ultra-trendy by settling for a jumpsuit. Make sure it comes with wide-legged, flared pants. Also, make sure that the color represents a contrasting vibe to bring out the effect of the blazer. Go for subtle colors of the blazer like pale yellow or green. Extra-loud colors will fail to do justice to this look.

How to Wear a Blazer to a Party

Wearing a blazer to a party is a new concept. But what if you could just change your bottom wear after work and get ready for a Friday night party? The offer is enticing and there is a great solution to make this happen! Wear your favorite V-neck top and layer it under a striking white blazer.

party wear

Stand out in this look by pairing this up with a hot black mini skirt. A perfect party ensemble, throw in a pair of gorgeous black lace-up boots. The white blazer acts as the buffer between workwear and party wear. It can help you get ready for a party after work in a jiffy.

This winter of 202 has gracefully embraced blazers as the chic outerwear to block out the chilly air. Take it from the fashion girls, this modern version of the trend is not going to disappoint!

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