How to Wear Camouflage Prints in 2019

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How to Wear Camouflage Prints in 2019


Here is the one staple straight from our style icon Katrina Kaif’s wardrobe that we are pretty much sure she is in love with. She was seen twice of late wearing this camouflage jacket. She is bringing back the military trend with her coat. There is no denying that she was looking absolutely chic and sporty in this outfit.

Katrina Kaif

She kept a low-key look in an over-sized military jacket that she paired with a solid black t-shirt, track pants and matching sneakers. Katrina picked a black round sunglass to complete the chic look of this outfit. Her look was equal parts comfortable and sporty and made for a perfect choice for airport looks. Take cues from Katrina Kaif and ensure that your wardrobe is topped off with a versatile print that is as travel-appropriate as they are casual-friendly.

Not only this, but there are multiple ways to include camo print in your wardrobe. This classic print truly never goes out of style, and if you’re looking for a way to make it feel fresh, I have plenty of stylish ways to wear.

We have shared some tips on how to wear camo prints without blending in.

1. Add Colour to the Camouflage Look

Add Colour To Camouflage Look

Swap out your basic trouser with a camo pair. For this, you can go with complete camo look in a military printed t-shirt and shorts. As this head-to-toe camo scene can get tricky and make you look like you are going for hunting in the woods. Therefore, try adding some hues by accessorizing your complete camo outfit with a cool red cap and black shoes.

Camouflage Look

The tip is to make the camouflage piece the focal point of your look. You can go with complete camo look in this long sleeveless military jacket paired with military shorts. Again, add a pop of colour with these cool metallic yellow sneakers.

Tip: Adding colour to the complete camo outfit breaks the monotony of the look. Camo looks excellent when paired with black, white, and other neutrals, but it also works with bold colours and even soft pastels. Adding a little colour helps soften the look and makes it feel a bit of fun.

2. Camouflage Outfits looks excellent with a black base

Camouflage with Black

Update your wardrobe to a camo version this season. Pair your camouflage pants with a stylish black crop top. And, going with a choker neckpiece and black strap heels would be best for adding the feminine effect.

Camouflage Look

Add a refreshing spin to your black t-shirt with a camo dress. Style your camo print dress with a black off-shoulder top. And what’s better than black boots which will go perfectly with this outfit

Tip: Do show some skin when you are wearing camo, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing army fatigues.

3. Camouflage looks with a T-shirt

Camo T-shirt

If you also want to follow the camo trend, you can think of adding a military print t-shirt in your wardrobe. This piece is the most basic and most straightforward to style. The best and simple way to wear an army print t-shirt is to wear it with black jeans. You can go with any black bottom wear like jeans, joggers, shorts, etc. for pairing a camo t-shirt. Lastly, finish your look by adding white sneakers with the outfit.

Camouflage T-shirt with Distressed Jeans

Camo T-shirt with Distressed Jeans

Give your camo t-shirt look a twist by pairing it with distressed black jeans. It is a super cool way to take camouflage on another level. Elevate the dapper feel of the outfit by pairing black sunglasses and black shoes with the outfit.

Camo Knot T-shirt

Make your camo t-shirt look more refreshing than ever by tying it in a knot. T-shirts with a knot in itself look really cool, and when you have an option of making your camouflage print t-shirt styled in a knot, there’s nothing better.

For the hairstyle, go with a half bun for a chic and sporty look.

4. Camouflage skirts are making their way to the top trends

Camo Skirt

Just when you got over with your denim skirts, we have another ultra-voguish staple that you should add in your wardrobe right now.

We are so happy that this camo trend is back with a bang! And what’s better than a military print skirt? Pair your military print skirt with a black hoodie for the winter look. You can even wear your camouflage skirt with a black tee for the summer/spring look. Make your look kicky by adding a matching sling bag with the whole outfit.

5. Layer with cool camo shrug/jacket

Camouflage Shrug

Layering is the style expert’s best advice. For this understated look, pair your olive-green jumpsuit and layer it with a camouflage shrug. A camouflage jacket is making this outfit ready for street style look.

Tip: Even if you are wearing an over-sized ensemble, you should try not to lose your shape. If you are wearing something relaxed, try to balance it with fitted clothes.

Camouflage Jacket

Try this perfect layering piece and give your all-black outfit an uplift with this trending camouflage jacket. You can wear a camo print jacket with skinny jeans to channel a chic biker vibe or pair it with sweat pants for a casual ensemble. This surely is a perfect layering piece. Complete the look by adding white sneakers with the outfit. Besides, camo prints, white sneakers are the one thing that can elevate the look of any outfit.

6. Camouflage Look on a White Base

Camouflage Look with White

Make this military print your go-to trend. One thing that we are sure of is camouflage outfit looks great on a white base. So, take out your camouflage skirt and pair it with a white shirt/t-shirt. For the final touch, accessorize your outfit with a choker neckpiece to lift the look of the outfit.

7. Camouflage Pants

Camouflage Pants

It’s impossible not to name camo pants while we are listing down the whole category of camo prints. Other than the one benefit of camo pants that they can be styled in multiple ways, it looks super voguish too. So, give your basic wardrobe a turn by adding these camo pants in it.

8. Accessorizing is the Key


I suggest to wear a bralette and pair it with your camo pants. For the best results, layer it with a long over-sized olive-green coat and a cool cap.

Camo is a very masculine print- which makes it look even more relaxed on women. Therefore, accessorizing is the key to wear a camouflage outfit. It will help you keep from looking too boyish.

The tip for this is to opt for a small or minimal accessory. You can wear a cool black cap with your outfit. It will make you look cute rather than boyish. Well, we love the loose fit of this camo trouser.

The last tip that we want to share with you all is that don’t mix your camo outfits with animal prints. Otherwise, the whole outfit will start looking a little busy. Camouflage and animal print look very similar so try to mix your camo print with solid colours or small graphics.

Also, the freshest way to wear camo is going with feminine pieces like dresses, sandals, or mini-skirts. The final say in your outfit is the footwear you choose.

Hope you guys loved these tips on wearing camo outfits. Leave a comment below and let me know which camo outfit you liked the most and would love to try on.

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