How to work the Fanny Pack Trend

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How to work the Fanny Pack Trend


The Fanny Pack – Probably the most unlikely sartorial accessory trend from the nostalgic 90’s era that has staged quite a comeback since its appearance at the Spring 2018 runways. What used to be labeled as a fashion faux pas once, has now become an infallible statement piece that embraces its vintage past while also being totally contemporary and runway-approved.


Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner showing us the versatility of the fanny pack by accessorizing it with an array of outfits.

The ultra-convenient fanny pack has always been reserved as tourist attire but thanks to the modern furnishings and makeover by designer labels, this trend is picking up momentum on the streets and it is totally here to stay. Whether you want to add a cool-girl revamp to your look or just secure the waist of a flowy dress, here are some tips on how to work the fanny pack trend this season.

The Modern Incarnation of the Fanny Pack

The fashion ‘It’ girls have been seen rocking their belt-bags in non-traditional ways. The fanny pack trend got a serious upgrade this season which includes, wearing it cross-body and not around the waist. Bella Hadid demonstrates the modern makeover of this retro piece by draping a shiny black belt-bag across her chest.


Bella Hadid

We can take major fashion cues from Bella here and embrace this new-found love for the forgotten piece. Invest in a retro black structured fanny pack and wear it cross-body over a stylish color-block top. Add an ethnic twist to the look by pairing up this ensemble with an asymmetrical black skirt. Shop this unique style on the Marsplay App.


Cross-body - Fanny Pack Trend

The Color Pop

Tip: Since sporting a fanny pack can get quite tricky, people tend to stick to comfortable colors like black. But styling a vintage fashion piece is best done in the bright 90’s-inspired colors. So, go out of your way and invest in a glowy red belt-bag and trust us, you won’t regret it.

Layer a printed shrug over an all-black ensemble and double the chic bright fanny pack like a belt around your waist for a color pop effect.

Fanny Pack Trend - Color Pop


If red is too showy for you and black is too mainstream, take an elevated approach with a leather variation of the fanny pack. Starting from black sunnies to strappy black heels, nail a monochrome black look by accessorizing it with a brown leather belt-bag. Who knew a fanny pack could look so sophisticated and classy?


Belt-bag Trend

The Fanny Pack – Winter Statement

You can make this revitalized trend work even in the coldest of temperatures. Style it over a hoodie without compromising on your style statement. Go for a unique belt-bag featuring animal prints and wear it around your waist over a hoodie. Team up this look with a trendy A-line skirt and black sneakers.

Winter Statement


Tip: Material matters! When choosing a fanny pack, look for interesting prints, colors and fabric like satin or velvet if you want to stand out of the crowd.

Belt It Up

Pairing up a fanny pack with feminine silhouettes like skirts and dresses gives a more balanced vibe to the overall look and is hence, more preferred. So, while styling it with jeans or pantsuits, you can follow a simple hack.


Fanny Pack Trend

Tip: Loop the belt-bag through the belt loops of your pants. This creates a more subdued appearance, making your look more polished and sharp. Team up this ensemble with a trendy top and black heels for a super chic and smart look.

Retro Rewind

Accessorizing your favorite jumpsuit can be pretty hard work but once you ace it, it can earn you major fashion points. Also, what screams more retro than a jumpsuit-fanny pack combination? A trendy black belt-bag can make a monotone jumpsuit look more casual and chic.

Go for a bright red monochrome jumpsuit without any patterns or prints and layer a black turtleneck sweater underneath. Carry the bag around your waist and pair up this ensemble with statement black boots. The red and black combination, finished off with an old-fashioned 90’s accessory is an interesting addition to your winter wardrobe.

Jumpsuit with Fanny Pack

The Cool Girl Makeover

The fanny pack is that accessory that has not only become chic and fashion forward these days but it is also functional and handy. The best part is, you can pass it off as a belt to cinch the waist of your favourite dress without looking like a fashion disaster.

Accessorize your flowy maxi dress with a pretty black oval belt-bag. It accentuates the curves and serves as a much-needed accessory to the otherwise monotone look. Pair it up with a denim jacket and white sneakers for a trendy winter look.


Fanny Pack with a Maxi Dress

The fanny pack is not just a sporty piece but it is also versatile and handy. You can wear it as a sling or in a cross-body fashion and carry all your daily essentials while also being hands-free! So, commit to this amazing retro trend and step out in style.

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