10 Ideas To Write Short & Cute Instagram Captions With Examples

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10 Ideas To Write Short & Cute Instagram Captions With Examples

Writing bad instagram captions is hurting your engagement more than you think!

If you thought that Instagram is all about pictures, then you are wrong.
Writing a perfect Instagram caption can do a lot!

How good is your Instagram engagement?
That depends on your post engagement rate.

Instagram Post Engagement Rate How you’re doing?
> 6% Great!!
3 – 6% Good
< 3% Low

If you’re anywhere below 3%, writing a short and cute Instagram caption can help skyrocket your engagement.

But how to do you write great Instagram captions? Look no further.
Here are 10 ideas and tips to writing great instagram captions with examples.

1. Keep it Short and Precise

Instagram caption limit is up to 2,200 characters1, but it doesn’t mean that you start writing stories on it. Make sure you keep it brief and precise. The caption should provide context for the photograph, inspire your followers, and show the brand involvement (if any). Writing long and irrelevant stories might not interest your followers. Therefore, make sure you write short and cute instagram captions that inspire action.

Check out the caption from an instagram post by Santoshi Shetty (Fashion Blogger) sharing her sexy picture from a Beach in Oman while she was on a vacation which says “School of fish in the sinkhole 🕳🐠🐠🐠🐠.”


2. Start it Right When Going Long

If you’re writing a longer instagram caption, try to make the first part of your caption super engaging by using power words that inspire action. Avoid writing in a passive form of speech.

Check out the caption from an instagram post by New York Times Best Selling Author – RM Drake who routinely shares candid quotes from his books.

His instagram caption says “you trust without building walls. You love as if you’ve never been hurt. And you give without expecting anything in return. You’re beautiful, baby, but this is how you get your heartbroken. this is how you get scars in your heart.”

As you can notice, he uses power words like trust, love, beautiful, etc. and words that create imagery such as building walls, scars in your heart, etc. This makes his caption super engaging to read.

3. Use Emoji

You should have fun using emojis, but remember to not overuse them. Instagram is a friendly place, a place for an informal and relaxed style of communication. You can add a blast to your captions by using emoji. Further, if we have such cute and amusing emojis, then why not make proper use of them! 😍😎🤩😱

Public figure Tezza shared a beautiful picture of her by writing a short and simple caption and used cute emojis, which is increasing the beauty of the post.


4. Sneak Peek to Future Posts

The best trick to increase the engagement is to build excitement for your upcoming post and projects. By giving some clues and hints about your new post, you can create a high engagement rate on your current post.

5. Share Meaningful Information

Everyone likes to gain information, which is helpful to your followers. You can boost the engagement rate on your posts by sharing meaningful information according to your page. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, you can add details of the brand you are working with, the style you are wearing, tips, hacks, etc.

Famous YouTuber and influencer Lilly Singh shared an important message on her instagram caption by posting a cute picture of her dog which says-“Happy Pride Month from my family to you. Sending love, light, and positive vibrations to all my brothers, sisters, and everyone in between in the LGBTQ+ community and our allies. Love is such a beautiful thing and you deserve to feel it in its fullest. Whether you’re out or not, I’m so proud of you and your heart. Your journey is valid, worthy and beautiful. Be safe, love lots and celebrate yourself.❤️🏳️‍🌈” 


6. Build the Connection

The picture you post can encourage people to click on the heart icon below, but the caption is what you can use to encourage people to post a comment. Ask questions, advice, suggestion, or ask to share an experience. However, try to keep the questions simple and easy on your Instagram captions.

For, e.g.-

  • What kind of post you all would like to see?
  • Give an option to select from A or B.
  • What do you think about this post?
  • Vote for the Polls.
  • Type Yes or No.

Check out the caption from an instagram post by Kritika Khurana (Fashion Blogger) sharing her travel picture from Melbourne asking her followers- “Exploring Melbourne tomorrow. 😍Let us know what to cover. ✨”

As you can clearly see, she is building a secure and robust connection by asking a small and simple suggestion from her followers.


7. Cross-promote your Other Social Media Handles

You can cross-promote your social media profiles but make sure the content is a little different on all. For example, post something on Snapchat, which you usually don’t share on Instagram (BTS shots or highlights from personal life). Ask your followers on Instagram to follow you on Snapchat by giving a highlight about your Snapchat posts.

8. Play with Hashtags

Hashtags have a significant role in bringing the engagement you need for your Instagram posts. Check all the hashtags which are relatable to your posts and trending before posting.

Hashtags give your posts:

  • a boost in brand awareness;
  • an increase in engagement;
  • generating new leads and sales opportunities;


Marsplay super blogger Nupur Munot posted her amazing picture by using most of the hashtags which are related to fashion and blogging.


9. A Good Call-to-Action

call to action is an invitation for a user to take some desired action. Get real and write a direct caption on which people can respond. Lastly, don’t hesitate to make use of your sense of humor. Your audience here doesn’t expect formal messaging as they do on other social media channels or your professional blog.

Here Caitlin Christine provided a code to get 30% off which is a good call-to-action.



10. Ask People to Tag Friends on your Posts

Yes, asking people to tag friends on their posts is something you might be seeing a lot these days. This helps in bringing new people to your profile, which can increase your followership. Therefore, ask your followers to tag others in your Instagram captions.

These points were not just for Instagram but other platforms as well where you want to build your audience. From Facebook, Marsplay App, Twitter to Youtube, you can use these tricks for writing the perfect fashion, travel, friendship, captions for your daily posts.

Check out the caption from an instagram post by Komal Pandey (Fashion Blogger) sharing her picture which says a cute caption for friends. 

You might have noticed that she has asked her followers to tag their besties and check out the number of comments in this post. So, this is an excellent trick to increase the engagement on posts.

Instagram Captions

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References: 1. Beth Mccallum. Instagram Character Limit: Everything You Need To Know (Blogpost). Upleap. 2019, 6th April.

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