Hot Fashion Trends That Will Be Defined Till 2020

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Hot Fashion Trends That Will Be Defined Till 2020


Let’s face it: Keeping up with current fashion trends feels like a mammoth task. It’s almost as if the moment we buy any product, a newer version of the same thing pops up, ending the shelf life of your brand-new purchase. Although these days, fashion trends really just come and go in the bat of an eye, there are a few current styles that have a much longer expiration date.

Continue on to discover which trends are virtually everlasting and will for sure be seen in 2020 with our roundup and then shop for your favorite pick, now that you’re sure it will be money well-spent.

1. The Oversized Fashion Trend

When it comes to looking flawlessly perfect, proper fit always matter. For a long time, custom fits and tailored made clothes have been dominating the fashion industry. But the latest fashion trend of 2019 is to go easy-breezy on the outfits and go Oversize.

Love your dads’ shirt, but afraid you won’t be able to pull it off? It is time to take out all baggy t-shirts, slouchy coats, or your favorite piece from your dad, brother, or beau’s wardrobe and pair it with denim. Oversize is stepping up this season and is here to stay for quite a period.

Fashion Trends

Sonam Kapoor in an Oversized White Shirt

Much like last year, brands and designer labels like Gucci, Balenciaga, Chloe, and Moschino are showcasing oversized trends with their collections with large shirts, tunics, skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses on the runway.

Marsplayer @anuaa_yadav in an Oversized Sweatshirt

But the key to standing out in an oversized garment is to wear it properly. The most important rule to keep in mind, when it comes to going oversize on the top is to keep the bottoms slim with tights, stockings, or fitted trousers. If you opt to wear bulky bottoms like flared palazzo pants, balloon skirts, or Bermuda shorts, then keep the top fitted as it will help balance the look.

2. Ravishing Ruffles

Ruffles made a comeback and have asserted their dominance in 2018 when a few of the designers showed them at September’s New York Fashion Week.

Fashion Trends

Marsplayer @Absolutelyaditi in a Ruffle Gown

The ruffle fashion trend is returning as one of the hottest trends of the spring season. This season ruffles are given a seriously modern makeover. You can spot the ruffle trend everywhere from dresses to handbags to footwear.

3. Everyone’s Wearing Checks!

check print will be there in 2020 trend

Bollywood Celebrities adorning the Check Trend

There’s one print that can never go out of fashion, and that’s checks. The check trend is proving to be dominating other trends as one of the hottest trends for the new season.

Check, and tartan prints were earlier restricted to only winter pieces on luxurious fabrics like wool for coats, blazers, trousers and maxi scarves. But this season checks has been climbed the stairs, and we can see the glamorous vibes of these prints on our summer outfits like sheer maxi dresses to asymmetrical tops and skirts.

Marsplayer @mahi.bakshi in a Checkered Print dress

The most fashionable way to wear them is to mix and match the pattern with your other favorite. Such as checks with florals.

4. Into the Wild with These Animal Prints

Trends come and go, but classy animal print will remain forever chic. An animal print garment is a piece your mother and grandmother probably wore before you, and yet it still feels relevant.


Marsplayer @Samreen Popli in a Snake Print Co-ord Set

But this fashion trends in 2019’s take is all about thinking outside the basic leopard print box. From dalmatian, deer and cow print which was featured by Burberry to tiger print which came in plush velvets by Giambattista Valli; or snakeskin by Gucci there’s a whole jungle of prints to choose from.

It’s time to take some inspiration on The Forever Sassy and Classy Animal Print.

5. Embrace the Monochromatic Trend

L to R: Priyanka Chopra and Blake Lively sporting the monochrome trend

Monochrome outfits have often been ignored in favor of colorful prints or stylish checkered patterns, but once you realize that this is the chicest and easiest to dress, you will never let this trend go.

With this trend gaining popularity in recent years, many celebs from Priyanka Chopra to Blake Lively have been seen to love this trend. The trick to wear monochrome outfits is to find the suitable tints and hues of the color that blends in perfectly with the tone of your skin.

Fashion Trends

Marsplayer @bhavyakochhar00 in a Monochromatic Jumpsuit

It’s new and trendy this year, and fashion forecasters believe that monochrome is here to stay for an extended period.

6. The Brightest and Chicest Neons

Runways from Paris to New York are bringing back fashion’s brightest and chicest colors that we just cannot afford to miss out this season. It all started at Prada’s fall 2018 show, and since then, neon clothes are everywhere. From flashy pinks and melodramatic yellow to the classic vivid greens, celebrities have embraced this 80’s trend of wearing highlighter hues, and they are absolutely killing it.

The neon trend is for the bold hearted.  If you are confident and love trying new styles, you can go with a monochromatic neon outfit for the electric look.

Marsplayer @erratic_i_do in a Neon Dress

7. Pleasing Pastels

This time pastel colors is one of the biggest fashion trends this year. Pastel hues have been around for a long time, made particularly famous through the 1980s men’s fashion trend. They are sweet looking hues that bring about a gentle serenity that is easy on the eye. Pastels can be paired with almost any color.

Marsplayer @nupurmunot in a pastel pink co-ord set

The Summer/Spring 2019 runways proved that pastels will be the go-to color palette for this season. A lot of designers have resorted to pastel colors for their spring fashion to bring a soft side to it.

So here are some of the trends with which people will not get bored in the upcoming year.

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