Learn How to Grow on Marsplay, from Scratch to Gain Fame and Following

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Learn How to Grow on Marsplay, from Scratch to Gain Fame and Following


What is Marsplay?

Marsplay is a community-led social e-commerce app around fashion, beauty & wellness. It allows people to get beauty and fashion tips while fully enjoying a high-quality shopping experience.

We bring together social media by connecting like-minded fashion and beauty enthusiasts and commerce by leveraging personal storefronts for every user, thus giving them monetary benefits as their profile and influence builds.

We democratize the process of monetizing social influence so it is attainable for anyone who can create high-quality content.

Why Marsplay Exists?

With constant evolution in the camera, we have seen a significant increase in the percentage of people caring more about themselves, how they look and what clothes to wear every day.

But a significant chunk is clueless on what to wear. Be it dressing up daily for office, going to a party or dressing up for an occasion, we always need a second opinion on how I look. What should I wear today? Confused, what goes with the color blue? How do I improve my dressing sense? How do I look better daily?

These are the questions that we generally ask ourselves but have no answers. What if you get a seamless way to plan your daily outfit?

Marsplay enables fashion and beauty content discovery from people of similar interests and helps you purchase the best outfits suited for you.

Want to Learn How to Grow on Marsplay?

Follow these tips to grow on the application and get more engagement.

Create a Compelling Marsplay Profile

Making your Marsplay feed visually pleasing is one of the first steps towards gaining more followers. Apart from friends and family, we only check out those accounts that visually appeal to us, those with a consistent overall look and eye-catching content.

Marsplay Feed example

As you are aware that Marsplay is a highly visual platform, so it requires you to carefully curate your feed before posting any photos or videos to make sure that it is visually appealing and provide value to your followers.

Craft an Engaging and Appropriate Title and Description for your Posts

Craft an engaging and appropriate title and description for all your posts. Make sure that your title and description is relevant to the picture and gives users an understanding of your post.

Doing so will help your followers like your posts and get influenced to shop your look.

Post Consistently to Grow your Marsplay Profile

As a creator on Marsplay, you must understand that you need to post consistently on the app. If you do not post regularly fewer people will discover your post and your engagement will suffer. So try post at least one photo or video every day. Set aside some pictures for the week at the beginning of the week. This will help you in posting regularly.

Source: bmm.co.in

* We often receive a lot of queries regarding the decrease in the levels of our users. Well posting consistently on the app is the solution to this problem. Your level on the app decreases only if you are not active on the app and are not posting consistently. Because of this inconsistency, your points decrease and in turn your level decreases.

Participate in Various Contests on the App and Win Exciting Prizes

Participating in the daily and weekly contests on the app is very beneficial for you. It not only helps in increasing the number of your posts and making quality content but also gives you the opportunity to win exciting cash prizes.

Like, Comment and Share to Grow Organically

Just like any other social media platform, likes, comments, and shares are important on Marsplay as well. If you want to grow on the platform, make sure you connect with your followers by liking, commenting or sharing their posts.

Doing so will create two-way communication between you and your followers and will in turn help in increasing your engagement. You can also become social with those you hope to become your followers by doing the same. This is one of the best ways to make people aware of your profile and gain new followers.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these pointers and start uploading on the app and gain fame and followers and grow on Marsplay.

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