Lightening the Mood: How Celebrities Are Dealing With Self-Quarantine

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Lightening the Mood: How Celebrities Are Dealing With Self-Quarantine


In the times when life on earth feels straight out of a movie, it is important to not panic and stay at home for your safety and that of the entire country. With the wake of the Coronavirus, people world over have cooped up in their homes, finally slowing down the fast-paced life and taking a break from the hustle. While we keep the medical staff and the victims of this deadly disease in our hearts and prayers, we should also find ways to not panic and keep away from the world by going into self-quarantine.

Deepika Padukone in Self-Quarantine

Deepika Padukone in Self-Quarantine

As #IndiaFightsCorona let us lighten the mood a little bit and look at what our favorite B-town celebrities are doing during their self-isolation days and take some tips from them to pass our time until the days go back to normal.

Alia Bhatt

The Bollywood star, Alia Bhatt is taking things slow in her self-quarantine. She is frequently promoting the need to stay at home to stay safe during these harsh times. In one of her initial posts at the start of the social distancing habits, she shared a photo of a book on her Instagram handle with the caption – ‘stay home and finish a book’. It seems she is using the time for some quiet reading that we could take inspiration from!

Her latest post spells out that she is also one among us where she seems to be enjoying clicking selfies in a night suit while being stuck at home! She seems to be posing without makeup, looking as fresh and natural as usual with her brows on fleek. Now, this is something we can really use some time for!

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline is all about self-care during her self-quarantine days. With no deadlines and zero exposure to the outdoor pollution, this is a great time to amp up the skincare routine and make sure that you come out of this social distancing mess with glowing skin! Her Instagram is full of her daily yoga workout routine and how it has come to her rescue during this boredom.

In the times when your body immunity is at test, the actress has also amped up her efforts to stay healthy by detoxifying herself. Her solution? Raw Pressery juice to boost immunity for 7 days straight.

Deepika Padukone

This Tinsel town Diva has been very vocal about her self-quarantine adventures stating that she has been using this time to calm down, detox her skin and body and amp up her productivity. Here is a series of posts where she talks about getting the clutter off her wardrobe, engaging in extreme skincare and drinking healthy juices to pass the time efficiently and coming out healthy and strong from the process.

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Saif Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan is finally on Instagram and she has since been bombarding her fans with inside looks into her life and her very top-notch fashion choices. As self-quarantine set in, she has shared a photo on her personal handle that captures Saif Ali Khan reading a book while she ‘grams the photos. It seems every celebrity is holed up in their homes to stay safe and keep the people around them safe.

Janhvi Kapoor

While all celebrities are either holed up with a book in the corner or taking part in home exercises, Janhvi Kapoor seems to have brought back her painting hobby as she expressed her love for pineapple on her Instagram handle. Urging all fans and followers to stay at home safely, she posted a photo of her posing with her random paintings and colors. If this is not being productive, then nothing is during these rough times.

Vicky Kaushal

With the gyms closed and social distancing being the only way to stay safe from this deadly situation, the Bollywood star, Vicky Kaushal has brought his gym at home! While we can sit on the couch all day during self-quarantine, they sure have to keep themselves in shape! With a lot of free time in our hands now, exercising can be a great way to fight the boredom and stay healthy.

Katrina Kaif

The gorgeous star shared her home workout routine to stay fit at home. She not only gave us a sneak peek of what she has been doing to pass her time during self-quarantine, but she also shared tips for us to replicate. With the entire workout routine detailed in the caption and her videos as a guide, we can easily accept these tips and do them at home. This will reduce the tendencies of us sitting all day, thus becoming unfit by the end of this phase.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Most celebrities are posting about productivity. Conversely, we can see Priyanka Chopra Jonas doing just the opposite! As an inspiration to us, she posted a photo of herself lying on the couch. She seems to be chilling at home during her self-quarantine with her family. This is obviously something that we would love to do during this time!

The times are crazy right now. As India fights its mad battle against Corona, it is on us as responsible citizens to abide by the rules. All we have to do is stay at home and not go out a tiny bit except for essentials. This cannot be so tough, right? Let us all be motivated by our favorite celebrities and do what they are doing, right inside the safety of our homes! Whether you want to take up a hobby or learn a new skill or just lie on the couch, just do not go out! Let us all fight this together with a little inspiration from the stars!

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