How to Get Fashion Diva Looks in 7 Simple Steps

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How to Get Fashion Diva Looks in 7 Simple Steps


Ever wished to look like the fashion diva you’ve been admiring during your younger years? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. However, to look like the one you don’t have to buy the most expensive clothes. It’s just about how you carry yourself in whatever you wear and feel confident about it. Therefore, fashion is all about expressing your unique personality.

It’s time to pull up your socks because we’ve put together our useful guide and bring you our roundup of outfit ideas that’ll give you fashion diva vibes right away. 


There’s one print that can never go out of fashion, and that’s checks. This season the check has gone Haute! One can spot the check trend from runways to the streets and is emerging as one of the hottest trends for the new season.

Who would have thought that a bunch of intersecting lines of various widths, colors, and spacings, would become one of the most plundered fashion? Perhaps it’s the geometric simplicity of checks and the almost infinite color combinations that have made this pattern a permanent name on fashion’s team sheet.

Fashion diva

Marsplay Creator: @mahi.bakshi rocking the check trends

Usually, checks are seen on winter pieces of clothing Coats, blazers, trousers, and mufflers. But this season checks has been climbed the stairs, and we can see the glamorous vibes of these prints on our summer outfits like sheer maxi dresses to asymmetrical tops and skirts.

We’ve seen numerous celebrities wearing check/ flannel shirts, gowns, dresses, etc to almost any occasion.


To be honest, stripes are exceptionally trendy and visually comforting. There’s absolutely no way with which you can go wrong with stripes. Be it horizontal or vertical stripes, the look that it gives is just unbeatable! Apart from that, you can wear stripes in numerous ways: a striped t-shirt with denim jeans, striped jumpsuits, striped dress, striped shirt, and the list goes on. 

Fashion Diva
Marsplay Creator: @kenuchamp

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to look no less than a diva!

Classic Blazer

For such a widely respected wardrobe staple, after some time, a blazer can start to feel, well, pretty lackluster. Of course, it’s a classic item you’re told to must have — and if you work in a traditional work environment, you might even need it every day.

It only takes a few standout variations to restore your faith in this trusted closet essential. Lately, we have seen everything from tuxedo-inspired cuts to double-breasted fronts, if you’re feeling extra bold, you can go for embellishment, or something completely untraditional, like a tie-front. 

fashion diva
Marsplay Creator: @thewhimsicalgallery

It’s a myth that blazer should be worn only as formal wear and is worn during winters. You can practically pair it with endless outfits- simple denim jeans with a white t-shirt and a black blazer, skirt, and blazer, formal pants, etc. Rock a blazer in summers by pairing it with a tube top or a bralette. These are some simple hacks to make you look like a fashion diva using a classic blazer in your outfit. 

Palazzo Pants

These trousers are ideal for women who want to look presentable but want to feel laidback. This is an ideal investment that can get you from the office to rooftop parties. These bottoms can be tricky to style but look relaxed and glamourous. These can be the most comfortable bottom wear a girl can ever find, however, you must know how to style palazzo pants.

Buttoned palazzo pants paired with blazer shirt is classy- fashion diva looks.

A few ways to style palazzo pants are:

  • Denim jacket draped over black top tucked in wide palazzo pants.
  • Black semi-sheer T-shirt tucked in high-waisted palazzo trousers.
  • Spaghetti strap black top tucked in printed bottoms. Complete this look by accessorizing with a handbag.
  • A knotted white button-down shirt paired with relaxed fit palazzo pants
Different ways to style Palazzo Pants

Backless Dress

Luckily, backless dresses have emerged as a big trend this season. The beauty of an open-back dress is that it makes you look both poised and sexy at the same time.

Yes, shoulders and navels remain high on fashion’s list of body parts, but there’s something about backs that feels new and sexy.

The secret to looking like a fashion diva is to look good and elegant in an outfit, that compliments their body and accentuates their features.

Fashion diva look- backless dress.
Marsplay Creator: @sassyvogued


Jumpsuits without a doubt are a statement style. The head-to-toe garment creates a striking look that moves beyond a simple dress or pants into the more fashionable territory. Jumpsuits come in many styles, so part of pulling off this look is all about finding the right jumpsuit for you.

When shopping for a jumpsuit keep in mind your requirements. Akin to palazzo pants, jumpsuits are also extremely comfortable especially in cities where the temperatures are usually high. Get that fashion diva look by styling your jumpsuits with blazers, tote bags, sunglasses, etc to create a more attractive and stylish look.

Marsplay Creator: @mahiiiii

These were some outfits that will instantly make you look no less than a fashion diva! So be ready to receive millions of compliments after trying out these super chic and elegant outfits. Write in the comment section below which look was the best according to you.

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Happy Styling!

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