11 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid That These Celebs Made

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11 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid That These Celebs Made


Are you still not satisfied with your makeup even after struggling for hours in front of the mirror? Blindly copying makeup from youtube videos or imitating your favorite celebs makeup is not always helpful for us and leads to us making various makeup mistakes. Not all makeup trends are meant for you. When it comes to makeup we tend to make a lot of common mistakes, that ruin our look.

Therefore, we bring you a list of 10 makeup mistakes according to the best makeup artists in India.

makeup blunders

Makeup Mistakes You Should Strictly Avoid

Choosing a Lighter Shade of Foundation

People need to get over the common misconception that one can only look beautiful if they are fair. As girls, we must understand our skin and accept it and be confident in it.

makeup blunders
Choosing a Lighter Shade of Foundation

In their want to look fairer a lot of girls, think it is a good idea to use a foundation that is a few shades lighter than their natural skin tone. By doing so, you’ll look like a white ghost and not fair.

Demi Lovato went for a lighter shade of foundation

Tip: Always remember that while buying a foundation test it on your jawline and not on the back of your wrists under natural lighting.

Dark Eyes and Bold Lips

Dark eyes and bold lips are a Big No-No! Choosing a bold lipstick and dark eyeshadows is a common makeup blunder people make. While there is nothing wrong with choosing bold shades of lipsticks like red, fuschia pink or even black, you must not go over the top with your look.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s makeup disaster

If you are opting for a bright lipstick shade then you must keep your eye makeup neutral to add a balance to the look. And the same rule applies if you are doing heavy eye makeup. If you are doing smokey eyes, tons of mascara and kajal then you should stick to nude lipsticks to complement the look.

Eyebrow Horror

When it comes to eyebrow makeup, the only mantra you should follow is, ‘less is more’. Overdoing or filling your eyebrows too much, changes your appearance and makes you look older. For a perfect look neatly shape and highlight your eyebrows.

 makeup blunder
Angelina Jolie’s makeup blunder

It is important to research and ask a professional if required to know how your eyebrow must be shaped and what shape looks good on you. Bushy unkept eyebrows of thin tadpole eyebrows do not look good on everyone, therefore make sure it looks good on you.

 makeup blunder

Not blending properly

Blending makeup is the key to a finished and natural makeup look. Always keep in mind to blend your foundation and other products properly to get an even-toned makeup.

makeup blunders
Sonam Kapoor’s makeup is not blended properly

Even if you apply a neutral shade, it might look out of place if not blended properly.

Too much Bronzed!

A bronzer is not meant to be applied all over the face. Bronzer is meant to be used only on those parts where the sun naturally hits your face. Apply bronzer only on your forehead, cheekbones, and your jawline.

Do not overdo your bronzer

Other Common Beauty Mistakes That Are a No! No!

Using Makeup on Dry Skin

While doing their makeup, women often forget the process of moisturizing their skin. Using makeup on dry skin makes the final outcome look flaky and uneven, with patchy skin.

Do Not Use Makeup on Dry Skin

By skipping moisturizing, the skin not only dries but gets damaged to the core. When you use makeup products on your skin, like foundation or compact, they tend to absorb all the moisture from the skin making it dry and damaged.

Sleeping with Makeup On

After a long and tiring day, the last thing you want to do is to remove your makeup and wash your wash. You just leave the makeup on and go to bed.

But do you know, that leaving makeup on for more than 9 hours, might react with your skin and damage it? Leaving makeup on may cause acne, skin infection, rashes and clog your pores.

 makeup blunder
Do not sleep with Makeup On

Therefore, it is very important to have a makeup remover with you at all times to remove your makeup. And do not forget to wash your face after removing the makeup.

Mascara Errors

Girls tend to make a lot of makeup mistakes, associated with mascara.

Mascara Errors
  1. Always remember to curl your lashes before applying the mascara. If you curl them after the application of the mascara, it might break or damage the eyelashes.
  2. Do not forget to apply mascara on your lower lashes. Applying mascara on the lower lashes gives a complete and neat look to your entire makeup look.
  3. Also, remember to not put use too much of the product on your lashes, as it’ll shift everyone’s attention to the wrinkled skin around your eyes.

Chappy Lipstick

It is a request to all those who use matte lipsticks.



It is very important to exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize your lips before putting on lipstick.

Applying Foundation Only on the Face

A common makeup mistake people make while applying foundation is that they only use it on their faces and not on their necks, in turn making their skin tones looking uneven.

Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck

Therefore, it is very important to use the foundation on your neck as well and to blend it properly so that it matches the color of your face.

Not Matching the Shade of your Blush and Lipstick

Another important rule people tend to break while applying makeup is not matching their lipstick and blush. If you are using a nude lipstick then match it with a peach or a cinnamon blush, pink lipstick with a pink blush, red lipstick with a berry-colored blush and so on. Doing so helps your makeup look natural and complete.

Related image
Match the Shade of your Blush and Lipstick

Tip: If you do not have a variety of blushes, then just use your lipstick as a blush and blend it properly for a natural look.

Well, these are a few common makeup mistakes we all make in our day to day life. Avoid them for a natural and a finished look.

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