Marsplay Creator Con – The Hunt For India’s Next Best Fashion & Beauty Influencers

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Marsplay Creator Con – The Hunt For India’s Next Best Fashion & Beauty Influencers


We’re super excited to announce that Marsplay is coming to Chandigarh for the first-ever ‘Marsplay Creator Con – The Hunt For India’s Next Best Fashion & Beauty Influencers’ at Punjab Engineering College (PEC) on 9th February 2020. Yes, you heard it right!

Get ready for the biggest ever confluence of bloggers and content creators across North India. Before that, let’s check out all the exciting details about this event.

Let’s Go!

What is Marsplay Creator Con?

Marsplay Creator Con is one of a kind event for bloggers and content creators of Chandigarh. We’re roping in industry experts and regional personalities as guests like Former Youtube India Head, Amit Agrawal,  Aashna Malani (Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger), Shivaditya Barjatya (Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger), Rubby Singh (Fashion & Travel Blogger), Mukti Gautam (Fitness Influencer), Astha Sharma (Fashion and Beauty Content Creator), Karina Bedi and RJ Ashi (Mirchi RJ).

The event is our effort to provide a platform for young content creators to showcase their talent, network, and connect with celebrity influencers & industry experts to gain real-time knowledge & skills. We want to empower and help upcoming creators from every nook and corner of Chandigarh to follow their passion independently.

Get a chance to win a free pass to an exclusive day-long event filled with;

1. Panel Discussions – Meet & Interact with Celebrities & Industry Experts.
2. Learn, Network & Grow – Participate in Fun Interactive Sessions
3. Creator Bootcamp
4. A Big Marsplay Surprise


Event Date: 9th February 2020 (Sunday)
Event Timings– 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Venue– Punjab Engineering College (PEC)
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Why Chandigarh?

We have done many events before, but not something at this scale. We are striving to get our hands on content creators from all over India now. For this, our first choice is Chandigarh because we already have a community there, and we love the fascination of people for fashion from Chandigarh.

About Marsplay

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Marsplay is a community-led e-commerce platform around fashion, beauty & wellness. We democratize the process of monetizing social influence, so it is attainable for anyone who can create high-quality content. We’re hosting the first-ever “Marsplay Creator Con,” and we have decided to launch it in Chandigarh before any other city of India. This is our way to pay gratitude to our already existing community of creators from Chandigarh.

Our Panel Members for Marsplay Creator Con:

1. Amit Agrawal (Former Youtube India Head)

Marsplay Creator Con

Amit Agarwal is the Head of Content Partnerships for YouTube in India. He helped bring Youtube to India and grew the business from scratch to $100 million per annum. Now, with his startup OckyPoocky, he aims to make edutainment accessible in India. We are lucky to have him as the panel member for Marsplay Creator Con.

2. RJ Ashi (RJ Radio Mirchi 98.3)

Ashina Anand, aka Mirchi Ashi, is a Radio Jockey at 98.3 Mirchi FM at Chandigarh station. She is a fun-loving person who loves making friends, traveling, and listening to music. Apart from this, you can find her very active on her social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram that has a fan following 13.8k.

3. Aashna Malani (Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer)

Aashna Malani is a famous fashion blogger from Delhi. She is not only renowned in Delhi but is loved throughout the country and has a huge fan following of 709k on Instagram. Her love for showcasing her personal style and her travel tales for her website and IGTV has influenced many fashion enthusiasts and aspiring fashion bloggers from all over the nation.

 4. Mukti Gautam (Fitness Influencer)

Mukti is a fitness and fashion influencer from Chandigarh. She is a certified fitness coach and a national taekwondo player. Apart from influencing people on Instagram to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, she also has a Youtube channel with the name Mukti Gautam. Her channel promotes fitness exercises and has a following of 390k subscribers. Mukti’s channel also has step by step workout routines and beauty videos. Check out her Instagram profile with the username Mukti Gautam and her youtube channel.

5. Shivaditya Barjatya (Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer)

Shivaditya Barjatya is a well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger from Delhi. With a huge fan following of 458k on Instagram Shivaditya is a fitness lover and a travel enthusiast. He is highly appreciated for his styling sense and has bagged multiple brand collaborations to add to his profile. Check out his Instagram. The people of Chandigarh are super excited to meet him at the Marsplay Creator Con event and learn about his blogging journey. 

6. Rubby Singh (Fashion and Travel Blogger)

Rubby Singh is a fashion influencer and TVF Viral Stars fame. Apart from TVF, she has also featured in NDTV Hop Live. She has also won the title of the Best Fashion Blogger 2019 by TLJ. Her content is loved by people from all around India. The fashionista has 37.5k followers on Instagram and has collaborated with designers like Anita Dongre. Check out her Instagram and her blog page.

7. Astha Sharma (Fashion and Beauty Content Creator)

Astha commonly known as Arabella Styling is a fashion and a beauty content creator. She was always passionate about fashion since a child, and with time, her passion grew that she converted into a profession. It’s been a few years now that she is doing great in her career and collaborating with big clothing, makeup, and jewelry brands.

8. Karina Bedi (Fashion and Lifestyle Creator)

A fashion and a lifestyle blogger known for turning her dreams into reality, Karina Bedi is a popular social media star. With a following of 29k on Instagram, Karina’s aesthetic feed and unique fashion sense have made people go crazy for her. Apart, from Instagram, Karina also has a Youtube channel by the name Karina Bedi, which has fashion and beauty content.

9. Naaz Arora (Digital Creator and Certified HMUA)

Naaz Arora is a Chandigarh based digital content creator and a YouTuber. She has a huge following of 101k on Instagram and 1.16 k subscribers on Youtube. Apart from being a fashion blogger, Naaz is also a stylist and certified hair and makeup artist. In the list of new and upcoming bloggers and HMUA’s, Naaz Arora shines the brightest.

These are the guest panel members who are coming to Marsplay Creator Con in Chandigarh.

If you haven’t registered for the event yet, do it now!

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