AMA and Q&A with Marsplay Super Bloggers

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AMA and Q&A with Marsplay Super Bloggers


One of the perks of being a Marsplay Super Blogger is that they can join these fun sessions of AMA( Ask me anything) and Q&A(Questions and Answers) made by us. One of the reasons to organize these fun chat sessions was to give our super bloggers get more visibility on different social media through these sessions.

Every week we organize an interactive chat session with our super bloggers where we ask them some candid questions about them and their life as a fashion influencer. These questions are asked by the users on our app who follow them and are inspired by their blogging journey. These Q&A sessions go live on our Youtube Channel and IGTV as well.


Q&A with Super Blogger

Till now we have done the Q&A session with three of our influencers by inviting them to our office where we have a delightful set up.

The first Q&A we had was with Vartika Bakshi- @kiss.keepitsimplesilly. She has a bold personality which reflects in her dressing style too. What we love about her is that she keeps on experimenting with different styles and this has made her a pro in styling.

Our second Q&A was this our super blogger Swini Parihar- @swini2004. She never miss out to impress us with her charming beauty and unique styling sense. Also, she always keeps us with the latest trend in fashion and beauty.

We invited Khushboo Anwani- @themodishmiss, for out third Q&A. You can see her donning different outfits with such confidence and grace that anyone would like to dress like her.


AMA with Super blogger

For super bloggers who stay in different cities, we go live on Instagram with them for AMA sessions. Where users ask questions beforehand and during the session too. The questions that bloggers receive are mostly about how to get collaborations with different brands and platforms, how to edit their images and some ask about blogging as a profession.

So, for the first AMA we went live with our super blogger- @nupurmunot. Nupur Munot is someone who we admire the most. With her every look she has something new to inspire us all.

Our next super blogger with whom we went live with was Mahima Yadav- @mahima_yadav3. She is the one who knows how to dress in style with comfort. Her dressing style has such elegance be it any look from modern to traditional.

Vaishali Srivastava- @srivastavavij is the next super blogger with whom we did our live AMA session. She is someone who knows all about fashion and can rock in any outfit with her boldness and confidence.

Not only these, we will have more such enjoyable sessions with our Marsplayer Super Bloggers. So, keep on following Marsplay on different social media for more such updates. Download the app to become a part of Marsplay community.




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