Marsplay Talks ft. Ankita Das

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Marsplay Talks ft. Ankita Das


In this segment of our blog, we have a candid conversation with our bloggers and get to know more about their journey as a blogger and how Marsplay has inspired them and given them a platform to grow.

Let’s see what Marsplay Blogger Ankita Das has to say about her journey.

About The Blogger

Name: Ankita Das
Marsplay Username: @Ankita573das

1. What are your top tips to anyone who wants to make a career as a blogger?

Tip 1 – Invest in yourself. Because knowledge is the power
Tip 2 – Stay up to date
Tip 3 – Think outside the box
Tip 4 – Know what your audience wants.

2. Do you have a favourite fashion quote that you live by and why?

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston
I live by it because i think as a fashion influencer, your brand is your personality and authenticity.

3. What was your most exciting moment since being an influencer?

I just started doing it. So everything is exciting for me right now. But when my mom wanted me to give her styling tips that are the most exciting one since then.

4. How has Mars helped you in your journey as a creator?

Marsplay helped me the most i guess. In this quarantine this is what i keep doing. It’s a great platform to showcase your creativity, your talent.

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